People of Viet Vision Travel

The success of Viet Vision Travel is the product of dedicated, enthusiastic individuals. We are fortunate to have team members that are united through a passion for travel and an insatiable desire to discover, create and develop both personally and professionally.

Henry, Le Xuan Huong (Mr.) – President

Henry, Xuan Huong Le
Chairman of the Managing Board (Founder)

My name is Huong, which means “Enjoy”, and hopefully all clients will enjoy the trip to Indochina with us.

In 1997, during the Asian economic crisis, after several years working as an interior designer, I changed careers and became a tour leader. I immediately fell in love with tourism and began working as a tour leader for a global tour company. I love to show people my beloved motherland, Vietnam, and I have also been privileged to take many groups of Western tourists to Lao and Cambodia. In early 2006, I founded Viet Vision Travel which has luckily become a trustable tour company and one of Vietnam’s leading local tour operators. But I remain ambitious for Viet Vision Travel JSC, aiming to make it the best local tour operator in Indochina. We have already opened an operation office in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, a representative office in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I love to think of Viet Vision Travel as a family, but insist on the highest standards of professionalism. Apart from running the business and training the staff, I love photography and I am an amateur photographer (most of the pictures on this website are my own works. Hope you guys like my pictures).

Thu Ha

Hana, Nguyen Thi Thu Ha
Managing Director

I am Thu Ha. I have been working in tourism since 2002 when I was a 24 years old girl. I love traveling, reading history books and more than over I like contacting people all over the world. I have many friends from all over the world; first, they came to me as clients and then finish with friends. That is really fabulous! Isn’t it? I was born in a village, outskirt of Hanoi. My parents wanted me to be a Teacher and I was trained as a teacher 1 year when I was 18 years old. However, I got over many difficulties of daily life to be a student in the Faculty of Tourism at Hanoi National University and Faculty of English in Hanoi Foreign Language University. After 4 years with 2 Bas, I worked as an English speaking guide, then Cruise tour operation staff, sales staff… at one more Travel company. Now, Viet Vision Travel is my home where I enjoy work very much. Here we are working with target “Clients will get what they paid for and even more” so traveling with our company everyday is your new day with new experience and interesting.

Hai Nguyen
Vice Director – Operation Manager

Xin Chao, please just call me Hai. Traveling is my great passion in life, After leading trips throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos for over 10 years, I decided to stop and join Viet Vision Travel for this new role of Vice Director. I am in charge of our wonderful team of travel operators. Our intent is to bring exceptional customer service to those who visit Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

I like chatting with friends and drinking Bia – Hanoi. My favorite places in Vietnam are Hanoi and Hoian. If you want to discover the amazing of Indochina. We are right here to guide you.
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Jeanny Duong (Mrs.) Sales Manager – Travel Advisor

Jeanny Duong
Director of Sales

Xin Chào, Hello!
I’m Phuong or just simply call me Jeanny. I was born in Hanoi and enjoying living here than all other places I have been too. I love the city at its quiet, its hustle, its food, and its people. I graduated from Hanoi Open University in the Faculty of Tourism Management in 2002 and up ‘til now, I have more than 12 years working experience in the tourism fields. My greatest hobby is traveling and exploring new places. Despite my small-built, I’m an adventurer of the company with a record of 7 hours trekking in the Nam Ha National Protected Area in Laos. I love detailed work and I’m very happy with my present job of FIT Sales Manager for Viet Vision Travel Team. In my free time, I like going out with friends for coffee, or reading, rock music, pets, and many other things. I’m not really a good cook but I’m a big fan of US Master Chef TV show. I met Hao, my husband in a ‘Rock forum’ on the Internet 11 years ago and we’re now enjoying our life together with a cute 10-year old girl. If you call me and having a child’s voice answered, that’s my daughter!! Sorry but she always wants to talk with foreigners to improve her English!


What do my customers say about me?
From: Ball Family – Australia
Tour: Vietnam Excursions (Saigon, Mekong Delta, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Halong Bay)
“Jeanny was an amazing help with booking our tour. It’s easy – wonderful sense communication”

From: Peter and Mary Perdue
Nationality: Australian
“Jeanny was fantastic! Thank you! Thank you for the thoughtful gift!”

From: Ball Family – Australia
Tour: Vietnam Excursions (Saigon, Mekong Delta, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Halong Bay)
“Jeanny was an amazing help with booking our tour. It’s easy – wonderful sense communication”
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Thanh, Le Thuy Thanh
Deputy Chief Financial Officer

My name is Thanh and it is proud to be a member of the Viet Vision Travel team. Many people thought I am quite and cold people, especially in the crowds. However, if you get to know more about me you will see that I am a happy and energetic girl.

I graduated from Bac Giang Colleges of Trading, Economy and Engineering where I grew up. I started working at Viet Vision Travel as an accountant and now I am Deputy CFO. I love to work here as people are friendly, dynamic and professional, that helps me a lot to be better and better. Contact us for your tour in Vietnam and find out how professional we are. I am sure you will have a memorable trip to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar with us.

Stephen, Tuyen Nguyen

Stephen, Tuyen Nguyen
Digital Marketing Manager

My name is Tuyen and you can call me Stephen for Short; I come from a lovely countryside located 20 km away from Hanoi center which is famous for its spectacular landscapes, magnificent pagodas as well as ancient villages. I am a very new member of Viet Vision Team from May 2014 after graduated from Hanoi Open University. Since the first days in university, I loved traveling so much and I spent a lot of time to study and improve my English as well as knowledge of tourism. My dream used to be a tour guide who will bring the profound knowledge of Vietnam’s unique culture, rich history, and friendly people to introduce to foreign friends over the world.


This is really my big chance to become a member of Viet Vision Travel team where I can feel the most comfortable ever. People are very friendly and helpful; I have my opportunity to study and work with my best and traveling. My job now is social marketer, web content maker, and tour program designer. I always call “traveling through the screen”. You can contact me directly by follow or subscribe us on Facebook, Twitter or G+ because I am always around there to bring the most interesting blog, articles, tour programs or traveling experiences from our team as well as our clients to you. I am looking forward to hearing the feelings and comments about your travel experience with us.

ms alex pham sales executive

Alex Pham
Sales Executive

My name is Alex. It is a great honor to have this opportunity to introduce myself. I have been working at Viet Vision Travel as a travel consultant since 2018. A saying ‘traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books.’ I believe that traveling can broaden the mind, enrich your experience, and even change your attitudes towards life.


After the tour, most of the clients are willing to provide comments to share their beautiful pictures and memorable experience with us. We place great importance on every complaint and suggestion from our customers, which can support us to improve our service to our future clients. I am very proud of my job and feel very happy to be recognized and appreciated by our customers. Hopefully, everyone traveling to Vietnam and Indochina will have a fantastic journey with cherished memories.

Harry Hoang (Mr.) - Marketing Executive

Harry Hoang
Marketing Executive

My name is Harry Hoang. I was born on September 8th. I graduated from Hanoi University. At the same time, I organized and participated in a variety of team sports which built up my team spirit and sense of competition.

I am a humorous and positive person at all times. I like making friends and people also like making friends with me. I have learned a lot from my friends, who I value greatly. When I fail, they are always there to comfort me and guide me.


I enjoyed traveling so much that I wanted to find a job in the travel industry. Luckily enough, I was finally employed by Viet Vision Travel, a positive, innovative and creative company. I am motivated by this culture, so I work hard and passionately. Everyone in Viet Vision Travel gets along with each other perfectly. We co-operate and help each other. We work for the same goal of providing the best services to travelers who also love traveling. I am really proud of being a member of this friendly, big family! I love Viet Vision Travel!


Duong Nguyen
Domestic Sales Executive

Hello, I’m Duong. I am a new bird of the Viet Vision Travel Team. My hobbies are traveling and learning about different cultures over the world. I knew the travel industry by a very accidental way, and such a fate has linked me with the trip and the new lands.


Since I become the member of the team, I feel very happy when everyone here is very friendly and enthusiastic. Viet Vision Travel team has been working hard every day to to bring you the most wonderful vacation in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia & Myanmar.

Tien, Le Sinh Tien (Mr.) Website developer & IT Manager

Le Sinh Tien
Website Developer

My name’s Tien. I am a system admin and web developer at Viet Vision Travel. After graduated from Hanoi University Business and Technology, I have became web developer of Viet Vision Travel for ten years and I have really enjoyed the time here. With Viet Vision Travel, I have more chances of adding more knowledge in my works, gain my abilities. I like graphic design, web design, programming, system admin and creative jobs…I hope I can share more the great images and professional websites that I have designed with you. Warmly welcome you to Viet Vision Travel!

Hue, Le Thi Hue

My name is Hue and everyone in the company calls me, “Chi Hue” means “Sister Hue” as I am the oldest one in the team.

Before working at Viet Vision Travel, I worked as a worker in a Garment company for more than 10 years in shift working at night. I joined Viet Vision Travel in 2007 and I daily keep the offices clean, and try my best to provide excellent lunch for every member, and taking good care of every member of the team. I supplies plant and flower… I am always early bird who come to work earliest in the company.