Cambodia Day Tours & Excursions – Discover Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Shihanoukville

For those who cannot spend an extended vacation discovering the Cambodia’s best kept secrets, Cambodia Day Tours & Excursions are especially designed to deliver the best day trips and nice short breaks around Cambodia. From the city excursions to adventure tours in hidden corners of Cambodia, our included orientation excursions offer amok-fuelled journey to Cambodia’s top destinations operated by our dedicated team. It will be a unique and in-depth opportunity for you or group members to uncover the hidden charm within Cambodia’s towns, explore Cambodia’s deepest secrets by discovering the intriguing story behind distinctive landmarks. Visit the colonial city of Phnom Penh, the ancient ruin of Angkor complex, the floating village in Tonle Sap Lake, the beautiful beach in Sihanoukville; embark on a scenic boat trip around beautiful islands…

Viet Vision Travel provides travelers with exclusive experiences and memorable day tours planned to showcase the magic of Cambodia. A good collection of private Cambodia tours and vacation packages are carefully organized for an exotic vacation without any stress or worry. Also, a customized day trip can be created to suit your needs depending on what your preferred desire is.
Our excursions and day trips in each place are lasting from 1 day to 5 days. You will be given a guide on what to do and where to go, evening entertainment, and even fashionable hatchery. With our reliable clients supported by conscientious local experts, value-packed vacations at down-to-earth prices will satisfy your interests. After making your booking with us, experience this beautiful country in your own private paradise.

Popular Destinations for Cambodia Day Tours

Destinations for Phnom Penh Day Trips

The exotic city can attack every sense with a huge complex of religious sites along the banks of Mekong River, and lines of quaint streets dramatically impacted by the gory war and tough revolution. Cambodia National Museum Being built nearly 100 years ago, the museum is designed following the Khmer traditional terracotta architecture. Various artifacts and masterpieces of Khmer culture are displayed making the museum become the world’s largest collection of Khmer sculpture. Through the inviting courtyard, you are welcomed by an immense bronze reclining Vishnu statue. The pavilions exhibit the transformation process of pre-Angkorian from Indian to Khmer sculpture and the display of pottery and bronzes from 4th to 14th centuries. Cambodia National Museum has the spectacular traditional design revealed in red-tiled roofs and wooden royal barges.

Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

Formerly being a high school, this place had turned into a prison when Khmer Rouge ruling the country. Until Pol Pot’s government was ousted, Toul Sleng was the largest detention and torture center and then became a museum as an eloquent proof of the crimes of Khmer Rouge. The cruel Khmer Rouge has millions of sanguinary ways to purge nearly 20,000 prisoners of men, women, and even children. Pol Pot shows his mental problems by taking photographs of every prisoner before and after torture who were later killed, almost all of them now is displayed inside the museum. Even torturers were in turn killed by those who took their places. Feel the sacred atmosphere when listening to the stories behind each obsessed photo. Nearby, Choeung Ek was the killing field of Khmer Rouge where average 100 people were cruelly killed per day tour. The Cambodia government decides to maintain the sheer ordinariness of this place that more thriller with the sacred school buildings, silent grassy playing ground and rusted beds with bizarre torture instruments inside the old prison.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of the most attractive places when taking Cambodia tours and excursions. With the gilding roofs, the palace is designed with the spectacular architecture of Khmer. Pants reaching at least to knees and shirts covering shoulders are compulsory. The main attraction is Throne Hall which has the height of 59 meters and the same design of Bayon tower in Angkor. Although the Khmer Rouge had destroyed several items, the Palace still maintains many artifacts belonged to the royal family.

Silver Pagoda

Right to the name, the Silver Pagoda is covered with five tons of silver making a sparkling panoramic sight protecting many valuable Buddha statues inside. This is one of few places where still maintain bejeweled items revealed the knowledge and wealth of the old Khmer culture. The highlight of this place is the crystal Emerald Buddha sculpture sitting on a gilded pedestal. Along with the silver and crystal, you can be spellbound at a real-sized golden Buddha adorned with over 2000 diamonds – one of the most stunning masterpieces in the whole country.

Destinations for Siem Reap Day Tours

Siem Reap is the most attractive destination when taking a Cambodia day tour. Even though people come here to admire various religious sites, there is also a plenty of worth-visiting spots around the city. This epic land can accurately reflect the history, culture, and lifestyle of Cambodian.

Angkor National Museum

Right to the name, this museum can represent the culture of Cambodia where every valuable artifact and item existed from the pre-Angkorian period till present is exhibited. Walk inside you can be mesmerizing by the spectacular Gallery of a Thousand Buddhas. Then listen to your guide telling about the history of Khmer culture while witness short videos seem like a sightseeing tour through every beautiful place in the whole country. A visit to the museum is necessary for those who want to explore the Angkor Wat complex of temples later.

Angkor Wat

No Siem Reap tour can exclude a visit to the Angkor Wat. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most popular temple complex in Cambodia, and also the largest now-existed religious monument in the world. Angkor Wat has a plenty of temples designed following the classical Khmer architecture with the most attractive ones are Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Phrom, and Angkor Thom. As forecast the heavy destruction of time and war, the architects have created ditches surrounded to protect the temples in the center. Khmer was skillful at using sandstone to build temples and statues, then they carved images revealed their life and beliefs into faces of these structures. The temples achieve the perfection due to its balanced elements and standard ratios. The complex can be considered as a masterpiece of power, unity, and style. Moreover, you can admire some proof of war such as the bullet holes from the war between the Khmer Rouge and Vietnam forces.

Phare - Cambodian Circus

More than a circus, Phare shows the unique Cambodian entertainment. The performers skillfully embroider the harmony of old stories about history, folk and modern. The combination of music, dance and modern circus arts is the main material, under the talented hands of young artists became a masterpiece. A night to remember with the show is suited for everyone from children to adults. Another great point of the circus is that no animals can be seen in any performance.

Sihanoukville Day Tours

Has a wordy history with falling off the map during the time Khmer Rouge ruled the country, Sihanoukville has more secrets than the appearance of a lazy golden beach town. This town is a paradise for those who want a serene vacation. Take a break laying on the white-sand beaches, hop on a booze cruise to the beautiful heaven for a wild party, or set a foot on Monkey Island to go snorkeling in the fresh clear water. Then relax your body and wash your soul by mediating and yoga at Vagabond Temple for a while. Dip into the fresh atmosphere when heading to pepper farm where you can get hands-on experience cultivation and harvesting this special spice.
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