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Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is a sprawling urban mass, larger than Hanoi, the nation’s capital, but somehow less cohesive and certainly with a far shorter history.
When a group of Chinese refugees from the Qing Empire arrived in the region, the Cambodian governor turned to the Nguyen Lords of Hue for help. The price of settling the Chinese and restoring order was Vietnamese suzerainty. Later, the city expanded to join the nearby Chinese set- dement of Cholon- Saigon has always had a strong Chinese flavor to Saigon.
In 1859, the city was seized by France and soon became the chief city of the French colony of Cochinchina. The city developed rapidly, acquiring something of the character of French provincial town. For nearly two decades, between 1956 and 1975, Saigon functioned as the capital of the anti-communist Republic of Vietnam.

Viet Vision Travel offers the most qualified Ho Chi Minh tours. Our tours in and from Ho Chi Minh City including Ho Chi Minh City Tours, Ho Chi Minh City – Mekong Delta Tours, Ho Chi Minh – Cu Chi tunnel tours with competitive prices. All of our Ho Chi Minh City tour itineraries are carefully designed for your most comfort and independent routes cater to different needs of our valued guests from all over the world.
Our tours cover varieties of interests including War Remnant Museum, Ben Thanh market, Cho Lon- China Town, Cu Chi tunnel, Cao Dai Temple… within your budget.

Top 10 attractions in Ho Chi Minh City
Top 10 activities in Ho Chi Minh City
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Nam Cat Tien National Park is a treasure trove of biodiversity. 3-day Nam Cat Tien National Park tour lets you explore one of the largest tropical forests of Southern Vietnam. Established in recognition of Cat Tien's unique wildlife, Nam Cat Tien Park is home to some of the world's most endangered species. This tour brings you two- hour night cruise in to the jungle, in a jeep, allows visitors to enjoy the feeling of watching wild animals, and listen to the calls of rhinoceros.

Set in a heart of chaotic Ho Chi Minh City, “Mai” Home – the Sai Gon Culinary Art Center offers a great approach to cooking with an exciting class for tourists who are interested in Vietnamese cuisine and culture. Each class starts with a trip to a local market to buy fresh ingredients. Get a feel for real Vietnamese culture as you experience its rich colors, and unique flavors and smells.

2-day Nam Cat Tien National Park Tour is a rewarding experience that gives you the chance to find out about Vietnam's diverse flora and fauna. Located 160 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Nam Cat Tien is one of 8 Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in Vietnam. Once here you can take a walk through the park to mingle the diversity of Nam Cat Tien's wildlife, admire the beauty evergreen rainforest and enjoy nightlife watching. Especially, overnight at a guesthouse inside the park will be memorable in your trip to Nam Cat Tien.

This 3-day South Vietnam tour package provides you a great chance for you to visit Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City, the legendary Cu Chi tunnel and the fertile Mekong Delta.

Ho Chi Minh City Tours

Cu Chi Tunnel Tour – Half Day

A half day tour to Cu Chi Tunnels from Ho Chi Minh City will show visitors the amazing tunnels that was built by local citizens during the Vietnam War. With our experienced tour guide, there are a lot of stories and legends about American and French war and the unbelievable underground life of Vietnamese people. It’s worth for all visitors to spend only half day tour exploring this impressive Cu Chi Tunnels.

This Saigon day tour in 5 days tour is a great combination of visiting all the highlights in the South of Vietnam with your leisure holiday. After a short tour around the most vibrant city of Vietnam, Cu Chi tunnels, Cao Dai Temple and Mekong Delta, you will have your time to explore the city on your own and free for shopping in the big and favorite markets.

This unique itinerary is designed for tourists who want discover a different Ho Chi Minh city by night. The traffic is still the utter nightmare but the Vespa drivers are so good that we still feel relax and comfortable. You will travel around all the highlight places in Saigon and see how they are in the night time, colorful and brightening. You also try many kinds of local food such as Seafood, “Banh xeo”, “Cha gio”, “Bo xien nuong – roasted beef” and local beers…

Museums, markets, historical relics and more - this 4-day classic tour takes in the best of Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta. Explore the unique architecture in the most vibrant city in Vietnam. Visit the Tunnels of Cu Chi and the waterway of the mighty Mekong River. Every moment of this day tour delivers a new and distinctive experience.

This Mekong Delta tour gives you the local experience of Cai Be floating market on the Mekong River which is famous for crooked canals in the shadows of palm trees and coconut trees. Enjoy peaceful moments when paddling down the stream and admire the stunning landscapes of Mekong River will be an unforgettable memory in your Mekong Delta floating market 1-day tour.  

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly named Saigon is the largest city of Vietnam. One day tour around today covers almost the major attractions. Understanding more about history in the War Remnants Museum and the Reunification Palace, admire French-colonial architecture at the General Post Office, Opera House and Notre Dame Cathedral, and explore the longest tunnels made of Vietnamese people during the war…

Learn how to prepare and cook authentic Vietnamese food at a fun and interactive half day with our English speaking Vietnamese chef in Ho Chi Minh City. Refresh your culinary skill and creativity, exploring a unique Vietnamese local market, and enjoy lots of authentic Vietnamese food and cooking tips along the way.

Start from Ho Chi Minh City, head to one of the most popular attractions in Southern Vietnam. Discover the beliefs and worship of Cao Dai religion by experience the hour of prayers. Continue with a visit to the heroic Cu Chi Tunnel to learn about a period of fierce fighting in American War and discover the way to excape this intricate maze.

War has passed by more than 30 year, but sad feeling and memories are still reminding some where around this region, This 2 days trip is special design the people care about American war and Australian veterans. Within 2 day you have chance to visit former battle field such as Long Tan Cross, Nui Dat SS Hill, Long Phuoc tunnel, this trip also a combine with enjoy short relaxing in Vung Tau city. Special itinerary for Australian Veterans or people who care about!

Ho Chi Minh City Tours

Ho Chi Minh City Tour – 1 Day

Saigon, as the city is still frequently referred to, is Vietnam 's largest city with a population in excess of 9 million.. Saigon's history is only 300 years old, less than a third that of the capital, Hanoi . In 1859, the city was captured by the French and became the capital of Cochinchina. From 1956 until its dramatic demise in April 1975, Saigon was the capital of the US-backed Republic of Vietnam . Today Ho Chi Minh City is very much the heart of Vietnamese business and entrepreneurs. The city's skyline is rapidly changing, reflecting the sharp influx of foreign trade within the last decade. And yet the city still retains its connections to the past, particularly in Cholon, the city's Chinatown . Here dozens of elegant temples and pagodas can be seen. The French left their mark here – as the city has many street cafes and patisseries where fresh croissants can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly named Saigon is the largest city of Vietnam. One day tour around today covers almost the major attractions. Understanding more about history in the War Remnants Museum and the Reunification Palace, admire French-colonial architecture at the General Post Office, Opera House and Notre Dame Cathedral, and explore the longest tunnels made of Vietnamese people during the war…

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Best Things to Do & See in Ho Chi Minh City Tours Visiting Traditional Markets Despite the vibrant city with modern shopping malls and commercial centers, tradition markets still reserve themselves a vital part in the lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh City. Strolling around the markets will help you buy interesting things on one side and learn more about their history as well as culture of Vietnamese on another side. Binh Tay Market Constructed by the French in the late 19th century, the market is the melting pot of cultures from Vietnam and China serving the locals and visitors with a wide range of fresh ripe fruits, vegetables, foods together with delicate handicrafts, lacquerware, and textiles. Besides, plenty of food stalls in Binh Tay Market are a great chance for you to experience Vietnamese-Chinese cuisine. The location far from the city center makes the prices in the market quite reasonable. Operation time: 8 am – 5 pm daily Address: No. 57A Thap Muoi St, District 6 Ben Thanh Market Considered as one of the most important trading centers of the city, everything from clothes, souvenirs to dried foods, spices, tea, and coffee can be found in Ben Thanh market. Moreover, in the evening, roads are closed; vehicles are banned; Ben Thanh night market and walking streets were opened with various types of foods and drink as well as touristy shops. As its location at the heart of Saigon, prices in the market are a little bit higher than usual but can be acceptable. Address: Le Loi St, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 Learning More about the Past Saigon used to be the capital of Republic of Vietnam in the period of Vietnam War. After the reunification in 1975, the government decided to maintain the constructions of the old regime, war relics, and build historical museums as the reminders for next generations of the sacrifice of previous ones, the cruelty of wars, the wish of peace and freedom of Vietnamese people, and the attractions in Ho Chi Minh tours. War Remnants Museum The museum is absolutely not a fun destination to visit during Ho Chi Minh City Tours. For years, it has documented everything about the Vietnam War – the goriest and most brutal war in Vietnamese history. Graphic photographs and military vehicles and equipment are displayed inside the War Remnants Museum. Every helicopter, rocket, tank, photo, and tools used by both the US and Vietnamese troops tell you stories of soldiers, campaigns, tears, and blood. The museum has another name “Museum of American War Crimes” because it has preserved tiger cases (prisoner rooms), guillotines, or torturing devices which are used by American and Republic of Vietnam government for their POW and the innocents. In addition, you can see grisly photographs which the Vietnamese become the victims of Agent Orange. Nearly 5 million people were exposed by this pesticide and half a million children were born with birth defects. Operation time: 7.30 am to 12.00 pm & 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm daily Address: No. 28 Vo Van Tan St, District 3 Reunification Palace The palace was the working and living places of presidents of Republic of Vietnam from Ngo Dinh Diem to Duong Van Minh. The first owner of the building, Ngo Dinh Diem, named it Reunification because he wished to conquer all Vietnam with the help of the United States. However, the Palace witnessed his death in 1963 and then the destruction of South Vietnam government in 1975. Today, it becomes the historical museum as well as the proud mark of Vietnamese people. Reunification Palace was built to mainly serve the war with rooms to plan for the wars, a telecommunication center and a rooftop for a helicopter to land off. Moreover, you can see the tank crashing the main gate of the palace in Ho Chi Minh campaign on April 30th 1975 – the last day of the Vietnam War. Operation time: 8 am to 11 am & 1 pm to 4 pm daily Address: No. 135 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 Cu Chi Tunnels It was the defense and transportation system excavated underground by the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Visiting Cu Chi tunnels, visitors will be told about the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers in the enemy’s capital and its unbelievable existence which surprises all American and South Vietnam government. Operation time: 7 am to 5 pm daily Address: Cu Chi District, 70km northwest from the city center Exploring the Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City The diverse cultures bring for Saigon the unique and magnificent architecture. It is such a great mistake to pay a visit to Ho Chi Minh City without spending time sightseeing in well-known constructions around the city. Saigon Cathedral of Notre Dame Visitors will definitely misunderstand whether they are staying in Paris or Saigon when first seeing the Cathedral. Built in the late 19th century by French, Saigon Cathedral of Notre Dame has the neo-Romanesque characteristics including facades made of Marseille red bricks, windows of stained glass, 6 bells in two towers having been ringing up to now, and a peaceful garden among the hustling and bustling city. Besides the famous Saigon’s attraction for tourists, the Cathedral is also a religious institution for the locals. Operation time: 8 am to 5 pm daily Address: No. 1 Cong Xa Paris, District 1 Jade Emperor Pagoda If you only have time to visit a pagoda in your Ho Chi Minh City tour, make it this one. In the 20th century, a community of Cantonese migrating from Guangzhou built this pagoda for worshipping Taoism and Buddhism. Setting foot inside the pagoda, the loudness, and vibrancy of Saigon drifts away, only leaves a sense of calm and solemnness. Halls of worshipping Heaven God, the goddess of fertility Kim Hua and mercy Guan Yin are crowded with offerings, candles, and joss sticks. Operation time: 8 am to 5 pm daily Address: No.73 Mai Thi Luu St, District 3 Ho Chi Minh Central Post Office Considered as one of the grandest post offices in Southeast-Asia, Saigon Central Post Office was first designed by Gustave Eiffel (the designer of Eiffel tower) and then redesigned by two architects Villedieu and Foulhuox. In general, the construction is the perfect combination of classic Western architecture and unique Eastern décor. Tourists visit the Saigon Central Post Office view the unique architecture of this post office on one side and immerse themselves in a world of ancient, from the mailbox to the call counters on another side. They can also rest on the benches polished wooden varnish, which are nearly a hundred years old. Inside the post office, time runs slowly because, in any corners, visitors can also catch a glimpse of old Saigon. Additionally, you should buy a nice postcard, write on it the wonderful marks of your Ho Chi Minh City tour then send it to your friends and family. It will be much more interesting than making a phone call or using the social network. Operation time: 7 am to 7 pm daily Address: No. 2 Cong Xa Paris, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 (near Saigon Cathedral of Notre Dame) Saigon Opera House The last construction in the triangle French architecture in Ho Chi Minh City is Saigon Opera House. Designed by French architects in 1900, the Opera House has a European style with gigantic iron gate, magnificent crystal candelabrum, glossy granite floor together with delicate stone adornments and statues. Experience the luxury life in European in the 17th century with brilliant performances of immortalized operas and plays in the space of a Palais Garnier in Vietnam will leave you unforgettable memories in your Ho Chi Minh City tours. Address: No. 7 Cong Truong Lam Son, District 1 Landmark 81 These classic and historical constructions above may make you misunderstood Ho Chi Minh City. It has classic constructions and historical places but is still a modern city with Landmark 81 as the representative. The tower is the pride of Vietnam which is designed and constructed by Vietnamese people. Inspired by the image of rising bamboo, Landmark 81 aims to spread a new Vietnam of development and prosperity to the world. The height of 461m helps the building be the tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia and the top 14 tallest towers in the world. Comprising of the state-of-the-art hotel, restaurants, commercial center and a breathtaking panoramic view of Saigon, visiting Landmark 81 is absolutely a must in your Ho Chi Minh City tours. Address: Vinhomes Central Park, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District Enjoy the Nightlife in Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City of hustle and bustle at daytime absolutely changes into the new form of an energetic and exciting city after the sunset. Do not waste any minutes in your trip by enjoying a non-stop night in Saigon. Rooftop Bar You are in search of luxury space, favorable cocktails, exciting music and dance, then rooftop bars will be worth your expectation. Soaking up the panoramic view of a non-sleeping city with tiny vehicles flowing in the streets and dreaming Saigon River light up by the lights from nearby buildings, you will completely impressed by a garish city among a mysterious dark. Suggestions: Chill Sky Bar (AB Tower Saigon, 76A Le Lai Street, District 1) EON Heli Bar (Bitexco Financial Tower, 2 Hai Trieu Street, District 1) Street Food Your non-stop night needs supplying by hot foods and cool drinks and street foods is a perfect choice. This type of food here always guarantees 3 criteria: deliciousness, nutrition, and cheapness. What you need to do is find yourself a plastic stool, order your dishes and wait for a minute, they will be served immediately. Street foods such as Pho, Banh mi, Com tam (Broken rice) are chosen as one of the best foods you must try in the world. Never let your stomach be hungry as well as never miss a valuable chance to taste wonderful delicacies in Ho Chi Minh City. Suggestions: Ben Thanh Market Bui Vien Street Top 6 Best Dishes to Taste in Ho Chi Minh City Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich) One of the most popular dishes in Ho Chi Minh City is “ banh mi ”. Walking around the city you will see dozens of carts with signs selling banh mi. In Vietnamese “ banh mi” actually just means bread but it also refers to any type of the Vietnamese baguette sandwich. The basic sandwich includes a crusty baguette which is sliced in half and stuffed with layers of pork, luncheon meats, shredded cured pork skin, pate, mayonnaise, Vietnamese radish and carrot pickles, a handful of sliced cucumbers, and sprigs of coriander. The perfect combination of those ingredients makes banh mi such a glorious sandwich. Suggestion: Banh Mi Huynh Hoa Address: No. 26 Le Thi Rieng St, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 Banh Mi Ms. Diep Address: No. 238 Vo Thanh Trang St, Ward 11, Tan Binh District Ca Kho To (Braised Fish In Clay Pot) “Ca kho to” - fragrant braised catfish carefully caramelized in a clay pot with a hint of fish sauce is one of the most common dishes in Ho Chi Minh city. It is available at both Vietnamese sit-down restaurants and “com binh dan”- street food buffets. For Vietnamese, this comfort dish offers the flavors of home in each bite. To make this savory fish dish, locals have to cut catfish into steak sliced pieces and braises it in a thick and rich gravy made from soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, shallots, and garlic, among a few other light spices and seasonings for several hours. Suggestion Cuc Gach Quan restaurant Address: No. 10 Dang Tan St, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1 Goi Cuon (Vietnamese Vegetable Rolls) Goi Cuon is a perfect choice for a hot summer day because of its fresh and pure flavor. It is a harmonious combination of pork slices, shrimps, basil, vermicelli noodles, lettuce, and spring onion. All of them are rolled in a piece of rice paper. Dip the rolls into bean paste or a mix of freshly ground chili and hoisin-based dipping sauce topped with crushed peanuts…awesome! Suggestion 48 Restaurant Address: No. 48 Ngo Duc Ke St, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 Bo La Lot (Grilled Beef In Piper Lolot) If you are a lover of stew, grilled beef in piper lolot is the best choice for you. Bo La Lot is little-minced beef roll which is lightly spiced and seasoned before being covered by piper lolot. After that, they are grilled over charcoal. This dish is served with rice paper, a mountain of green vegetables and herbs, and dipping sauce. In some restaurants, when you taste this dish you also got a plate of mỡ chài, another type of Vietnamese sausage, that is so tasty. Each bite is pure joy! Suggestion Ms. Lien - Bo La Lot Address: No. 32 Vo Van Tan St, District 3 Oc (Vietnamese Shellfish) A night of relaxing on small chair in a roadside stall, sipping cold beers and slurping down snails and shells is one of the most interesting ways to enjoy Saigon. There are typically tons of different raw snails to choose from, as well as other shells like blood cockles, clams, and shrimp and crab as well. You also can choose a method for the snails you would like to eat like grilled, sautéed, coated in salt and chili, steamed, curried, and so on. Make sure that you do not skip grilled mussels with scallion oil and peanuts, blood cockles sautéed in tamarind sauce and clams steamed with lemongrass! They are so tasty! Oc A Soi restaurant is a local hangout spot for this tasty delicacy. Suggestion Oc A Soi Restaurant Address: No. 237 - 239 Nguyen Thuong Hien St, Ward 4, District 3 Com Tam (Broken Rice Topped With A Grilled Pork Chop) Available at any small street food stalls and market throughout the Ho Chi Minh City, “Com tam suon nuong” is known as a southern favorite. The most basic version of this special dish includes the broken rice and grilled pork chop served with fish sauce, cucumber pickles, green onion oil, chilies to garnish. You can order a lot of extra things such as a fried egg, Vietnamese meatloaf, pigskin, extra pork, more sausage, etc. Com Tam Ba Ghien is absolutely the most famous place to eat Vietnamese broken rice and grilled pork in all of Saigon. Make sure that as soon as you approach the restaurant – a sweet porky smoky aroma of this dish will immediately make your taste buds begin to water. Suggestion Com Tam Ba Ghien Address: No. 84 Dang Van Ngu St, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan District Booking a Ho Chi Minh City tour right now to soak up those stunning dishes! Contact us to get a unique Vietnam vacation. Weather in Ho Chi Minh City Saigon’s weather has the features of tropical climate with high average temperature (27OC) and two distinct seasons: the dry season (from December to April) and the rainy one (from May to November). Ho Chi Minh City is seldom affected by natural disasters such as storms or hurricanes. Best Time to Visit Ho Chi Minh City The Dry Season – the Best Time for a Ho Chi Minh City Tour At this time, rains rarely occur; blue fills the sky and winds bring the aroma of flowers from the suburb to the city center. March to May is the three hottest months which the temperature can reach 39oC. However, the humidity is about 75% so the weather is quite bearable for outside activities and sightseeing on your Saigon tours. December to February, the weather is less aggressive thanks to cool climate from the North. At night and in the morning, the temperature can even get down 160C which makes you feel the cold of winter in the tropical area. But in the daytime when the sun shines its light and warmth, it is more comfortable for tourists to enjoy their Ho Chi Minh City tours at its best. Saigon is a wonderful option for your Christmas and New Year holiday. You will have a chance to see how Vietnamese people celebrate the Western holidays in their unique ways. If your Saigon travel lasts until February, you will have a chance to experience Tet holiday, the biggest holiday in Vietnam. Hundreds of cultural activities, cuisine, art performances and entertainment are organized during Tet will absolutely leave you impressive memories. The Wet Season – Still an Interesting Time for a Ho Chi Minh City Tour This season sees higher humidity and more downpours. However, rains stop as quickly as they come and sunshine appears immediately then. It is not also the peak season of Saigon tourism so the prices of accommodation and services tend to be cheaper. It is the time to experience national holidays in Ho Chi Minh City such as Vietnam Reunification Day (30th April), May Day (1st May) and Vietnam National Day (2nd September). A lot of celebrations and activities like art performances, firework and festival are organized those days to serve the locals as well as visitors. Ho Chi Minh City General Information Another name: Saigon Location: Southern Vietnam Population: Approximately 8.3 million (2016) Language: Vietnamese Currency: Vietnam Dong (VND) Natural Condition: Low terrain, few mountainous areas Interlaced river and canal system created by Dong Nai River and Saigon River Ho Chi Minh City People, City & Culture Ho Chi Minh City People People in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigonese) have the common characteristics of the Vietnamese which are friendly and hospitable. However, inside the general features, the individual ones still exist and put the Saigonese on map. They highly appreciate the meaningful and helpful actions as well as despise trivial benefits. Moreover, Saigon people never satisfy with what they have achieved but always try their best to perfect themselves and obtain the wonderful things ahead. Therefore, hardly can relaxing moments be seen when Saigon citizens are at work. Nonetheless, when they immerse themselves in entertainment, nowhere in Vietnam is more exciting and energetic than Saigon. While Hanoians are considered as the standard of Vietnamese qualities, Hue people are considered as the standard of Vietnamese beauty, Saigonese are the representatives of an active and modern Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City is a young city compared to others in Vietnam. The history of Saigon began in 1698 when Nguyen Huu Canh established Gia Dinh with the wish to change this land to become the center of Southern Vietnam. Saigon in those 300 years has witnessed many ups and downs of Vietnamese history. It was the first colonial region of French in the 19th century. It used to be the capital of Republic of Vietnam during the Vietnam War in the 20th century. After being liberated in 1975, Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City and began a new period of independence, freedom, and development. Ho Chi Minh City after 300 years becomes the biggest city and the most important center of economy, politics, culture, entertainment, and education of Vietnam. Landmark 81 – top 14 highest buildings in the world is the symbol of a prosperous and developing Ho Chi Minh City. With the high-quality infrastructure and advantage geographical location, Saigon takes the lead in many fields in Vietnam such as medical, real estate, oil exploitation, and service. Ho Chi Minh City Culture Ho Chi Minh City’s culture is the melting pot of Western and Eastern ones. Before Gia Dinh was established, it was affected by two ancient cultures: Oc Eo and Phu Nam. Besides, cultures from India, Thailand, and Indonesia had also some effects on this land. With the establishment and development of Gia Dinh from the late 17th century to the late 19th century, cultures of Northern Vietnam and China following the immigrants became widespread in the city. In the 20th century, under the control of French and American, Western cultures appeared and developed rapidly in Saigon. Due to own such a diverse culture, Ho Chi Minh City has a modern Western lifestyle, Vietnamese traditional costumes, delicious Chinese cuisine in Chinese streets and classic European architecture (Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral). Ho Chi Minh City Travel Guides Where to Stay during Your Ho Chi Minh City Tours Dong Khoi Street is considered one of the most prestigious areas in Saigon with five-star hotels such as Hotel Majestic Saigon or Continental Saigon Hotel. If you need softer prices for accommodation, Pham Ngu Lao Street will give you a wide range of choices from very budget to mid-range cost. The area near Ben Thanh Market is also an option with prices varying from mid-range to upper level. The central location of this area will help you reach attractions in Saigon easily. Transportation in Ho Chi Minh City Walk Amazing walking streets of beautiful decorations and traffic jams in rush hours in Saigon are two main reasons for your Ho Chi Minh tours on foot. You can stop at any attractions without worrying about parking (a challenging thing in Saigon). Motorbike Provided that walking makes you exhausted or the distance is too far, a motorbike will make your trip easier. There are two options with motorbikes: Rent a motorbike: If you are confident enough to rent and ride a motorcycle yourself to join the army of motorbikes on the streets, there are a lot of agencies for renting this vehicle in Pham Ngu Lao Street or just ask the hotel staff for nearby one. Motor taxi: Unless you have the confidence to drive yourself, book a Grabbike and simply hire a motor taxi on the streets. They will help you reach every corner of Saigon. The average price for a short journey is about 20,000 VND to 40,000 VND (about $1 or $2). Bus If you prefer a public transportation with low cost and safety, then a bus is what you need. With thousands of bus-stops in Saigon, you can reach the attractions in the city with $1 or $2 for transportation fee (only 6.000 VND to 7.000 VND a single bus ticket). With standard furniture and air-conditional system, you do not worry about the steaming weather during your Saigon tours. Taxi This mean of transportation will reduce your travel time and guarantee your safety. You can book a Grabcar or Grabtaxi through your smartphone. If your phone does not have internet access, just take a left and a taxi will stop before you immediately. Although the price is higher than other vehicles, it is still acceptable for a safe and comfortable journey. Some recommended taxi brands Mai Linh Taxi: 028 38 38 38 38 Vinasun Taxi: 028 38 27 27 27 Mobile and Internet Access You are needless to worry about the quality of mobile connection and internet access in such a big city like Saigon. Just notice that you have to apply your information to Vietnamese mobile operators such as Viettel, Vinaphone, or Mobifone for SIM card purchase, international roaming service, and others. Their agencies can be found in every street in Ho Chi Minh City. Useful Information for a Perfect Ho Chi Minh City Tour Do's: In the dry season, always keep yourself hydrated by drink enough mineral water. Select cool and comfortable outfits for outdoor activities in the hot weather In the wet season, wear clothes which are easy to dry and fold. Dress elegantly when visiting religious places in Ho Chi Minh City. Bargaining before using the services in the streets or in the shops or restaurants without prices clearly indicated. If you join a long excursion, it is always a good idea to carry with you a roll of toilet paper. You never know when you need it because public toilets in Saigon are quite rare. It had better leave valuable things such as airline tickets or passports with at your hotel. You should ask people’s permission before taking a photo of them. In case they refuse, do not push the issue or offer money. When crossing a road, keep calm, walk slowly, concentrate on the distance between you and the vehicles to decide whether to keep moving or stop. If it seems too difficult, just wait for a local crossing the road and follow him. Don't: Avoid strolling into unfamiliar areas at night in Ho Chi Minh City such as Dong Khoi district and along the Saigon River. There are many pickpockets or drive-by bag snatchers in the streets. Keep your belongings carefully so as not to make yourself a target for them Except for the museum, do not try and to approach and take photographs of military installations or anything to do near the military places. It can be seen as a breach of national security. Do not try to estimate the weather in Saigon, especially in the wet season. Update the weather forecast regularly and prepare a plan B in your Ho Chi Minh tour in case plan A is canceled.