mr hoang cong hieu marketing executive

Harry Hoang (Mr.) – Marketing Executive

My name is Harry Hoang. I was born on September 8th. I graduated from Hanoi University. At the same time, I organized and participated in a variety of team sports which built up my team spirit and sense of competition.

I am a humorous and positive person at all times. I like making friends and people also like making friends with me. I have learned a lot from my friends, who I value greatly. When I fail, they are always there to comfort me and guide me.

I enjoyed traveling so much that I wanted to find a job in the travel industry. Luckily enough, I was finally employed by Viet Vision Travel, a positive, innovative and creative company. I am motivated by this culture, so I work hard and passionately. Everyone in Viet Vision Travel gets along with each other perfectly. We co-operate and help each other. We work for the same goal of providing the best services to travelers who also love traveling. I am really proud of being a member of this friendly, big family! I love Viet Vision Travel!