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Cambodia Cycling Tours, Biking Trips, Interesting Itineraries with Bikes

Cambodia Cycling Tours aims to take tourists to get a first-hand look at the laid-back charm of ancient sights and discover the historical myths or cultural beauty in Cambodia. The majority of our bicycle routes are off roads and back roads to enjoy a wild ride around picturesque villages and meet the culture of people with broad smiles and warm hospitality. The cycling tours in Cambodia can be a combination of a pleasure drive, a comfortable ride across a landscape of rolling low-lying plains, and a scenic cruise along little-known beaches or mighty rivers.

More than cycling, we are really excited to show you Cambodia’s top sights, pristine natural landscapes, and the easy smiles of the Cambodian people. Do not miss a chance to sample the contrasts of tasty Khmer dishes; from sweet and bitter, to salty and sour. Among numerous great Cambodia Tours to see the country’s beautifully scenic wonders, cycling across Cambodia is both a rewarding and emotional experience.

At Viet Vision Travel, we offer brilliant cycling trips for those who are looking for a lifetime trip for themselves and for cycling clubs. Besides, we can tailor-make your trip to meet all your demands in a secure and safe environment. Our guide and driver with their knowledge, helpfulness, and good humor can make your journey extra special.

Is this Cambodia cycling tour right for me?
Travel Style: Active
Tour Type: biking, trekking adventures all around Cambodia
Service Level: Classic
A combination of comfortable accommodation (simple hotels, guesthouses, and a homestay) for you to choose from; a mix of public and private transport.
Physical Rating: 3 – Average
Trip Type: Families, Single Travelers, Big & Small Groups
Age requirement: Above 12
All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult during the trips.

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There is approx.240km of cycling in this tour, with about 70% of it being on paved roads and the rest on dirt roads. During this ride you will see the real Cambodia and interact with the people in a way that the casual tourist does not. The home-stay experience will give you an insight into the simple way of life of average Cambodians. We take a cycling tour of Phnom Penh, and in Siem Reap we cycle to see the incredible temples of Angkor, and cycle to the floating village, and camp out at a village.

Angkor Temple Cycling tour 2 days cycle on the trail of Small Circuit along the Siem Reap river bank through the off road to see Angkor Wat & cycle to the Tonle Sap Lake.

Discover Countryside and Forest by Bike tour 2 days with active level soft cycling, trekking, moderate biking...

Angkor Temple Cycling tour 3 days with mythologies, history of Khmer Empire, boat excursion to see a floating village on the lake where fully by floating houses, school, stores, and church...

Discovery Angkor by Bicycle tour 5 days, the great time to pay all your attention at the world famous Angkor complex...

Siem Reap Trekking and Cycling tour 5 days see green rice paddies, water buffaloes happily wallowing in big muddy ponds, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks...

Angkor to Cadamon Mountain Tour 12 days route will be passing temples without any tourist knows as well as the village and people are friendly...

Exploring Cambodia by Bike Tour 12 days avoid the heavy city traffic, discover the scenery of Cambodia with many opportunities to take picturesque photos of people at work in the rice fields, driving oxcarts and other strange vehicles.

Day Trip Angkor Temple Cycling Tour spend the whole day to explore the beautiful Angkor temples by bikes.

  • Date: Upon request
  • Start/End: Siem Reap/Siem Reap (pick up & drop off at your hotel)
  • Active level: Soft cycling, Moderate

Cycling along the country side through the lovely village then starting for trekking from the foot of the Mount Phnom Kolen via visitation PreahAngchup, Thousand Linga River, Reclicning Buddha as well as enjoy Swimming follow by having a picnic lunch on the river bank.

Destinations for Cambodia Cycling Tours

In Phnom Penh

Royal Palace

This must-visiting place is well-known for its classic Khmer architecture. Under the gilding roofs is the Throne Hall having a 59-meters top where faces of Saint are carved into. Was formerly home to the Royal family, the palace is sparkling with gold-colored chairs, tables, decorations, and gilded statues. Surround by the lush green garden, the Royal Palace shines like a jewel of the city.

Silver Pagoda

A short ride from the Royal Palace is the Silver Pagoda. As the name tells all, the Silver Pagoda has a twinkling overlook by being covered with five tons of high-quality silver. This pagoda is one of few places which succeed in protecting ancient artifacts and items through the destruction of the Khmer Rouge empire. The main attraction is the crystal Emerald Buddha with a gentle smile sitting on the gilded pedestal. Walk inside, the golden Buddha statue is breathtaking adorning over 2000 beautiful sparkling diamonds.

Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

Your Cambodia Cycling tours can be more interesting and a little thrilling with a visit to Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. This high school is turned into a prison and a torture center during the period of the Khmer Rouge. By this time, nearly 20,000 prisoners of different ages and sexes including men, women, and even children were bloody tortured and then killed. Nearby, Choeung Ek was formerly the killing field where the Khmer Rouge purged an average of 100 people per day. Nowadays, Toul Sleng becomes a museum that served as eloquent proof of the cruel crimes of the Pol Pot government.

In Siem Reap

Angkor Wat Temple Complex

Any Cambodia Cycling Tour can be perfect without a visit to the Angkor Wat Temple Complex. Without any dramatic effect, Angkor Wat is considered the most popular site in Cambodia showing in being listed in UNESCO World Heritage and printed on Cambodia's national flag. Angkor Wat is a complex of several temples with a unique architecture built by the skillful hands of the old Khmer. The most popular ones are Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm, and Angkor Thom. The Angkor Wat provides a chance to explore the old Khmer culture through several images carved in the sandstone bas-reliefs revealing their daily life along with God. Nearby, the Bayon temple is famous for its design of several faces which are considered as the combination of the face of Buddha and King Jayavarman VII who ordered the building of this temple. Deep inside the tropical jungle is the mysterious Ta Prohm dedicated to the King’s mother. This temple has a natural decoration with huge trees growing out of the roofs protecting various valuable artifacts and jewels such as gold, pearls, and superior silks. Another highlight of the complex is Angkor Thom – the second home built for protecting the King against attack by enemies due to the 8-meters-height wall and an inviolable massive moat surrounding. The temple also has four faces carved into the sandstone surfaces similar to the Bayon Temple.

Phnom Kulen Mountain

Phnom Kulen is a holy land in Cambodia dedicated to the two main religions of this country including Hindus and Buddhists. People come here for its spectacular sights and pilgrimage. The fact that this mountain is the birthplace of the ancient Khmer Empire shows the important position in Cambodians and also brings plenty of valuable archaeological and historical meanings. This religious site attracts visitors for its over 1000 small special carvings under the water carved into the sandstone riverbed. Due to the legend that King Jayavarman II had bathed in the river, the water is considered holy water which carved the bed into solid stone. The river ends with a fresh pool under a wonderful waterfall. Take a dive into the cool water, or sit in a huge stone to relax after a Siem Reap Cycling Tour.

Floating Market

Thanks to the feature of the mangrove ecosystem, Siem Reap has many floating villages. Two of the most popular ones are the Kampong Phluk and Kampong Khleang. Kampong Phluk is not far from the city with lines after lines of stilted houses. The business of almost all villagers is a fishery with the main products being fish and shrimp in the rainy season and farming in the dry season. The other village is Kampong Khleang. It is the furthest one when transferring from Siem Reap, but don’t hesitate, visiting here can be the most wonderful experience in your Cambodia tours. The village is a combination of mangrove and land with stilted, floating houses and buildings. Hop on a tuk-tuk riding along the village to get a glimpse of local’s daily life. Then kayaking to explore the mangrove with the purest experience provided by local’s tourism service.

In Sihanoukville

Beach day

This seaside city is the leading beach resort in Cambodia sitting in the center of a beautiful idyllic peninsula jutting out from the warm water flow of the Thailand Gulf. The beach-lined up by lush green coconut trees standing on the white sand sparkling under the twinkling sunshine. Swimming in the deep blue water or go snorkeling for a completely new experience.

Kai Chay waterfall

The driver along the dirt road, deep inside the jungle is a mysterious breathtaking place that not anyone knows about – the Kbal Chay waterfall. Not only provides fresh cool water for a wonderful swimmer, but the waterfall can also make you mesmerized with its sight of solid huge rocks under a forest of tropical trees surrounding it. Enjoy the sunshine peeking through the leaves jumping on water flowing from high to low creating a stunning overview.

In Chi Phat

Chi Phat is like a huge national park with a combination of river, jungle, and wildlife. Hop on a kayak to admire the spectacular sunshine and enjoy an interesting experience by having a picnic breakfast on the river. Witness plenty of different bird species through a binocular, especially hornbill while listening to the beautiful harmony made by the wind twisting the leaves. Relax in a local bungalow by reading a book and tasting the delicious local meal, or just take a swim in the fresh cool water.

In Ta Tai

A highlight of Cambodia Cycling Tours is a visit to Tatai including Tatai Waterfall and River. The sight is breathtaking with thick tropical jungle plunging down to the riverbank. Taste the completely pure experience while freeing your soul with the serene natural environment surrounding you. Moreover, the Tatai Waterfall is spectacular with the rushing water flowing into the fresh pool below.

Tips and Advice for Cycling Tours in Cambodia

The best time to cycle in Cambodia

Cambodia is a tropical country with four seasons included spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The weather in summer is very hot when the temperature can reach 40°C which makes you a little tired and catch a fever. The best time to visit Cambodia is from October to February when the weather is cool and rarely rain suited for wonderful cycling.

Accommodation for cyclers

You can easily find a local homestay along the road on your schedule at a reasonable or even cheap price. People here are so friendly, every question can be solved immediately right after you asked. They can give you some households and also delicious local-favor meals without any fee.

Cambodian phrases for cyclers

Of course, hopping on any cycling tour to Cambodia you can meet many local people. For convenience, you should learn about some short common sentences. The most common phrases are: “Hello” - “Suostei”, “Thank you” – “Saum around”. But every phrase you should speak with a friendly smile.