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  • Bars and Pubs in Hoi An

    Top 5 Bars and Pubs in Hoi An

    Like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An – the ancient Hoi An is not only a place for admiring sublime natural landscape but also an entertainment center with […]

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  • Boat trip in Thu Bon River

    Boat Trip on Thu Bon River

    The poetic and dreamy Thu Bon River is a landmark of Hoi An and it has become a place of interest alluring throngs of visitors coming to explore. Cruising down […]

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  • Vietnamese women in the modern life still keep their supreme sacrifice

    Three Obedienics (Tam Tòng)

    According to Confucianism, a woman having but a passive role, must follow three obediences: at home, to obey the father (tại gia tòng phụ); married, to obey the husband (xuất […]

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  • Three Social Ties

    Three Social Ties (Tam Cương)

    Ethical and social concept in Confucianism. Tam = three; cương = main string in a net and by association, that which is fundamental in an organizational structure. The three principal […]

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  • Three Women Restoring the King

    Three Women Restoring the King (Tam Nữ Đồ Vương)

    Piece of scholarly classical opera from the 18th century, composed of three acts. It relates the history of the conflict between two camps of mandarins: that of usurpers (the vizier […]

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  • Thunder and lighting in Hanoi

    Thunder and Lightning (Sấm Sét)

    According to popular belief, thunder is a god of the sky (Thiên Lôi); lightning is a god named La Sát whose role is to punish the wicked and the bad […]

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  • Tich Quang - Governor of Giao Chỉ

    Tích Quang (Hsin Kuang)

    The 1st century Chinese administrator of the Han dynasty. Governor of Giao Chỉ (Northern Việt Nam). He had the merit of opening schools there, introducing Chinese culture.

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  • Tiger

    Tiger (con hổ)

    Also called hùm, cọp, kễnh, khái, or ông Ba Mươi (Lord Thirty). Tigers live about 30 years and can reach a size of 2 meters in length, 1 meter in […]

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  • Tiến Thảo Ceremony

    Tiến Thảo Ceremony (Lễ Tiến Thảo)

    In the past, when an epidemic broke out in a village, people tried to appease the spirits of disease (quan ôn) by building an open-air altar in their honor and […]

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  • Tin

    Tin (Thiếc, Vonfram)

    Tin ore has been mined in Việt Nam since 1902 for use as an alloy with copper. The first tin mines were at Vu Nông and the region of Pia […]

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