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Hanoi Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours for Cruise Ship Passengers

Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Hanoi Vietnam shore excursions. Discover a thousand years of history as you explore iconic attractions like Hoan Kiem Lake, Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, and more. We cater to cruise passengers docking at any port in Northern Vietnam, our Vietnam vacation packages offer a variety of choices for Hanoi day trips and shore excursions.

Select from our top-selling Hanoi shore excursions or let us craft a tailor-made Hanoi itinerary, just for you. Your perfect adventure awaits!

Tour Route: Temple of Literature – Hoa Lo Prison Museum – Vietnam Museum of Ethnology – Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Tour Highlights

  • Step back in time and embark on a mesmerizing journey to the illustrious Temple of Literature
  • Discover the historical significance of the Hoa Lo Prison
  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural diversity of Vietnam's 54 ethnic minorities 
  • Experience the charm of Hanoi's "Old Quarter" on a cyclo tour
  • Visit the historic Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Hanoi Shore Excursions

Explore Dong Ngac Cultural Village

Tour Route: Dong Ngac Cultural village – Hoa Lo Prison Museum – Temple of Literature – Old Quarter

Tour Highlights

  • Immerse yourself in the enchanting local culture & experience the warmth of hospitality in this charming village
  • Discover the fascinating history of the Do family's ancient communal house
  • Participate in a delightful cooking session, preparing and savoring delicious food with your hosts
  • Explore the historical significance of the Hoa Lo Prison Museum

Hanoi Shore Excursions

Explore the Capital Hanoi

Tour Route: Temple of Literature - Hoa Lo Prison Museum - Vietnam Museum of Ethnology - Hoan Kiem Lake - Ngoc Son Temple - Old Quarter - Water Puppets Show

Tour Highlights

  • Savor Vietnamese tea or coffee amidst impressive artwork 
  • Explore a historic Confucius Temple
  • Uncover the historical importance of the Hoa Lo Prison Museum
  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural diversity of Vietnam's 54 ethnic minorities 
  • Experience the serenity and spirituality of Hoan Kiem Lake Ngoc Son Temple

Hanoi Shore Excursions

Hanoi City & Art

Tour Route: Fine Art Museum - The Temple of Literature - Nguyen Art Gallery

Tour Highlights

  • Explore Vietnamese cultural legacy and the works of talented painters
  • Discover ancient history and Confucian influence on education
  • Experience contemporary Vietnamese and European-Vietnamese fusion art
  • Learn about iconic "Tranh Hang Trong" artwork and Vietnam's history
  • Unleash creativity and take home your own artwork

Hanoi Shore Excursions

Charms of Hanoi City Tour

Tour Route: Halong International Cruise Port – Hanoi Capital City - Halong International Cruise Port

Tour Highlights

  • Full-day private shore excursion of Hanoi with an expert guide
  • Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, “Hanoi Hilton” – Hoa Lo Prison, Vietnamese Women’s Museum, Old Quarter (Hanoi Old 36 streets)
  • Enjoy authentic Vietnamese food at lunch at a local restaurant
  • Cruise port pickup and drop-off by private tour guide and vehicle included

Halong Bay Shore Excursions

Halong Bay & Hanoi Tour – 2 Days

Tour Route: Halong International Cruise Port - Halong Bay - Hanoi - Halong International Cruise Port

Tour Highlights

  • Cruise through Halong Bay and visit the famous Heaven Cave
  • Marvel at the stunning islets of Dog, Incense, and Fighting Cock
  • Explore Temple of Literature and Hoa Lo Prison Museum
  • Discover the diverse ethnic minority groups at the Museum of Ethnology
  • Take a cyclo tour of the charming old quarter and enjoy shopping opportunities

Things to Do & See in Hanoi Day Tours from Cruise Ship

Hanoi, Vietnam's captivating capital, unfolds a rich tapestry of cultural wonders. From the historic One Pillar Pagoda to the French-inspired Hanoi Opera House, each landmark tells a unique story. Navigate the charming chaos of Dong Xuan market, where vibrant stalls showcase local crafts and flavors. Lose yourself in the Old Quarter's narrow lanes or find serenity by Hoan Kiem Lake. Viet Vision Travel, specializing in Hanoi shore excursions, invites you to explore the city's treasures on our recommended tours, unlocking its hidden gems.

Hanoi Old Quarter

With over a millennium of history as the nation's capital, Hanoi shore excursions unfold a wealth of captivating experiences, particularly within the Old Quarter, where French-colonial architecture whispers tales of a bygone era. Nestled in the vibrant Hoan Kiem district, the Old Quarter stands as one of the city's premier attractions. Wander through its animated streets, marveling at the ancient colonial-style buildings, temples, and pagodas that resonate with history. What adds a unique charm is the intriguing fact that these streets bear names reflecting their original businesses from over a millennium ago. While some have evolved into modern hubs, many still echo with the essence of their ancient past, preserving a captivating blend of tradition and contemporary life.

Hanoi Old Quarter in Hanoi shore excursions

Temple of Literature

Venture into the historical heart of Hanoi, where the Temple of Literature, Van Mieu, stands as a compelling testament to the city's rich heritage. A must-visit for every traveler, this iconic attraction was erected nearly a millennium ago in homage to Confucius, scholars, and sages. Delve into its ancient charm, adorned with treasures such as the Well of Heaven Clarity, Turtle Steles, Pavilion of the Constellation, and a repository of literary works. Marvel at the classical architecture reminiscent of the Ly and Tran Dynasty, where countless scholars once earned their degrees. Wander through the beautifully landscaped gardens in two of the five courtyards, while the Sage Courtyard houses a statue of Confucius and a ceremonial hall. The Temple's final courtyard reveals a massive bell and drum, embodying the enduring symbols of Vietnam tradition and cultural identity. This historical gem is a must-include destination for those partaking in Hanoi shore excursions, inviting you to explore the city's rich history and cultural tapestry.

Temple of Literature in - Hanoi shore excursions
Temple of Literature- Hanoi shore excursions

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Situated a mere 8 kilometers from the vibrant city center, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology beckons as an enriching stop in Hanoi shore excursions. This expansive exhibition serves as a captivating showcase, unveiling the unique features and characteristics of the country's 54 ethnic minorities. Within its walls are housed over 15,000 artifacts and priceless antiques, offering profound insight into the traditions, cultures, lifestyles, and religious rituals of these diverse ethnic groups. Embark on a voyage through Vietnam to delve into the intricacies of each minority, from the Viet and Muong to the Tay, Thai, H'mong, Khmer, Hoa, and beyond. The outdoor exhibition meticulously replicates Vietnamese houses, adorned with distinct architectural styles amid serene landscapes and gardens. Traditional performances, including the enchanting Water Puppet Theatre and the art of calligraphy, add to the cultural richness. Admire a vast array of priceless artifacts, encompassing clothing, jewelry, and ceremonial items associated with weddings, funerals, and religious rituals across all 54 ethnic groups. For enthusiasts eager to unravel the rich cultural tapestry of Vietnam, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology stands as an essential and must-visit destination within Hanoi shore excursions.

Hoa Lo Prison

Embark on a poignant exploration during your Hanoi shore excursions with a visit to Hoa Lo Prison, an essential stop for those seeking a deep understanding of the Vietnam War. Originally intended by French colonists as a detention center for Vietnamese political prisoners, this sprawling camp accommodated up to 450 detainees initially and later expanded to hold around 2000 individuals. Referred to ironically as the "Hanoi Hilton" by downed US pilots, the prison carries a complex history, and its original name, Maison Centrale, echoes the era of French colonial rule. In 1997, significant parts of the prison were dismantled to make way for the Hanoi Central Tower building. The resulting museum, crafted from the remnants of the old prison, offers a stark portrayal of its past, featuring tools for torture and chilling instruments within solitary confinement cells dating back to the French colonial period. A visit to Hoa Lo Prison unfolds a somber narrative, inviting reflection on the tumultuous history witnessed within its walls, making it a crucial and evocative destination within your Hanoi shore excursions.

Hoa Lo Prison Museum - Hanoi shore excursions

Dong Ngac Cultural Village

Just 10 kilometers from the vibrant heart of Hanoi, along the serene banks of the Red River, Dong Ngac Village unfolds as a captivating oasis, providing a tranquil respite from the energetic pulse of the Vietnamese capital—an ideal inclusion in your Hanoi shore excursions. Renowned for its historical significance as the residence of high-ranking mandarins during Vietnam's feudal era, this village offers an immersive journey into the traditions and customs of old Vietnam. Dong Ngac Cultural Village, steeped in rich heritage, boasts an array of communal houses, silent witnesses to the pivotal events in the village's history. Within these ancient structures lie a trove of relics, some dating back hundreds of years, including a captivating collection of paintings from the Le Dynasty (15th – 18th century). These evocative artworks vividly depict the bountiful harvests and daily life of the locals, making Dong Ngac Cultural Village an enchanting destination for those seeking an authentic encounter with Vietnam's historical roots during their Hanoi shore excursions.