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Must-Visit Destinations For Long Tan-Nui Dat Tours
As the best place for foreign veterans, Long Tan-Nui Dat tours offer you a chance to explore and get the knowledge from fierce battles of Vietnamese people in Long Tan- Nui Dat battlefield, visit Long Tan Cross, Horseshoe, Long Phuoc Tunnel, Nui Dat and Ba Ria Orphanage. Tourists also can explore and learn about American war and Australian veterans.

Long Tan-Nui Dat Tours

Anzac Day Tour – 2 Days

Annually operated in Long Tan Memorial Cross, Anzac Day is the day to remember and respect to the Fallen who sacrificed their lives when the country called for Australia and New Zealand veterans. Our tour is designed to start in Vung Tau, however, if you want to customize the trip, please let us know.

This trip allows you to visit former battle field sites for Australian veteran within one day from Ho Chi Minh City. The trip covers some places such as: Nui Dat SS Hill, Long Tan Cross, Old Australian bases, Helipad as well as some former strong hold of Viet Cong, the Long Phuoc tunnel.

War has passed by more than 30 year, but sad feeling and memories are still reminding some where around this region, This 2 days trip is special design the people care about American war and Australian veterans. Within 2 day you have chance to visit former battle field such as Long Tan Cross, Nui Dat SS Hill, Long Phuoc tunnel, this trip also a combine with enjoy short relaxing in Vung Tau city. Special itinerary for Australian Veterans or people who care about!

Must-visit destinations in Long Tan-Nui Dat tours

Long Phuoc Tunnel As a mark of the glorious revolutionary tradition, Long Phuoc tunnel is a place representing the ingenuity and creativity of people’war. In the past, it was a fiercely disputed area between Vietnam and enemies during the two resistance war against the French colonialists and US imperialists due to a military-political and economic important strategic position. Located at Long Phuoc commune, it is a famous and unique tunnel system that you cannot miss in the Long Tan-Nui Dat itinerary. During the war, Long Phuoc tunnels were always an important place where revolutionary forces clung valiantly against enemies. Although under enemies’ fierce repeated attacks, it still stood firm in the face of difficulties. Moreover, recently Long Phuoc martyr Temple is built next to the relic as a public attribution for revolutionary martyrs. Minh Dam Mountain Minh Dam was originated from the name of two revolutionary soldiers sacrificed while being ambushed at the foot of the mountain - Bui Cong Minh and Mac Thanh Dam. In 1993, it was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism as a national historical monument. Nowadays, it becomes a famous destination attracting a lot of foreign tourists. Visit Minh Dam mountain to discover the history, explore many interesting places, and set foot in ancient caves where soldiers in Ba Ria were working during the war. Stand the mountain, you can zoom in on the immense sea, the mighty mountain river, and even more delightfully, the brilliant white and pink cherry blossoms present in your eyes. Soak up in the middle of the sacred forest of the nation, you will find peaceful space in the soul. The historic area of Minh Dam is also ideal for travelers who like to explore and conquer height with mountain climbing. When climbing high, you will meet the various small caves, it is the workplace, the activity of the revolutionary soldiers. Minh Dam historical site is waiting for visitors to visit, discover and experience. Long Hai Beach If you are a beach hopper, hit Long Hai beach during your Long Tan-Nui Dat tours. As one of the tourist destination in Ba Ria, Long Hai is well-known for its beautiful sandy beach which is much cleaner and less crowded that Vung Tau beach. Tourists often choose to visit Long Hai on the weekend, or on short-time holidays. This place is a perfect destination for the getaway or escaping from the hectic life. The best time to visit Long Hai beach is from October to November thanks to the cool weather which is very suitable for a beach holiday and for admiring the cherry blossoms. Moreover, the visitor also camp overnight to enjoy fresh and cool nature or join so many fishing activities there. Feel free to contact us if you need more information about Long Tan Nui Dat tours or any kinds of Vietnam vacation and tour packages.