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Cambodia Family Tours & Holidays | See Top Family Travel 2023 – 2024

Amazing Cambodia for Family

Are you planning Cambodia tours and still concerned about your children may get bored by the regular itinerary catering for adults? Every trip is a special experience for children to explore and sense the world; hence Viet Vision Travel delicately designs Cambodia Family Tours.

What Makes our Family Travel Unique & Distinctive?

Tour itinerary, activities specifically designed for family
A variety of food catered for kids as well as adults.
Private vehicles; driver for the flexible program in each destination.
Well-trained, kid-friendly, patient; responsible tour guide
Moderately paced tour to suit your children’s age
Flexible in changing tour itinerary to meet family needs

Cambodia Vacations 100% Customized for Families

You can also customize your family tours to Cambodia with the 1-1 support from our enthusiastic travel advisors. We always try our best to make sure that you and your children have quality time while both have fun exploring Cambodia

Explore Cambodia on a family holiday that is sure to please every member, from culture-seeking adults to adventurous kids. Get off the beaten track with a journey through the temples of Angkor, experience authentic Cambodian cultures in the countryside and be immersed in rich traditions of this timeless land. Spend the last days relaxing on the dreaming beach of Sihanoukville.

Within one week and one more day, families will explore themselves the Landscape, cultures and a depth history of Cambodia. This tour shows visitors the best of Cambodian wildlife as well as the history of the ancient Khmer Empire.

This Cambodia family tour in 7 days is specially designed for families exploring diverse aspects of Cambodia from the ancient capital in Siem Reap, the historical and modern Phnom Penh to interesting activities the beach city of Kep. This is the best choice for a family vacation in the captivating country of Southeast Asia.

Leave loads of work behind and pamper yourself with a private family tour to quaint villages and historic towns in Vietnam and Cambodia. This Vietnam & Cambodia Family Adventure Tour in 14 days is designed for your family to visit notable landscapes and soak up the interesting indigenous culture in two weeks. Listen to our experienced tour guide to acquire an educational and insightful narrative about the generous locals and traditional customs of these two countries. After a visit to a series of exotic destinations in Vietnam such as Halong Bay – a paradise of amazing limestone islands, Danang City – “worth-living” city of Vietnam and floating market in Cai Be Town, you will transfer to Siem Reap and admire ancient Angkor’s Complex like  Angkor Archaeological Park with the South Gate of Angkor Thom. It is a precious occasion for both adults and children to gain profound insight into southeast countries’ culture and history. Meanwhile, you also have a chance to participate in several interesting cooking classes as well as savor the culinary delights of Vietnam and Cambodia.

Best Things to Do & See in Cambodia Family Tours

Visit Religious Sites in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia where the religions and beliefs of people are clearly revealed through plenty of sacred sites scattered along with the city. The Royal Palace is the main attraction with gild roofs designed following the classic Khmer architecture style. Nearby, the Silver Pagoda is well-known for its 90-kilograms solid Emerald Buddha statue sparkling with over 9000 diamonds.

Discover the Nature in Mondulkiri

This place is blessed by the Mother of Nature with beautiful sceneries created by lush green mountains, thick tropical forests, spectacular waterfalls, and grassy rolling hills. Due to its lack of tourism development, Mondulkiri can be heaven for those who want to sample the beaten life with the rich ecosystem and rustic atmosphere. Spend a few days staying in hand-built wooden houses to learn about the tribe lifestyle of ethnic minorities, have real experience in planting rice, fruit trees, and vegetables, and then collect fresh strawberries, coffee, and cashew nuts. After having a delicious dinner, enjoy an exciting night with folk songs performed by local people.

Treasure Hunting in Angkor Wat Complex

Be printed in the national flag of Cambodia, the Angkor Wat is the most attractive destination in any Cambodia tour and tour package. This place is a complex of temples and pagodas including Angkor Wat, Bayon, Ta Prohm, Angkor Thom, and more. The Angkor Wat Temple was formerly built for expressing the wealth and power of the old Khmer empire with the images of Khmer’s daily life and Saints carved into the bas-reliefs. With the different designs, the feature of Bayon Temple is huge smiling faces which are told to be the combination of the King and Buddha carved into the rock. While the other temples are marked with their man-made design, Ta Prohm hiding in the jungle has its own special blessed from nature - massive tree roots engulf the ruins. Then head to the temple of Banteay Srei, known as the temple of women. With the main material being pink sandstone and several delicate statues, this temple is considered a jewel in ancient Khmer art.

Floating Market in Tonle Sap Lake

Angkor Wat may be the most, but not the only attractive destination to visit in Cambodia on tours to Siem Reap. Tonle Sap Lake is special with many floating villages such as Kampong Phluk and Kampong Khleang. The Kampong Phluk is mainly full of stilted houses. Due to the mangrove, almost all the villager’s work is catching fish and shrimp, and farming crops in the dry season. Another village is Kampong Khleang which is the furthest from Siem Reap, but also the most suitable for those who want a pure experience. The village has both stilted, floating houses, and buildings that provide the chance to hop on a tuk-tuk around the village land or ride a boat to explore the mangrove ecosystem. Moreover, different than other villages, Kampong Khleang’s tourism service is owned and run by locals, which means that your money is total spending for supporting the village community.

Explore the Beaches of Kep

Kep beaches maybe not be exactly what you imagined, but it is probably a new experience that is too boring with the usual stunning white-sand beach. Koh Tonsay Island is surrounded by flotsam beaches with chickens and wandering cows walking like their own playground. Enjoy the spectacular scenery showing the beauty of nature by lines after lines of coconut trees on the banks of fresh swallow water. Another activity when hop on a Kep itinerary is visiting Kep National Park. Trekking along the trails, immersed in the thick tropical forest, and enjoy the fresh clean air that you can’t see in any bustling city.

Guide for Family Travel with Kids in Cambodia

Prepare your Luggage

Cambodia is an authentic land, but that does not mean there is no modern technology or advanced facilities here. Don’t worry too much, you don’t need to bring all the things to your house before hopping on a Cambodia vacation or tour. However, there are some important things you should put into your luggage, especially travel documents such as passports, visas, travel insurance certificates, air tickets, and tour vouchers. Visitors from Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, and Myanmar do not need a tourist visa and can have 21 or 30 days staying varies by the country. Make sure that you bring 2 passport photos. You should purchase a number of Cambodia Riel for convenience, and a credit card for more money to enjoy a comfortable vacation. You should prepare some kinds of medicine in case of injuring or catching a fever. Cambodia has a tropical climate is the reason for comfortable and cool clothes are recommended. However, the country has lots of mosquitoes, so long pants and shirts covering the shoulders are needed if your tour included a visit to the jungle, forest, or national park. To capture beautiful sceneries of a featured land in Indochina, a camera or a good mobile phone can’t be forgotten. Remember to prepare some favorite snacks for your children.

Notice the Tropical Climate

The tropical climate is the quaintest type of climate that exists. In Cambodia, the weather patterns surprisingly change vary from place to place. You should learn about the weather of Cambodia for choosing the most suitable time to worth a visit. The peak time to visit this country is the cool season from November to February which is warm enough to enjoy the country's highlights. This time in Cambodia is completely not cold, you can admire people wearing short clothes strolling along the streets. Otherwise, the hot season from March to May is suited for tours to religious sites when the temperature is an average of 34°C. Witnessing these ancient Khmer masterpieces in the sunshine is a wonderful experience, and taking photos with the stunning light is always the best condition for any memorial family photo. If you love sunbathing, move to Koh Tonsay Island in Kep, or Sihanoukville for an interesting beach vacation. Finally, the rainy season from July to October is only for a visit to several floating villages in Tonle Sap Lake. You can hop on a boat cruise to explore the mangrove ecosystem.

Clarify Exactly Your Family Needs

The country can be a huge complex that you can easily choose where to go and what to do. All you need to find out is what your family exactly needs, and remember to notice your children’s suggestions. Cambodia is a country with several religious sites, especially Angkor Wat which is printed on the national flag. A tour to visit sacred temples is a good idea for learning about the traditional old Khmer culture. In case your kids may feel boring with a day only rolling in a strange religion, a cyclo sightseeing tour through several popular sites in the urban area is an interesting experience. Listen to the harmony of wind blowing, and witness the beautiful creature following Khmer architecture and conventionality.
Not only the mainland, but the beaches of Cambodia can also bring a new image for those who are too boring with the usual sparkling white-sand beaches. Seaside towns in Cambodia are biodiversity with the beaches lined up with coconut trees and animals scattering on the sand. Nearby, the National Park is well-known for its wild jungle with plenty of animal species.

Choose the Suitable Tour Operator

A good tour operator is really important for all Cambodia or even Indochina tours and vacations. They will provide lots of useful information and tips in every sector such as weather, money, places to go, things to do and food to eat. A good travel firm will take care of every customer, share travel advice, and design a variety of perfect itineraries which save your time and money. Viet Vision Travel is a good idea to create an unforgettable Cambodia tour and vacation package.