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  • Guide For Fansipan Cable Car Trip in Sapa

    Guide For Fansipan Cable Car Trip in Sapa

    Do you have a plan to enjoy the Fansipan cable car? Do you know how to have perfect Sapa tours? Here are some tips we want to share with you. Find out more

  • 10 Essential Phrases For Tourists in Vietnam

    10 Essential Phrases For Tourists in Vietnam

    Being affected by Chinese domination, Han characters used to be Vietnamese’s main language. In the 13th century, they invented their own written variation – Nom. In the 17th century, missionaries […]

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  • Tip for Single Travel in Vietnam

    Tip for Single Travel in Vietnam

    Whether it’s travel alone or in group, you need to equip yourself with certain travel tips to ensure a safe travel in Vietnam. Today, it becomes the trend that flock […]

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  • Vaccinations in Vietnam

    What Travel Vaccinations to Take Before a Trip to Vietnam

    Vietnam Vaccinations during your trip?
    You have booked a flight ticket to Vietnam, look back in your suitcase and have no idea what to prepare for a perfect vacation? You […]

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  • Credit Cards, ATMs and Currency Exchange in Vietnam

    Credit Cards, ATMs and Currency Exchange in Vietnam

    Monetary Transaction in Vietnam
    The official currency in Vietnam is Dong (VND). There are some coins in circulation but the huge majority of currency is paper. If you’re bound to […]

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  • SIM Card Guide in Vietnam

    SIM Cards in Vietnam

    Many travelers are concerned about SIM cards as well as mobile coverage for staying connected in Vietnam. Indeed, buying a SIM card in Vietnam to keep contact, information searching or […]

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  • Best time to visit Vietnam

    Best Time to Visit Vietnam

    Coming across a gorgeous picture of Vietnam on the internet? Booking a tour and imagining in your head what’s an awesome vacation you are about to have? Then one of […]

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  • Healthcare System in Vietnam

    Healthcare System in Vietnam

    As a combination of Eastern medicine and Western medicine, healthcare system in Vietnam is currently oriented to a universal healthcare system which will provide the whole population basic medical care. […]

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  • How to access internet in Vietnam

    Internet Access in Vietnam

    How to access Internet in Vietnam?
    It might be one common concern of travelers coming to Vietnam because of Internet’s importance for their personal or business purposes such as social […]

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  • Australia citizens need a valid Visa to enter Vietnam

    Vietnam Trip & Travel from Australia

    Vietnam, a place where one of new seven wonders of the world – Ha Long Bay located has a wide range of beautiful and amazing natural and cultural landscapes which […]

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  • Canada citizens need to acquire Visa to visit Vietnam

    Vietnam Trip & Travel from Canada

    Whether tourists have visited Vietnam or not, traveling from Canada to Vietnam is really worth for visitors having a chance to get a memorable sightseeing of the epic Vietnam beauty […]

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  • Air New Zealand offering direct flight from NZ to Vietnam

    Vietnam Trip & Travel from New Zealand (NZ)

    Vietnam is always on the list of must-see places in the world, a friendly and safe place to travel with a wide range of beautiful and fascinating landscapes as well […]

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  • UK citizens acquired visa to visit Vietnam

    Vietnam Trip & Travel from United Kingdom (UK)

    Enjoy a splendor Vietnam through a visit to natural and architectural sites, have opportunities to admire the daily life of the local people, gain insight into Vietnamese life in both […]

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  • Vietnam visa policy for Us passport holders

    Vietnam Trip & Travel from USA

    Trip to Vietnam from the US can be one of the most extraordinary moments in your life or can become one of the most challenging trips if you do not […]

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  • Medicine Vietnam

    Vietnamese Medicine

    For several thousand years, Vietnamese Traditional Medicine has evolved under the shadows of Chinese Traditional Medicine, culture, and rule. At this point in time, it is nearly impossible to separate […]

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  • Living standards in Vietnam

    Vietnamese Living Standards

    Vietnam is rapid change with the remarkable speed. Many area of the farm land change to be industrial parks and urban area in the last few year. Many of the […]

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  • Healthcare in Vietnam

    Public Healthcare in Vietnam

    A number of the larger cities have western style medical facilities with international and local staff. Some other hospitals in major Vietnamese cities have “Benh Vien” – wards which are […]

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  • Vietnam currency

    Vietnam Currency & Exchange Rate

    The official currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese “Dong” or in the shorter way, Dong. At this stage, there are two versions of notes are in used: the Polymer note […]

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  • Weather in vietnam

    Vietnam Weather

    With more than 2000 miles of coastline and three distinct weather systems changing from North to South, low to high altitude, Vietnam weather is one of the most considering thing […]

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  • Accommodation in vietnam

    Accommodation in Vietnam

    Accommodation in Vietnam is generally getting a bit difficult.. Whether you are in Vietnam on vacation or on business, it is not quite hard to find a hotel, especially the […]

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    we want to hiking to the peak of fansipan and on the way down can we take the cable car


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