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Ba Be Tours & National Park Trekking from Hanoi

Ba Be Lake is the most attractive site belonging to Ba Be National Park. The Lake is located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be District, Bac Kan province. The total protected area is 952,75 ha including the surface of Ba Be Lake, the ecological landscape factors surroundings, and all scenic spots in the Ba Be National Park. Ba Be Lake is one of not many mountainous natural beautiful freshwater lakes in the world. The lake was formed in Karst Mountain about 10,000 years ago with a long geological history, complex, composed of all kinds of stone diverse and unique geological structures. There are thousands of species of vascular plants and hundreds of mammals, birds, and reptiles…

There are many special landscapes in the Ba Be Lake area such as the karst plateau, Dau Dang waterfall, river canyons karst region…. Besides, there are many places related to the legend, archaeological, cultural activities, religious and natural beauty, like the first pond, coins, An Code mound, and mounds widow ... as well.

Explore this picturesque landscape at your own pace during the Vietnam tour packages! Here, Viet Vision Travel offers a variety of choices for day tours and excursions in Ba Be and we ensure that you will be provided a private, flexible, and unique experience.

Head to remote corners of Vietnam for an incredible adventure travel filled with long-standing cultures and spectacular landscapes. Embark on an incredible adventure travel experience through the remote corners of Vietnam. Discover the long-standing cultures and spectacular landscapes from Halong Bay to Phong Nha National Park and Ha Giang. Take a peaceful boat trip at Ba Be Lake and explore the historic city of Hue before ending your journey in the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. Get ready for an unforgettable two-week adventure.

Visit the best attractions of Northern Vietnam in the 10-day trip at Hanoi, Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, and Halong. Start at the Vietnamese capital to behold the unique Old Quarter as well as impressive historical sites. Journey north to Sapa for experiencing vibrant Bac Ha market then move to Ha Giang for conquering the majestic pass along with trekking through stunning landscapes of nature. Enjoy peaceful moments on a boat at Ba Be Lake before ending the adventure in romantic Halong Bay by an amazing cruise ship.

Head to northeast Vietnam for a challenging, yet rewarding, trekking and adventure tour in 9 days. Discover a land of immense beauty and intriguing hill-tribe villages. Visit the dreaming Ba Be Lake and spend time beholding the magnificent Ban Gioc Waterfall. End this journey by an interesting exploration to the stunning Halong Bay.

This 4-day Cao Bang Ha Giang tour allows you to visit the well-known destinations with breathtaking views such as Dong Van, Meo Vac, Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang and amazing Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan province. Ha Giang is Vietnam’s northernmost provinces, which is about 300km to the north of Hanoi and located at the highest latitude in Vietnam. It shares a border with China to the north. Many ethnic minorities, including the Dao, H’mong, Tay, and Nung, live in Ha Giang province. Ba Be Lake is the largest natural lake in Vietnam. It is located in Bắc Kạn Province in the northeastern region of the country. The tour should be at the weekends for the visit of Dong Van Sunday ethnic market.

This adventure travel is specially designed for visitors who want to have an excursion to the northeast of Vietnam from Hanoi. Ba Be Lake belongs to Ba Be National Park and it is Vietnam only natural mountain lake and stunning Ban Gioc waterfall in the Vietnam and China border. Many photo opportunities, chances to connect with local people make your trip worth within only three days.


This trekking adventure takes you through some of the most remote regions, through breathtaking scenery to the villages of Dao and Hmong people. Along the way, you will meet many local people and have the chance to experience life in rural Vietnam.


The one-day trekking in Ba Be National Park will take you along the small trails, through the terrain, tropical forest, and verdant terraced rice paddies, and into the small rural villages.


Tham Phay Cave expedition and kayaking on Ba Be Lake is an incredible 2-day tour for the adventurous. Tham Phay Cave is a big new discovery in the North, another great reason to visit Ba Be National Park, a limestone karst area surrounded by breathtaking lakes. This cave is an underground river system that has yet to be documented by geologists and is sure to take you inside.


This two-day kayaking and trekking tour takes you from the peaceful shores of Ba Be Lake into the thick tropical forests of Ba Be National Park, where you can experience the wild beauty of the jungle. This invigorating tour is great for nature lovers with a moderate to a good level of fitness and a keen sense of adventure.


This is your chance to experience Ba Be National Park in a whole new way. This tour will take you into the lush tropical jungles of Ba Be where you will spend one night sleeping in a jungle hammock. There is nothing like sleeping outdoors to really connect you with nature.


Ba Be National Park is centred on a vast lake surrounded by chalky karsts and thick tropical jungles. This trip will take you deep into Ba Be National Park and let you float on the waters of Ba Be Lake. On this two-day tour, you will experience local hospitality from an ethnic minority family, go on a tranquil river trip, explore caves and see the landscape change from rice farms to forests to towering mountains.


Ba Be is Vietnam’s largest natural lake and the heart of Ba Be National Park. The park and the surrounding area are limestone country, so lakes, waterfalls, caves, and unusual rock formations abound. The whole area is richly forested and is home to many ethnic minority communities. Ba Be National Park has been recognized as a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This tour offers you a fun adventure at a comfortable pace with plenty of time to enjoy the magnificent surroundings.


This two-day trekking tour will give you the opportunity to explore the remote areas by kayaking, trekking, and joining camping activities in the dense tropical forests of Ba Be National Park, where you can experience the wild beauty of the old forest. This invigorating tour is a great choice for nature lovers who have moderate to good fitness and are adventurous.


Explore this wonderful natural lake located in Ba Be National Park on a one-day boat trip. You will discover beautiful and dramatic landscapes and authentic culture. Over the course of the day, you can visit a magnificent cave, Dau Dang waterfall, An Ma temple, and unearth the legend of Widow Island.


This adventure trek takes you into the remote jungle on the western side of Ba Be National Park. You will trek into the thick jungle to discover the sheer, natural beauty of Ba Be National Park. Whilst exploring the park, you will be able to meet the local people living and farming here as you trek to some of the ethnic minority villages. The trip will be topped off with a boat trip and cave exploration. This action-packed trip is perfect for those with a keen sense of adventure and a good level of fitness.

This is tour for visitors who want to explore Vietnamese culture and natural by their own ways. One hour stopping at the Ethnic minority museum in Hanoi with 2 nights stay in Ba Be Lake and National Park area, you will have chance to connect closely to local people. Many photo opportunities and many chances to enjoy the best local food, local rice wine or whatever you meet in the wonderful excursion of Ba Be Lake.

Ba Be Lake is 250km far from Hanoi is a largest nature lake in Vietnam. Within only 2 day from Hanoi, this excursion takes you deeply to nature and culture of one of most interesting ethnic minority of Tay people. Sign up and enjoy your excursion in Ba Be Lake with us.

Top 5 Highlights You Cannot Miss in Ba Be Tours

Located in northeast Vietnam, Ba Be Lake is in the top 20 most beautiful freshwater lakes in the world. Taking Ba Be day tours and excursions, tourists will be impressed by the unique secret beauty of Fairy pond, the spectacular beauty of Dau Dang silver waterfall, the poetic beauty of the Nang river, and more. The best time to visit Ba Be is absolutely in the dry season when it has the Long Tong Festival with a ton of exciting traditional games. Here are the top 5 highlights you cannot miss in Ba Be tours. Check it out and do not miss any of them.

Ba Be National Park

Established in 1992, Ba Be National Park is a rainforest area with more than 550 named plant species. Located in the heart of the park is Ba Be Lake which is a poetic freshwater lake. Ba Be means three lakes in Vietnamese, referring to the fact there are three parts, Pe Leng, Pe Lu, and Pe Lam connected into a single continuous piece of water. It also is home to a variety of fauna including the European otter, Asian golden cat, Chinese pangolin, the slow loris, black bear, langurs, the red giant flying squirrel, etc. Visit Ba Be National Park, you absolutely will be impressed by plenty of birds, fishes, and colorful butterflies here.

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Moreover, visitors can take part in a lot of exciting activities like trekking, kayaking, and cycling in Ba Be National Park or join a boat trip to appreciate all the stunning landscapes along the journey. This region is also home to 13 tribal villages that belong to the Tay, Dzao, and Hmong people. If lucky enough, you can have a chance to soak up a local monthly market to admire local ethnic peoples in their traditional colorful costumes and to taste typical specialties as well as to get drunk with the homemade wine.

Hua Ma Cave

Hua Ma Cave is one of Ba Be's most popular off-the-water sights with a pathway leading down into a soaring cavern full of stalactites and stalagmites. The name of the cave means “Horse’s head” in Vietnamese. Hua Ma cave is home to beautiful stalactites in various shapes and sizes such as a pen tower, flowers, small towers, or a formal court of mandarins in feudal time. Do not forget to bring a flashlight to illuminate the darker recesses.

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Puong Cave

Formed as a result of river erosion over the years, Puong Cave is a mesmerizing destination on Ba Be tours from Hanoi. The cave captures the soul and heart of tourists with its strange and unique stalactites and the bat community of ten thousand. With the Nang river flowing right through its heart, Puong Cave is also a place that adventurous travelers cannot miss.

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Dau Dang Waterfall

Your Ba Be tour would not be completed without visiting the Dau Dang waterfall which is a series of spectacular cascades between sheer walls of rock. Lying about three kilometers west of the Ba Be Lake, Dau Dang waterfall is a flowing beauty that bestows its charm in the Ba Be National Park. It is a cascading form of the Nang river over the rocks. This waterfall enchants tourists with its scenic beauty and the fish species that find a place here. Coming here in the rainy season, tourists can witness a race among various schools of fish passing the waterfall.

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Especially, there are a special rare and valuable species of fish called “ca chien” living in the waterfall, some of these fish weigh over 10kg. It is an interesting place with magnificent scenery waiting for you to explore and enjoy.

Fairy Pond

Located in the middle of Limestone Mountain and surrounded by primary forests, Fairy Pond is a small pond with a total width of about 3 hectares. This poetic pond entices tourists with its unique secret beauty. Especially, the water of the pond is always clear and the climate there is very cool and temperate. Visit this pond and sit on the bank, you can see fishes and shrimp swimming in the water.

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With that useful information above, hope you get some ideas for your Ba Be lake tour. Viet Vision Travel guarantees you a perfect Ba Be tour as well as other types of Vietnam day trips