Travel Vietnam by the Best Hop On Hop Off Train

Hop on Hop off Train to Vietnam

To discover the beautiful Vietnam of endless coastal line, astonishing natural sceneries, and poetic lifestyle, nothing is better than a hop on hop off train. Hence, SASCO has invested and developed “Amazing Rail Tour” – the state-of-the-art travel by train in Vietnam. The slow and relaxed train on the North-South Railway, which was selected by the Telegraph Travel as the top 25 most beautiful train routes in the world in 2016 as well the top 10 attractive journeys by train in Asia in 2018, will be absolutely an unforgettable experience for any travelers.

hop on hop off train

The Itinerary of the Hop on Hop off Train

The Amazing Rail Tour is departing at Saigon station in Ho Chi Minh City and arriving in Quang Binh province with stops at three cities: Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, and Danang. At each stop, you can visit local heritages, scenic beauties, and experience culture and cuisine there.

Tickets are available at Saigon station. The 6-day and 5-night journey will start at 8.30 pm so you should arrive at the station at 7.30 pm for preparations before the departure.

Highlights of the Hop on Hop off Train

Nha Trang Bay – First Stop of the Hop on Hop off Train

One of 29 most beautiful bays in the world, Nha Trang Bay, is the epic stop on the journey. The train reaches Nha Trang when the sun just rises. After breakfast at your carriage, you will be taken to Cau Da port and then travel to Hon Tam Island to enjoy beautiful views of Nha Trang beaches. Besides, you will explore the splendor of Hon Ngoc Viet five-star resort with dreaming blue beach and experience scuba-diving, surfing, and parasailing.

nha trang hop on hop off train

Quy Nhon – Next Stop of the Hop on Hop off Train

If Nha Trang cannot satisfy your love of beaches and islands, Quy Nhon, the second stop, will never disappoint you. A canoe will drive you to Ky Co Island where you can explore the marvelous underwater world of natural coral reefs and various types of colorful fishes and other ocean creatures.

eo gio hop on hop off train

However, it is a mistake if you do not visit Eo Gio (Wind Strait). You surely have to scream out loud “Wow” when seeing this awesome masterpiece created by the Mother Nature. The Buddha statue near the Eo Gio is also recommended in your visit.

Danang – Third Stop of the Hop on Hop off Train

The young and energetic city is selected by the magazine Live and Invest Overseas as the top 10 worth-living places in the world. Nature in Danang provides a wide range of choices for you from Ba Na Hills where you can enjoy four seasons in a day to Hai Van Pass – the longest pass in Vietnam with the breathtaking views of mountains and seas. In addition, the city is extremely famous for magnificent Dragon Bridge, the garish Danang International Fireworks Festival and Sun Wheel, one of the ten highest wheels in the world. Danang is absolutely worth your while in your Vietnam vacation.

danang hop on hop off train

Quang Binh – Last Stop of the Hop on Hop off Train

Quang Binh has long been famous for its spectacular destinations such as Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park, the world natural heritage site, and cave system with Son Doong, the biggest cave of the world. Furthermore, Thien Duong Cave (Heaven Cave) dubbed the “Royal Palace of the Earth” attracts thousands of visitors every year. The tiredness of conquering 500 steps to reach the gate of the cave will completely disappear as long as you see miraculous stalactites inside.

phong nha ke bang hop on hop off

Especially, you will have a chance to visit Yen Island where General Vo Nguyen Giap rests in peace. Seeing the mausoleum of the greatest of all time general in the world, you will gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese history as well as the life of the outstanding person.

Besides the stops, the magnificent nature of Hue, Phu Yen, and Quang Tri, etc stretches out before the sight of visitors through the windows along the route.

Cuisine on the Hop on Hop off Train

On the journey, tourists will enjoy the specialties of Central Vietnam prepared by a group of top cooks in Vietnam with cuisine expert Mr. Vo Quoc as the main chef. All the dishes are made of the fresh ingredients which are mainly seafood caught in rich oceans in Central Vietnam. Additionally, the unique décor of the dishes carefully designed for each person contribute to boosting their taste.

cuisine hop on hop off train

What Makes Hop on Hop off Train Different?

The train consists of new 5-star carriages with interior compartments made of composite materials, along with many amenities such as semi-automatic doors, integrated reading lights, USB charging, LED screens for entertainment, arrival information, and moving velocities, etc. Besides, the toilets are equipped with air conditioners and modern sanitary equipment to avoid unpleasant smells. Moreover, the air in every carriage fills the aroma of lavender. Soft and large beds will leave you the deep and comfortable sleep to be ready for the interesting travel on the next day.

Like other hop on hop off travels, you can freely adjust the length of your journey, traveling for the whole route or shortening it at any stops based on your time and budget.

Another advantage of traveling by hop on hop off train is that its space is not as narrow as on the plane or bus. Passengers can easily connect and communicate with each other. They often gather in one carriage for chatting, singing and enjoying the beautiful spectacles together.

singing hop on hop off train

With these advantages and qualities, the Amazing Rail Tour on the hop on hop off train is expected to create a new travel trend for Vietnamese people as well as foreign tourists who love exploring and experiencing the nature and beauty of the S-shaped country. This is also the ideal type for one who is a fan of a free and comfortable travel which can stop whenever you want.

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