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Hue Shore Excursions, Day Trips & Tours from Chan May Port

Step into the captivating history of Vietnam’s former capital, Hue, renowned for its majestic monuments, royal palaces, pagodas, and emperors’ tombs. Hue shore excursions offer a delightful blend of cultural sites and the finest Vietnamese cuisine, promising a truly enchanting experience. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993, Hue exudes an idyllic charm, reflecting the glories of imperial Vietnam.

Embark on an unforgettable Vietnam vacation with our exceptional Hue shore excursions. Cruise ship passengers dock at Chan May Port, Hue shore excursions provide the opportunity to explore the ancient monuments that resonate with the grandeur of the Nguyen emperors. Join us now for the best Vietnam shore excursions and create cherished memories that will forever linger in your heart.

Hue Shore Excursions

Explore the Old Citadel of Hue

Tour Route: Perfume River - Thien Mu Pagoda - The Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City - Royal Tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh - Dong Ba market

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy a scenic boat ride along the Perfume River
  • Explore the historic Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City
  • Admire the magnificent Royal Tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh

Tour Route: Perfume River - Thien Mu Pagoda - Toa Kham Wharf - Dong Ba market - Hue's Garden of Eden - Thuy Bieu Village

Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy a scenic boat ride along the Perfume River, passing Thien Mu Pagoda
  • Experience the vibrant market culture while gathering ingredients for a cooking class
  • Witness incense-making, and rural landscape painting

Tour Route: Phuoc Tich Village - Champa Kingdom artifacts - Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City - Dong Ba market

Tour Highlights

  • Discover the historic village with "ruong" homes and pottery kilns, showcasing Vietnam's cultural heritage
  • Enjoy a serene river journey, observing rural life and Champa Kingdom artifacts
  • Learn about Phuoc Tich's intriguing architecture and cultural characteristics

Tour Route: Dong Ba Market - Toa Kham Wharf - Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City

Tour Highlights

  • Experience an entertaining and educational Vietnamese cooking class
  • Enjoy a scenic boat ride on the Perfume River, offering picturesque views and a peaceful experience
  • Explore the historical wonders of the Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City
  • Conclude the tour with a visit to a special garden house, where you can enjoy Hue Imperial Tea

Tour Route: Imperial Citadel - Royal Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc - Perfume River - Thien Mu Pagoda - Dong Ba market

Tour Highlights

  • Explore the historical Imperial Citadel and Forbidden City
  • Admire the stunning oriental architecture of the Royal Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc
  • Enjoy a picturesque upstream boat ride along the Perfume River
  • Visit the iconic Thien Mu Pagoda situated by holding deep cultural significance

Tour Route: Perfume River - Thien Mu Pagoda - Imperial and Forbidden City - Royal Tomb of King Tu Duc - Dong Ba Market

Tour Highlights

  • Scenic boat tour on Perfume River and explore Buddhist practices at Thien Mu Pagoda
  • Admire architecture royal of remarkable structures in the tiny city of Hue
  • Visit the Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc built for ages
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Dong Ba Market

Top Things To Do & See in Hue Shore Excursions

As the former capital of Vietnam for 150 years, Hue stands as a focal point in Vietnam's shore excursions. Through immersive day tours, visitors can unravel its rich cultural tapestry, gaining a genuine experience of tradition. The iconic Ao Dai and Non La, synonymous with Vietnam, find their origins in this city. From UNESCO-listed monuments to French-style architecture along the Perfume River and the historic Quoc Hoc high school, Hue showcases a diverse heritage.

This religious city, with strong Buddhist influences, boasts spiritual landmarks that contribute to its serene atmosphere. The culinary scene takes center stage, with the renowned Bun Bo Hue shaping the essence of Central Vietnamese cuisine. The more you delve into Hue, the deeper its mysteries become, creating a city that eludes complete understanding. For those embarking on shore excursions, Chan May port provides the most accessible gateway to embark on enriching adventures in Hue. Detailed suggestions for your Hue shore excursions are outlined below, ensuring a seamless and memorable exploration.

Attractions for Hue Shore Excursions

Embark on a captivating journey with Hue shore excursions, unveiling the historical and cultural treasures of this former imperial capital. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Imperial City stands as a testament to Vietnam's regal past, adorned with ancient walls, grand palaces, and serene courtyards. Along the Perfume River, the iconic Thien Mu Pagoda graces the landscape, offering both elegant architecture and spiritual tranquility. Explore the elaborate tombs of emperors, including Minh Mang, Tu Duc, and Khai Dinh, where intricate designs harmonize with lush surroundings. Drift along the Perfume River on a leisurely cruise, absorbing scenic beauty and historical landmarks. Dive into local life at Dong Ba Market, a vibrant hub of fresh produce and crafts. The Hue Royal Antiquities Museum adds depth to the journey, housing artifacts that narrate the royal history of the Nguyen Dynasty. These Hue shore excursions promise an immersive experience, weaving together the imperial legacy, cultural richness, and natural allure of this Vietnamese jewel.

Hue Imperial Citadel -Hue shore excursions

Hue Imperial Citadel

Lang Co Beach -Hue shore excursions

Lang Co Beach

Hai Van Pass -Hue shore excursions

Hai Van Pass

Hue Tombs and Temples -Hue shore excursions

Tombs and Temples

Bach Ma National Park -Hue shore excursions

Bach Ma National Park

Dong Ba market -Hue shore excursions

Dong Ba Market

Extend your odyssey towards Hai Van Pass, a breathtaking mountainous route offering panoramic vistas of coastal landscapes and the azure expanse of the East Sea. Descending to Lang Co Beach, bask in the pristine beauty of its golden shores and turquoise waters, inviting a moment of relaxation. The journey continues to Bach Ma National Park, a verdant haven teeming with biodiversity. Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and diverse flora and fauna. Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the tranquility of this national park.

As your Hue shore excursions unfold, the beauty of Vietnam's landscape is further revealed. The juxtaposition of imperial history, coastal splendor along Hai Van Pass, the serene allure of Lang Co Beach, and the natural wonders of Bach Ma National Park promise an unforgettable odyssey through the diverse tapestry of Central Vietnam.

Activities for Hue Shore Excursions

Hue shore excursions unveil a captivating array of activities that seamlessly blend cultural immersion and adventure. Explore the UNESCO-listed Imperial City, where ancient halls and serene courtyards resonate with Vietnam's regal history. Engage in the rich cultural heritage by delighting in the captivating tunes of royal court music, a soulful experience that echoes the imperial past. Set sail on a leisurely Dragon boat trip down the Perfume River, revealing historical landmarks and providing panoramic views of the city's scenic beauty. Embrace the unique opportunity to cycle around the city, discovering hidden corners and vibrant neighborhoods, allowing for an intimate connection with local life.

Enjoy Royal Court Music

Dragon Boat Trip on the Perfume River

Cycling around Hue-Hue shore excursions

Cycling Around the City

Take Stunning Photos at the Incense Village

Journey to the enchanting Incense Village, where fragrant scents fill the air and skilled artisans craft traditional incense. Capture the essence of this aromatic landscape with stunning photos, preserving memories of the city's cultural richness. Whether immersed in the regal ambiance of the Imperial City, drifting along the Perfume River, cycling through vibrant streets, or capturing moments at the Incense Village, Hue shore excursions promise an unforgettable fusion of cultural discovery and exhilarating adventures.

Savor Mouth-Watering Hue Local Food

Delve into a culinary escapade in Hue, where the vibrant streets unfold an enticing array of mouth-watering local food. Treat your senses to the flavorful wonders of Hue's gastronomy, from the iconic Bun Bo Hue, with its aromatic broth and tender meat, to the delicate Banh Nam, translucent steamed rice dumplings. Navigating through bustling markets and cozy eateries, you'll discover the diverse palette of Central Vietnamese cuisine, each dish a testimony to the region's culinary prowess. Hue shore excursions promise a seamlessly woven experience in this culturally vibrant city.

Bun Bo Hue -Hue shore excursions

Bun Bo Hue (Hue Beef Noodle Soup)

Com Hen (Clam Rice)

Banh Khoai Hue -Hue shore excursions

Banh Khoai (Hue Savory Pancakes)

Banh Beo Hue -Hue shore excursions

Banh Beo (Water Fern Cake)

Banh Bot Loc Hue -Hue shore excursions

Banh Bot Loc (Tapioca Dumplings)

Nem Lui Hue -Hue shore excursions

Nem Lui (Grilled Lemongrass Skewers)

Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork Vermicelli)

Che Hue -Hue shore excursions

Che Hue (Hue Sweet Soup)

Let your taste buds revel in the succulent delights of Com Hen, a fragrant dish featuring mussels, rice, and herbs, showcasing the harmonious blend of textures and tastes. Indulge in the aromatic Nem Lui, grilled pork skewers bursting with savory goodness, and experience the culinary poetry of Bun Thit Nuong, where grilled meat meets vermicelli noodles in a divine fusion. Complete your gastronomic adventure with Che Hue, a delightful dessert that encapsulates the city's sweet traditions. This heavenly dessert, featuring a medley of sweet beans, jelly, and coconut milk, adds a perfect finishing touch to your culinary exploration. Traverse the bustling markets and cozy eateries of Hue, where each dish is a testament to the city's culinary artistry. From the savory to the sweet, Hue's local food offerings promise a feast for the senses, ensuring your culinary journey is nothing short of extraordinary.