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Viet Vision Travel is Responsibility

Indochina owns a beautiful nature of majestic mountains, immense forests, mysterious caves, magnificent waterfalls, and dream beaches. It has also preserved hundreds of ancient constructions containing cultural and traditional values throughout a long-established history. All of them have been widely well-known thanks to you, tourists from all over the world. However, they are at risk mainly from human impacts and extremely need preservation. Enjoy and Respect is the slogan Viet Vision Travel wishes our tourists to remember during their trips to Indochina.

What is Responsible Travel?

At Viet Vision Travel, responsible travel boosts the sustainable development of nature and destinations by reducing negative effects and increasing positive ones on both the environments and people of the tourist destinations. Let responsible travel be one of the most vital parts in your habit of traveling.

what is responsible travel

Viet Vision Travel has close links to government organizations as well as non-government ones in local areas providing campaigns and programs to keep us on track with sustainable measures. In addition, we also provide detailed guidelines for your Vietnam vacation responsible.

The Actions in the Responsible Travel

Respecting the Culture

With a 4000-year-history, Vietnam has formed and developed various types of unique cultures. To popularize the world, Viet Vision Travel has done our best to combine the most truly cultural experience in all of our tours. But this can have unexpected effects on the sustainability of Vietnamese culture. Hence, we always encourage our customers and guests to show their respect to the local culture such as wearing elegantly in religious places in Vietnam, for example.

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Reducing the Footprint in Destinations

The more tourists visit and explore destinations and nature, the more risks from human effects can threaten their peace and origins. Therefore, we always suggest tours that use eco-friendly transportations, recyclable products and limit disposing of rubbish. Moreover, we often give remind our tourists to preserve the original beauties by not touching the artifacts but better-taking photos to save their memories and experience.

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Supporting Local Charities

By supporting and donating organizations and enterprises contributing to the local environment as well as cultures, Viet Vision Travel hopes to maximize the benefits from tourism to develop the local economy and society. Therefore, we also encourage visitors to shop in shops and to dine in restaurants run by volunteer charities that support orphans and the disadvantaged. Additionally, we regularly participate in fundraising campaigns through sports or commune activities to become the motivation for our guests to join these events, too.

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Tourism Based Community, Community Based Tourism

Viet Vision Travel always tries to connect tourists to remote and untouched areas that own authentic culture and breathtaking sceneries. The appearance of tourism to these regions helps to improve welfare, maintain cultures and traditions, and protect the environment. However, we do not bring tourism to ruin the peaceful and pristine beauties of these lands. Our responsible travel guarantees wonderful explorations and experiences for tourists on one side but maintains traditional and natural values on another side.

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Exploring Wildlife Not For Entertainment

Many of our tourists are animal lovers and expect to see them on their trips. However, this will increase the prohibited activities like hunting or imprisoning wild animals to earn profits from them. To show our opposition, Viet Vision Travel only offers destinations where animals serving tourism are raised and taken care of with love and respect. Besides, you often open sightsee tours to national parks in which wild animals live freely in the natural environment instead of zoos where their animals live as prisoners.

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In short, Viet Vision Travel provides things you love, places you wish to see, cultures you want to explore, and adventures you would like to conquer. Together with responsible travel, you can do all of them with respect and preservation. We strongly believe that your vacation in Vietnam will leave you not only unforgettable memories of a beautiful country but also happiness when you are responsible for natural and cultural values.