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A small country with the letter S shaped, but always dazzling the world for many things. Vietnam is still a mystery to people who love travelling. As a rule, some facts about the destination will become handy, we feel that it will be our privilege to provide you several Vietnam facts so that you can be proactive in any situations.
– Vietnam is divided into 3 region: The Southern, The Northern and The Central
– Vietnam has a various range of nature and species: 260 reptiles, 2458 sea fish, 120 amphibians, 840 birds, 310 mamals
– Vietnam has two World Nature Heritages Sites – Ha Long Bay and Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park and many other world – recognized heritages. It’s a great pity that don’t pay a visit one of those locations when in Vietnam
Most famous beaches and rivers in Vietnam
– Red River (Song Hong)
+ With the length of 714 miles
+ The Red River is considered an important river of Vietnam rice culture
+ As the heavy amount of silt it carries which give it the red color
– Nha Trang Beach
+ Famous for its endless sunshine
+ A lot of entertainment options: dive, wakeboarding, kite surfing
+ Has the longest sea-crossing cable car system in the world
Human of Viet Nam
– With 54 ethnic groups
– The traditional custom is “ao dai”
– Friendly, hard –working, hospitable, unity
– People in Vietnam drink a lot of beer and wine
– Nguyen is the most common name in Vietnam
– Vietnam economy rank 47th
– Vietnam is one of the producers of cashew nuts in the world
– The rate of unemployment is very low
– After the Vietnam war, the country has significant growth
– About 99% population has electricity and more than 80% population has clean water to use.

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