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Top 10 Things to Do & See in Danang

Explore the Nature in Danang

Ba Na Hills

40km to the South-west from the city center, Ba Na Hills is located at the height of 1489 meters. In the early 20th century, Ba Na Hills was discovered by the French tourmilitary while looking for new resorts in Danang. With a cool climate and the average temperature of the only 18oC, it is extremely suitable for guests to escape from the heat of summer as well as refresh yourself by cool air and scenic beauties during your Danang tours. ba na hills Ba Na Hills is one of the natural reservation of Vietnam which has preserved a lot of valuable floras and faunas. Besides, it is also an attractive ecotourism with untouched forests, dreaming streams, fresh air, and temperate climate. Especially, you can experience 4 seasons in a year just in a day at Ba Na Hills. The morning of spring, the summer at noon, the autumn in evening, and the winter covering the night will make your clothes changed all day long. From the top of Ba Na Hills, tourists can have the panoramic views of Danang, Son Tra Peninsula, the magnificent beaches, and the green rice fields to the horizon. Additionally, Ba Na Hills is the stunning mountainous resort thanks to the amusement center - the Fantasy Park, the Morin hotel built since the 20th century, a replica European castle, and Le Jardin d’Amour love garden. To reach there, tourists can go by Ba Na cable car recognized as the longest and highest one all over the world.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass (Sea Cloud Pass) is the natural border between Danang and Hue. The longest pass in Vietnam has the peak at the height of 496m and the shape like a giant dragon. The pass is the final section of the majestic Truong Son Range and opens the breathtaking spectacles to the sea. In Vietnamese language, Hai Van Pass is called “Thien Ha De Nhat Hung Quan” (the most enormous natural border of the country). hai van pass danang Conquering Hai Van Pass will bring two different feelings for the visitors especially traveling by motorbike. One is the awesome experience when going through the clouds and slight fog like a fairytale; seeing the large tropical forests in the West and the horizon on the sea in the East. Another is the strong feelings when passing the dangerous bends of the roads. If you are fond of challenging adventures, conquering Hai Van Pass will definitely satisfy your passion. Just one thing to remember is to equip enough protection devices as well as slow down at blind corners and sudden curves, your travel to Hai Van Pass will absolutely safe.

Son Tra Peninsula

Considered as the “green lung” of Danang, Son Tra Peninsula has the mushroom-shaped which is 10km far to the North of the city center. Visiting Son Tra, you will have the chance to be "up to forests, down to seas". They are the romantic beauty of Son Tra old forests and the natural paintings of Ban Co peak (Chessboard) and magnificent My Khe beach or lovely Bai beach. In addition, you can participate in going fishing with fishermen in the morning, surfing on the beaches, trying scuba diving to see the nature under the sea, visit Tien Sa lighthouse, and watching the awesome dawn from Son Tra peak. son tra peninsula danang

Ngu Hanh Son

Ngu Hanh Son including five mountains naming after five natural elements (Kim – Metal, Moc – Wood, Thuy – Water, Hoa – Fire, Tho – Earth). These mountains look like rocky boulders emerging from the immense sand dune. The most attractive destinations of Ngu Hanh Son are the strange shapes of the five mountains and the mysterious caves such as Huyen Khong Cave and Linh Nham Cave. Traveling to Ngu Hanh Son can help visitors feel the beauty of nature as well as broaden knowledge of Vietnamese spiritual life and history through pagodas there. ngu hanh son danang Furthermore, there are a lot of highlights which are the must-visit destinations during your Danang tours like the stunning beaches of Cu Lao Cham or My Son Sanctuary (Angkor Wat of Vietnam).

Discover an Energetic Danang

Discover the City of Bridges

One of the activities you should do at night in your Danang tours is riding a motorbike along Han River and seeing the colorful bridges such as Dragon Bridge with fire and water spraying feature and Tran Thi Ly Bridge – the biggest and longest one in Danang. When the sun goes down, the river and surrounding areas are really a big stage of the light festival. dragon bridge danang Another way to enjoy a fascinating Danang when the city turns on the lights is to sit at a cruise on the dreamlike Han River to feel the cool breeze, fresh air, and quiet moments of the busy city. Drink a cup of warm tea together and take the beautiful photos of the vibrant Danang covered by the dark of the night will be the unforgettable memory in your Danang tours

Asia Park Danang

Located at the area of 868,694 m2 large, Asia Park Danang is the combination of the unique and novelty of entertainment models in the world with the special cultural features of Vietnam. Asia Park consists of three main areas: a modern outdoor amusement park, a cultural park with iconic architecture, the miniature art of 10 Asian countries, and the Sun Wheel, which is the symbol of developing Danang and one of five highest wheels worldwide. asia park danang Asia Park brings a unique series of games, first appearing in Vietnam such as roller coasters, overhead trains, free-fall towers, high-speed slides. They will surely bring you plenty of enjoyable experiences.

Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF)

The festival has been an annual event organized by Danang authorities associated with Sun Group since 2008. 8 firework teams will compete against each other in brilliant nights of light and color of the over-the-top firework performances. A large complex dedicated to the festival was built in 2019 including a 3000-seat fireworks display, a 50,000 square meter commercial center and six high-rise towers from 46 to 51 stories. Spend Danang tours in June celebrating this wonderful festival. danang international firework festival

Experience the Tradition of Danang

Linh Ung Pagoda

Situated on the Son Tra Penisula of immense forests, Linh Ung Pagoda is extremely well-known in Danang. The pagoda owns the group of many constructions including the main hall, praying houses, library, and garden of Buddhism statues. Inside the main hall, there are 18 statues of Arhat with the various expressions of anger, love, hate, and joy. All of them are meticulously engraved by outstanding artisans. linh ung pagoda The important point of Linh Ung Pagoda is the Avalokiteshvara statue which is considered the highest in Vietnam (67m). The statue has its back on the mountain and heads to the sea, one hand catching the black soot, another holding the jug of clear water as a peaceful pose for the fishermen reaching far out of the coast, carrying many wishes for the peaceful seas, advantages weather, national wealth and security.

The Cuisine of Danang

One of the spotlights in Danang tours attracting a lot of tourists is its cuisine. Danang’s cuisine is the melting pot of Northern and Southern cuisine together with the traditional process and feature spices of the locals. The cuisine of Danang often combines different ingredients in one dish from seafood, beef, chicken, pork to the variety of fruits and vegetable. Moreover, each dish requires its special dipping sauce with the secret recipes to create the incredible smells and feelings. Some of Danang’s specialties are Quang noodle, Banh Beo (a type of cake), and Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crispy pancake). my quang danang

Old Villages in Danang

Cam Ne Village

The village has long been famous for the traditional mats used by royal families in the period of Nguyen Dynasty. Cam Ne mats are thicker, more durable, more smoothly, and more comfortably than the products of other villages. Especially, lying on Cam Ne mat will make you feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter together with the scent like aromatic pastures. cam ne village danang

Tuy Loan Village

This 500-year-old village has the ancient temple recognized as national historical and architectural heritage by the Vietnamese government. Tuy Loan festival taking place on January 9th every year will give you the chance to participate in the traditional boat race and enjoy folk songs and others cultural activities.
Hopefully, the list of recommended destinations will be the useful guideline for your Danang tours. Have fun and safe travel!

Weather in Danang

Danang has two separate seasons: a dry season (from January to July) and a wet season (from August to December). The average temperature is about 26oC. Danang has a cool winter (from December to February) with the average temperature of 20oC.

Best Time to Visit Danang

From January to July - The Wonderful Season for Danang Tours

The dry season is the ideal time to visit Danang. The summertime in the city lasts from April to July. This is when you can enjoy the heat and humidity of tropical weather by outdoor activities such as bathe, surfing, sunbathing on the amazing beaches. Provided that the temperature rises too high, you can escape from the heat by a visit to Ba Na Hills or Son Tra Penisula to cool off yourself with the winds and scenic beauties. At night, Danang puts its on the fantastic show of lights. Spend a night out admiring the city at its best through the impressive bridges and exciting amusement center. danang in dry season If you wish to be immersed in festivals, two best times are February and June. In February, dozens of the festivals after Tet holiday are taken place in old villages. In June, Danang International Fireworks Festival and Carnival Ba Na Hills are two well-known festivals attracting thousands of visitors worldwide.

From August to December - The Off-season in Danang

It is absolutely wrong saying that there is nothing to do in the wet season in Danang. Visiting cultural and historical museums in Danang is the best choice to keep yourself dry and explore interesting things about the city. Besides, attending cooking classes to cook traditional Danang dishes or watching the rain from the coffee shops of unique décor is also a flawless option. museums in danang

Danang General Information

Location: Central Vietnam
Population: Approximately 1.5 million (2017)
Language: Vietnamese
Currency: Vietnam Dong (VND)
Natural Condition: Mountainous area in the West
Northwest Delta, sea, peninsula, islands in the East danang travel map danang tours

People, City & Culture in Danang

Danang People

Danang citizens are active, friendly, and hospitable. They are always welcome tourists from all over the world. Therefore, if struggles, unfortunately, happen during your Danang tour, free to ask for the help from Danang people. They will support you enthusiastically. danang people

Danang City

Danang is the young and energetic city. It is also called the worth-living one because of high-quality infrastructure and living standards. The constructions of skyscrapers, amusement centers, and resorts meeting the international quality prove the great development of Danang. In 2020, Danang will become the environmental –friendly city. danang city danang tours

Danang Culture

While Danang is focusing on developing the economy, it still preserves the historical and cultural values. It is shown by historical museums, traditional festivals, unique cuisine, civilized lifestyle. danang culture Buddhism, Catholicism, and Caodaism are three of fifteen religious organizations in Danang. Thanks to diverse religion, the city is home to different customs, beliefs contributing to the multi-cultural Danang. There are 37 groups of an ethnic minority living in Danang. Each group having distinct costumes, cuisine, culture, and tradition is a beautiful color in the beautiful painting of the beautiful city in central Vietnam.

Danang Travel Guides

Transportation in Danang

Danang has one of the best traffic systems in Vietnam. It also offers various means of transportation such as bike, motorbike, taxi, bus, train, and etc. Especially, cyclo is also available in Danang. Traveling the vibrant and modern city by a slow and traditional transportation will be surely an interesting experience.


Motorbike should be considered as your transportation in Danang because of its convenience and unique feelings. You can easily rent a motorbike because most hotels in Danang provide this service. Drive motorbike yourself requires the license but you can hire motorbike taxis on the streets instead, nothing changes. travel by motorbike in danang


If you want to save your time and energy, taxi is great choices for travel to destinations in Danang.

Some recommended taxi brands in Danang:
Mai Linh Taxi: (Tel: +84 236 3 56 56 56)
Song Han Taxi: (Tel: +84 236 3 72 72 72)

Mobile Phone and Internet access in Danang

Mobile phone connection in Danang is great. You will need a SIM card from mobile operators to pay fees for your calls and other services. Some recommended mobile operators in Danang are Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone.

Internet access is quite fast and convenient in accommodations and destinations in Danang. Besides, the Wi-Fi connection is free and available in most restaurants, coffee shops, and museums, etc.

Useful Information for Perfect Danang Tours

In Dry Season

Stay hydrated by carrying a big bottle of fresh water and eating well to make up lost water and vitamins.
Bring some warm clothes in case the weather in Danang may be cold at night, especially in mountainous areas. Jacket, windbreaker, and jumper are recommended.
Tank tops, jeans, sneakers, and T-shirts work well for active days in Danang. Applying sunscreen, wearing glasses and hats will make you completely comfortable on your Danang tour.
Outfits at temples and pagodas, however, require the politeness and respect. Wearing simply and elegantly is accordant.
If you want to hire a motor taxi, booking a Grab is much more convenient than hiring a motor taxi on the streets.
If you want to hire a motor to drive yourself, ask the staff of the hotel you stay for supports.

In Wet Season

Always carry a raincoat (if traveling by motors) or an umbrella (if walking) when visiting Danang as rains can suddenly happen. The weather at this time is quite cold so warm clothes are necessary. Boots are also useful for walking on slippery roads.
Check the weather forecasts regularly to have suitable plans.
Because of unpredictable weather, a plan B needs setting in case your plan A has to cancel.