Vietnam Travel Tips for Travelers from Australia

Australia citizens need a valid Visa to enter Vietnam vietnam travel tips

Vietnam, a place where one of new seven wonders of the world – Ha Long Bay located has a wide range of beautiful and amazing natural and cultural landscapes which attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. Take a trip to Vietnam and get a visit to the capital land Hanoi, visitors can enjoy both the atmosphere of bustling life of big cities and the tranquil air of natural and ancient places. A journey from Australia to Vietnam is long but it’s worth and wonderful if you follow some travel tips below.

Vietnam Trip and Travel from Australia

Flight Route to Vietnam

From Australia to Vietnam, you can go by many airlines brand names from Sydney to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, Air Asia, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Emirates, Qantas, Air Asia, and Philippine Airlines. The distance between Vietnam and Australia is approximately 5,156 kilometers and it takes about 6 hours for a flight to arrive.

There are many airlines offer direct flight between Vietnam and Australia
Many airlines offer direct flights between Vietnam and Australia

Visa to Vietnam

Due to the requirement of Vietnam, Australian citizens need a valid visa to enter Vietnam. Visitors can go to the Vietnam Embassy in Australia to get a visa or you can get a visa at Vietnam international airport because from 1996, Vietnam allowed all people of Australia to get visa stamp through Vietnam Visa On Arrival system by going online website and submitting an application form so that you can get a visa stamp at Vietnam airport including Hanoi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Australia citizens need a valid Visa to enter Vietnam
Australia citizens need a valid Visa to enter Vietnam

One important thing is that before you get an application for Vietnam visa, you have to make sure that your visa validity is at least 6 months and it must have an empty page for visa stamp. The Vietnam Visa On Arrival is just for traveling by air only.

Vietnam Travel Tips for Travelers from Australia

Gain Knowledge of Weather in Vietnam

The climate has a big influence on the trip of visitors. The weather condition in Vietnam changes a lot among different regions (the North, the Central, and the South). The first thing you should know is that Vietnam has high humidity even the temperature is not high. As a result, you should carry light clothing and bring a set of dry clothes to change when you get sweaty. Moreover, the rainfall happens in many times of the year, therefore, bring a raincoat is necessary.

Search the Vietnamese Exchange Rates

Vietnamese currency is Vietnam dong (VND) and it is possible to use dollars or euro in the big cities or tourist areas. However, it is better to bring both local money and dollars so that you can use in any circumstance as well as avoid unfair exchange rates.

vietnam currency for travelers from Australia vietnam travel tips

Learn How to Bargain

Bargaining is a part of Vietnamese culture. In addition, local sellers often set a high price for foreign tourists. Therefore, possessing a bargaining skill is really beneficial if you want to buy some gifts for your friends and families. Remember that negotiating just works in the open market, not in the shopping malls.

Taste Vietnam Cuisine

A significant part of traveling is trying the local dishes. Vietnam is a world of cuisine, a place that visitors can find the food in many countries around the world. However, the local cuisine is the most distinctive one. Visitors can have a chance to try numerous kinds of food when visiting from the North to the South. Each region has its own way to cook and carry a unique taste. Some of the most famous dishes: Pho in 3 regions, spring rolls.

Respect Vietnamese Culture

Considering some acts before entering a country shows your respect for the culture of that country, Vietnam is not an exception. When visiting a religious site like pagoda or temple, remember to remove your hat, wear suitable clothes and do not point to the image of Buddha with your feet.

respect vietnam culture vietnam travel tips

Get Used to Vietnam Traffic

The traffic on the road of Vietnam makes many visitors amazed at the first time. The number of motorbikes is huge with the endless operation on the road. Learn how to cross the road is crucial for visitors to go for a walk around tourist attractions.

Prepare Medical Supports

To avoid unexpected problems, you should bring some drugs with you during a long trip to another country. Vietnam is a developing country, thus, some medical facilities do not meet international standards. In addition, you can waste time to find a good place to buy medicine since most of the doctors at the local areas cannot understand English.

medicine for vietnam travel vietnam travel tips

Interact with the Local People

Communicating with local people is the fastest way to understand the culture and lifestyle of a country. Going far away from the tourist sites, you can easily find a friendly local without begging you buy their products like people around famous attractions. Getting involved in local life will make your trips more memorable and meaningful.