About Viet Vision Travel

Viet Vision Travel - A Leading Tour Company in Vietnam & Indochina

Viet Vision Travel is a branch of Viet Vision Travel & Trading JSC and soon becomes one of the leading tour operators in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. In 2006, we built this website for the purpose of offering Indochina tour packages and travel services for visitors all over the world.

We've Got a Story to Tell You!

The story began in 2006 when a group of enthusiastic people with a passion for travel and tourism sat together and put the first bricks of Viet Vision Travel. 18 years is not a long period but enough for a young and energetic company to do great developments.

From a few people with some laptops at the beginning, we are now more than 60 enthusiatic members. From a travel company providing Vietnam vacations and day trips for international tourists, Viet Vision Travel lengthens its hands not only in destinations in Indochina but also in all over Asia. From little reputation, we build up one of the most reliable brands in terms of tourism leaving our customers a mountain of happiness and enjoyment after their holidays with Viet Vision Travel.

A Greeting from the
Directors of Viet Vision Travel

From Left to Right: Mrs. Hana Nguyen (Managing Director) - Mr. Henry Le (Founder & President)

"Welcome to Viet Vision Travel! It is our great honor to become your loyalty and diligent companion of your journeys to Vietnam and Indochina. With 18+ years of experience in tourism, 60+ specialists with a complete passion for travel, 1000+ products as well as the freedom to customize your own itineraries, we are strongly confident to deliver you the most authentic and distinctive vacations ever like what we did to thousands of happy customers before. We know you have a lot of choices for your trip operator but choosing Viet Vision Travel will be definitely your right decision. It is not simply proven by words. It is done by the wonderful travel for you to enjoy and unforgettable memories for you to bring home."

Meet Our Team


Mr. Henry Le - Chairman of the Board

Mr. Henry Le

Chairman of the Board

Mrs. Hana Nguyen - CEO of Viet Vision Travel

Mrs. Hana Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Jeanny Duong - DOS of Viet Vision Travel

Mrs. Jeanny Duong

Vice Chief Executive Officer &
Director of Sales of International Travel Market

Mrs. Thuy Thanh Le

Vice Director of Finance 

Mrs. Trung Thu - Director of Sales of Domestic Travel

Mrs. Trung Thu Nguyen

Director of Sales of Domestic Travel Market




Our vision is to create a chain of value-added supply, establishing strong Vietnamese brands that affirm the vision of a prosperous future for the community.



Build an ideal working environment with a staff of positive attitudes, where each individual can develop their full potential and strengths in their work.

Be dedicated and always ready to meet the most difficult and detailed requests from customers, bringing them joy and satisfaction.

Support the community by creating jobs for locals and helping them sell their products to tourists.

Bring the real wealth to Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and Employees who have made great and dedicated contributions to the company




Viet Vision Travel promotes a standard of services for customers, the community, and our employees.


Honesty is given top priority in our daily work. We are honest with ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers.


Proactivity brings the highest value to each group of our customers through thoughtful preparation before, during, and after their trips.


Viet Vision Travel spends 10% of our time and funding coaching our staff through skills and capacity training courses outside the business.


The community of Viet Vision Travel has the criteria of cohesion inside and outside of work, together making tourism a companion in developing customers' businesses.


Viet Vision Travel understands our customers' needs for rest, relaxation, and care during their trips, thereby designing and providing customers with the most optimal solutions.

Why Travel with Viet Vision Travel

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Outstanding Values

We have many long-established partnerships which ensure that the prices we offer are highly competitive, without compromising on quality and safety. We are big enough to have power in buying good prices from our services providers, and we pass that to our clients. And we are small enough to offer great personal care.

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We are Acknowledged

Viet Vision Travel serves thousands of customers each year, wins certificates of excellent from Tripadvisor eight years in a row. We are a member of Vietnam Tourism, Pacific Asia Travel Association, The Responsible Club of Vietnam, and Travel Life.

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We are Flexible

Viet Vision Travel says NO to fixed dates, itineraries. We are willing to work with you, listen to your wishes in order to create your own unique trip with the support of our dedicated travel specialists.
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Yes! We Can Tell You Its Story

You never have to listen to boring information about Indochina attractions which can be easily found on the Internet. Traveling with Viet Vision Travel, your eyes will be overwhelmed by scenic beauties and ancient architectures while your ears will be filled by untold legends as well as mysterious stories.
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Enjoy our Excellent Services

Many of our customers have returned to travel with us year after year and from one country to another (we operate tours and travel services in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand) because of our excellent services. We are an entire team who proud of our selves on providing a friendly, personal and professional level of service to ensure that any tour in Vietnam will be operated well and effortlessly.

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Price Promise

We are absolutely confident our tour prices are competitive and match the quotations. All inclusions and exclusions are extremely clear mentioned. There is always the price valid in our quotation has been sent.