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The 10+ Incredible Indochina Travel & Tour Packages – Viet Vision Travel

Indochina, throughout the long-established history, is still an exotic destination for travelers to unlock all the mysteries and legends which have recently been opened to the world. Hardly can travelers find such an amazing land like Indochina where tradition and modern, cultures and religions, manmade and nature destinations are perfectly combined.

Indochina tours to Vietnam will be enchanted by different stunning landscapes stretched from the north to the south. It may be evergreen hills in Sapa, a surreal seascape of limestone islands in Halong Bay, majestic monuments, museums and colonial architecture in Hanoi, or tropical oceanic waters of Mui Ne.

Laos in Indochina tour packages will make travelers overwhelmed by thick mist-covered mountain peaks, glistening tea leaves blanketing the mountains or provided the insightful narrative about the history of the Vieng Xai Caves, the cuisine of Luang Prabang and traditional fashion of Laotians.

Eventually, visit Cambodia in Indochina travel packages means you are exploring an empire of temples, the culturally rich country renowned for antique, sophisticated and sacred Angkor Wat and the magnificently mighty Mekong River cutting through the country. Stepping out of the historic and enigmatic picture, tourists can enjoy urban life with cosmopolitan cafes and diverse nightlife in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.

Although Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) do not belong to Indochina, they have been still considered the wonderful destinations in your multi-country tours thanks to magnificent constructions and interesting identities as well as unique festivals.

The Indochina holidays and travel packages are offered by Viet Vision Travel, one of the leading Southeast Asia and Indochina travel company, with a variety of private tours for individuals, groups of all sizes and families to visit Vietnam – Cambodia – Laos – Myanmar – Thailand. You can also tailor an exclusive tour if you do not find any suitable ones. Contact us now and start planning a vacation to mysterious Indochina.

Immerse yourself in the culture and nature with fantastic destinations in both Vietnam and Cambodia. From colonial capital city Hanoi with unique old quarters to the largest religious relic of Angkor Wat Temple. From the spectacular World Natural Wonder, Halong Bay to the mysteries to be unlocked in Phnom Penh. From ancient architecture and the peaceful lifestyle of Hoi An ancient town to explore the rustic local life of Cambodian citizens by cruising in Tonle River. Enjoying all the attractions will be a memorable journey in Southeast Asia.

Discover the essence of Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand in 4 weeks covered by inherently spiritual and deeply traditional values. Visit iconic destinations of these 3 countries from Hanoi to Chiang Mai, Siem Reap to Hoi An. Join in time-honored traditions, wander around enigmatic temples weathered by time and delve into the best street culinary in the world.

Plan a trip to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand to enjoy all the attractions in these three amazing countries. Then this astounding Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia tour package will perfectly meet your requirements. It begins in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and takes in the charming town of Chieng Mai, the legendary Angkor Wat, the cultural hub of Hoi An, the Colonial City of Hanoi, and the majestic Halong Bay National Heritage Site. The trip 3 weeks itinerary will be absolutely worth every moment in Southeast Asia.

Take the Indochina tour package in 16 days owning all of the essences of Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. From the bustles and hustle Saigon to legendary Cu Chi tunnel, from the colorful temple of Dadaism to the lush green of the Mekong Delta, together with the majestic Angkor complex and the World Heritage City of Luang Prabang. This trip will surely fire your imaginations of the mystery and gorgeous Indochina.

Behold the essence of Indochina via a journey through Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia to capture the most fascinating moments in these mesmerizing places. This tour is a great chance for you to step back the old-time to encounter architectural masterpieces of the magnificent temples, enjoy a series of dreamy natural sights and soak in cultural features of local people. No see no belief, so embark the tour right now!

4 Countries – 1 Destination

The Grand Overland Journey – 30 Days

For the extraordinary beauty and seek for a chance to visit Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, this tour package within 1-month itinerary will take you to top highlights and unspoiled gems of these four countries. Back to the long history of Khmer people with all magical Angkor temples in Cambodia; browse colourful markets, donate alms to the robed monks of Laos; enjoy mystically but purely indigenous life of ethnic minority, feel the tranquility in some remote villages and taste the savory authentic Vietnamese cuisine and explore golden pagodas dominating the landscapes of Myanmar.

Discover Indochina within a 3-week itinerary brings you the perfect combination of World Heritage Sites, rustic local life, long-established cultures, and majestic nature. See the best of Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos through their wonderful attractions and well-known destinations. Another day of 18 will reward you another unforgettable experience of this mesmerizing lands.

Explore Southeast Asia which is inherently spiritual and deeply traditional. Visit the scared religious centers from Chiang Mai to Bagan, Siem Reap to Luang Prabang. Explore World Heritage Sites from Halong Bay in Vietnam to Plain of Jars in Laos. This long journey covers all of the highlights and attractions in Southeast Asia.

Discover the gems of Asia through our 12-day itinerary of Thailand Cambodia tour. Soak amidst the Golden Kingdom of Thailand, from bustling Bangkok and the ancient ruins of Ayuthaya. Get back to the past with the legendary temples of Angkor Era. This amazing journey will leave you lasting memories along with meaningful minutes which you have never tasted before.

Indochina Tour Packages

Amazing River Cruise – 14 Days

This special Indochina tour package is specially designed for those who love river cruises. Experience two of the best cruises in Southeast Asia at this stage: The Anantara Song in Thailand and the Jayavarman Cruise in Cambodia and Vietnam. Spend 14 days with 9 nights onboard and 4 nights in 4 or 5 stars hotels. Add any extra days for the stay at the hotel as it is created for you.

See the best of Indochina in an insightful Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos holiday with the intoxicating mix of World Heritage Sites, glittering temples. iconic cultures, and astonishing nature. Set your feet in untouched land of Sapa and Bolaven Plateau, kayak to every corner of majestic Halong Bay, stroll around the historical atmosphere of Hoi An and Angkor Complex. Another day astound you another mystery of Indochina.

Be captivated by the rich cultures and endless beauty of Vietnam and Thailand. Admire glorious wonders left by the ancient kingdoms in Hue and Bangkok, explore vestiges influenced by French in Ho Chi Minh City and experience how the region’s traditions still are an important part of present life in Mekong Delta and Chiang Mai.

Explore the well-known sites of Vietnam and Thailand on this wonderful 17-day journey! In Vietnam, travel along this S-shaped country to marvel at epic historical relics, ancient streets, and interesting outdoor activities. Head to Thailand, explore its colorful and vibrant capital, Bangkok before relaxing in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Discover Vietnam & Thailand in 26 days that are inherently spiritual as well as deeply traditional. Visit the religious centers, from Chiang Mai to Hue. Participate in time-honored traditions, wander through enigmatic temples weathered by time in Vietnam and delve into the stunning beaches in Vietnam.

4 Countries – 1 Destination

Treasure of Indochina & Myanmar – 22 Days

The best of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar are showcased throughout this undimmed 3-week journey. Travel through immense paddy fields, exotic floating markets selling tropical fruits, turquoise-water bay, sacred religious sites, and many other unspoiled charms of the four countries. Throw away the bustling working life to soak in the pristine breath of this fantastic area.

Indochina Tour Packages in Vietnam

Hanoi An Indochina holiday package cannot exclude a visit to the capital of this country – Hanoi. Different than other country’s capitals, Hanoi is not only a bustling city, it also hides various ancient mysteries from feudalism to the period of the Vietnam war. Take a visit to Temple of Literature, admire the unique architecture from Ly Dynasty over a thousand years ago. Then stroll along Hoan Kiem Lake with Turtle Tower in the center which has a legend about the fight against Northern invaders. Head to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Museum where the Old Father of Vietnam rests in peace. Admire the One Pillar Temple - one of the most well-known symbols of Hanoi. Halong Bay This UNESCO World Heritage Site is always a must-visiting destination when taking any Indochina vacation packages. Halong Bay is famous for impressive limestone karst topography, spectacular caves and scattered quaint islets. In here you can hop on a kayak passing through various caves and islets, climb the mountains, trek through hills while monkeys jumping around you. Padding through the caves will make you spellbinding when admiring the limestone towers with different quaint shapes which you can compare with anything such as animals, plants, and items. Sapa The dreamland of those who want to run away from daily bustling life, Sapa has a peaceful and serene atmosphere surrounded by lush green mountains, idyllic hills, and windy rivers in Indochina package tours. People come to Sapa to enjoy its spectacular views overlooking plunging lush green valleys and lines following lines white-top mountains. Sample a few days at a local homestay to explore the tribe lifestyle of ethnic minorities with quaint conventionalities and unique culture revealed in villager’s cuisine and daily activities. Danang Be listed as one of the most beautiful seaside cities in Asia, Danang has a long coast with various white sand beaches. Many special festivals are held scattered throughout the year which revealed the local culture, beliefs, and religions. Moreover, the Mother of Nature grants three world culture heritages nearby. Explore the time-dyeing architecture from Nguyen Dynasty in the ancient capital Hue, lost in serene streets of old quarter Hoi An lighted up by colorful oil-paper lanterns, and be mesmerizing by the masterpiece of Champa’s spirituality and worship in My Son Holy Land. Ho Chi Minh City Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh city is the commercial and economic center of Vietnam. Hop on a Vespa and take the breath of this bustling city with a visit to Ben Thanh Market. Explore historical sites such as Ho Chi Minh City Notre-Dame and War Remnant Museum to feel clearly the cruel war in Vietnam. For more experiences, get a glimpse of the underground life of Viet soldiers the old time in Cu Chi Tunnels which were built for hiding the French army over 60 years ago. Mekong Delta Mekong Delta is a water world where boats, houses, and markets interleaved, together create a sonata of village rhythms. Come to Mekong Delta on Indochina package tours, no one can miss the chance to hop on a boat trip riding along the unique floating markets. Prepare to be mesmerizing by an ocean of different tropical fruits and colorful flowers sold on simple floating boats. Taste some savory fresh fruits while witness quaint houses which the things help them standing are small insecure piles. Indochina Vacation Packages in Cambodia Siem Reap Be considered as the epicenter of Cambodia, Siem Reap is always a great destination for those who want to explore the old mysteries of Khmer Kingdom and Indochina trips. Admire the famous Angkor Wat with unique architecture that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. Siem Reap has more than just Angkor Wat, hop on a tuk-tuk ride to fishing villages, learn about the fishery works and get hands-on experience of floating rice paddies, then taste the very freshly caught flavors with traditional Cambodia cuisine. Leave the old culture behind when head to the Pub Street, grab a drink and soak up the noise here. Phnom Penh As being the capital of Cambodia, this exotic city is full of worth-visiting destinations within Indochina travel packages. Known as the Pearl of Indochina as well as Asia, Phnom Penh shines with the impact of war and the power of revolution. An Indochina trip to Phnom Penh cannot be complete without a visit to the Royal Palace. Even the Royal family doesn’t live here anymore, the ancient temples with unique architecture still maintained carefully and the history of the Royal family also exhibited. Then, head to the majestic National Museum displaying plenty of artifacts from the Angkor period. Get a glimpse of the cruel Khmer Rouge when taking a visit to the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. This place was formerly a prison in Khmer Rouge period were served as a testament to the crimes, and now is the display of harrowing B&W photographs of men, women, and children who later be tortured and killed. Nearby is the Choeung Ek formerly the killing field, now is the exhibition of mass graves. If the Toul Sleng Museum is overwhelmed, move to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue to blur in the fresh air and enjoy the lush green forest full of tropical trees and bizarre animals around you. Indochina Holiday Packages in Laos Luang Prabang This small but attractive town is the combination of world-class modernity and deep-revered spirit, which is worth your while in Indochina tour packages. With the Mekong River and Khan River beside, Luang Prabang provides the stunning sights of the two rivers viewed from many restaurants along the riverfront. The town is sunken into the sacred religious breath with over 30 gilded wats. Take a visit to Wat Xieng Thong Monastery – one of the most popular monuments which reveal religious, royalty and traditional art. Then head to the Royal Palace housed of various historical and cultural artifacts. Leave the religious breath behind when transfer to Kuang Si Butterfly Park and Elephant Village Sanctuary to admire thousands of butterfly species flying around the large beautiful gardens and enjoy hands-on experience feeding elephants. Nearby, trek to the Kuang Si Falls. The most beautiful waterfall of Laos is breathtaking with secret pools lined up as steps to paradise surrounded by tropical trees. Reward yourself with a relaxing swim deep in freshwater. Vientiane Being the largest city and capital of Laos, Vientiane is the center of commerce and administration of this country. However, Laos has more than this to worth a visit. The city is a religious complex dotted with several Buddhism temples such as Wat Si Saket, Black Stupa and Pha That Luang where you can get hands-on experience of daily life and beliefs of monks. Hop on a bicycle to enjoy off the beaten track of the city through villages, temples and various attractive sights. Take a visit to Laos National Museum to take full knowledge of Laos history to the modern days. The Vientiane is more than this with bars volume up at night and the restaurants ready to serve the best cuisine they got. Trek through the nature parks included waterfalls and breathtaking scenery, feel the thrilling when walking through plenty of crooked trails. Wish your Indochina package tour with these recommended destinations be the best experience ever!