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Top 10 Popular Attractions in Nha Trang Tours

As one of the most inspiring tourist destinations, Nha Trang - the pearl of the East Sea is well-known both for stunning turquoise beaches and sacred religious monuments. Here is Top 10 vibrant attraction in Nha Trang we recommended to help you have amazing Nha Trang tours. Don’t skip it!

Nha Trang Beaches

Nha Trang beaches are reckoned as a miracle and refulgent in-washing painting made by Mother nature with breath-taking scenery. Powdery sand, swaying palms, and cool sea winds help Nha Trang beaches get the top position among a ton of stunning beaches of Vietnam. Dip your toes in white sand, sip a cool cocktail and take part in water-based exciting activities such as snorkeling, sailing, and diving when the weather is nice. Nha Trang beach is one of the most beautiful beach in the world

Po Nagar Cham Towers

Located on a lush mountain named Cu Lao, Po Nagar Cham Towers is one of the most attractive highlights of Nha Trang. It is the complex of temples which was constructed before 781 A.D and has still functioned as a worshipping site for Buddhists. Each tower of the Po Nagar Towers worship a god and the largest one is about 23 meters in height including a linga along with statue dedicated to Po Nagar- the Goddess instructed new agricultural and weaving techniques to this land. cham tower nha trang day tours

Long Son Pagoda

Long Son pagoda impresses tourists by a huge white Buddha which is considered as a vital symbol of Nha Trang City. Visit this sacred pagoda to see a series of special portraits of monks who bravery set fire to themselves to protest against the corruption of Diem regime around the base of this statue. Stepping up this pagoda to get a breathtaking view of Nha Trang. long son pagoda day trips from nha trang

Dam Market

Wander around the Dam Market to soak up a ton of local products from pretty tourist trinkets, unique souvenirs, knock-off brands to local produce as fresh fruits and seafood. Do not skip purchasing some famous dried delicates which are available in the dry seafood section located in the right of the building such as seaweeds, dried shrimps, cuttlefish, etc. Consider Dam market as a part of your Nha Trang tour to get a glimpse of the daily life of local people here. buy fresh seafood in dam market during your nha trang tours

Vinpearl Land

Picturesque scenery with white sandy beaches as well as perfect tourism facilities with many world-class resorts has turned Vinpearl Land into a Paradise for visitors. Coming to this entertainment center, you will be mesmerized by the fantastic beaches with clean water and blue waves together with a chain of luxurious hotels with professional staffs and excellent services. It is a great mistake on your Nha Trang tour if you can not soak yourself in the wonderful water park, admire modern aquarium, and experience interesting adventurous games there. visit vinpearland on nha trang tours

Ba Ho Waterfalls

If you are looking for a refreshingly natural and quiet place, Ba Ho Waterfalls is definitely the best choice during your Nha Trang tour. The name of this place means 3 pools in Vietnamese. It offers a great way to get some exercise and a peaceful retreat for swimming, fishing, and picnics with your friends. Coming to these pools to jump in, chill out and let little fish nip at your toes. The best way to get to Ba Ho Waterfalls from Nha Trang is taking the scenic route along the coast. ba ho waterfall is the famous attraction beside nha trang islands

Alexandre Yersin Museum

Another landmark of the list you cannot miss is Alexandre Yersin Museum which is dedicated to the French medical pioneer Dr. Alexandre Yersin (1863–1943), who founded Nha Trang’s Pasteur Institute in 1895. He introduced rubber and quinine-producing trees to Vietnam and discovered an important plaque-causing bacterium. Browse Yersin’s library and admire the special display including laboratory equipment and an amazing 3D photo viewer. Visit the museum to understand the idea of the Yersin’s work. alexandre yersin museum nha trang tour

Nha Trang Cathedral

Standing on a small hill overlooking the train station, Nha Trang cathedral enthralls visitors by French Gothic style with a variety of types of stained glass on the arch and rose doors. These all create soothing and beautiful scenery along with the calming atmosphere of this elegant building. All the walls of this church are constructed by simple cement blocks but if you see from afar it looks like cleaved stones. The unique features of this cathedral are the special bronze bells which were produced and provided by Bourdon Carillon – a well-known French bell firm. nha trang cathedral nha trang tours

Long Thanh Gallery

Last but not least, Long Thanh gallery displays the masterpieces of Long Thanh who is one of the most talented photographers of Vietnam. Visit this special place to admire the collections of handmade black and white photographs which portrait truthfully daily Vietnamese moments. Make sure that these powerful photos will capture your hearts at the first sight!

Hon Khoi Salt Fields

Nha Trang is famous for not only long and beautiful beaches but also the salt production. Hon Khoi salt fields are considered the biggest salt fields nationwide. Visiting Hon Khoi during the harvest season, tourists can take beautiful photos of salt piles which look like “snow mountains” on the fields as well as the locals carrying many heavy baskets across fields. This unique destination is waiting for you to discover! visit salted fields on nha trang local tour

Weather in Nha Trang

The sea has the great effects on the climate of the city. Nha Trang’s weather is moderate with the average temperature of 26.3oC. There are two distinct seasons: wet season (from September to December) and dry season (from January to August).

Best Time to Visit Nha Trang

From January to April: The Best Time to Enjoy Nha Trang tours

The weather at this time is cool and comfortable. Swimming, water-based activities as well as exploring Nha Trang City will be the wonderful options. This is not the peak season of tourism in Nha Trang so the cost of accommodations, tickets and entrance fees does not rise too high. Additionally, the nice weather will give you the chance to explore untouched islands on Nha Trang Bay of diverse flora and faunas. Dozens of traditional festivals in Nha Trang are also waiting for your exploration. nha trang from january to april

From May to September: The Peak Season of Nha Trang Travel

The summer is always the best time to go to the beaches and so is Nha Trang. Swimming, scuba diving, surfing and a lot of outdoor activities attract thousands of visitors to experience their best moments ever. In addition, luxury resorts and entertainment parks are always available to serve travelers. However, the large number of tourists coming to Nha Trang make the cost and price increase two or three times. Moreover, you hardly find a room to stay during your Nha Trang tour. nha trang beach city in the summer From October to December, the weather turns cool and sometimes cold. Moreover, rains usually happen which can interrupt your travel in Nha Trang. The sky is often grey without sunshine affecting your mood badly.

Nha Trang General Information

Location: South Central Vietnam, Khanh Hoa Province
Population: Over 250,000 (2018)
Language: Vietnamese
Currency: Vietnam Dong (VND)
Natural Condition: Mostly delta, mountainous areas in Northern and Southern Nha Trang
Sea in the East with 19 islands nha trang travel map

People, City & Culture in Nha Trang

Nha Trang People

Nha Trang people are strong, courageous, and always proud of and attached to the tradition of their home country. The life of ups and downs just strengthens their will and spirit. Moreover, the locals are very friendly and hospitable to every tourist on their Nha Trang tours who have the same love of Nha Trang as theirs. Not as discreet as the Hanoians, not as sophisticated as Hue people and not as vibrant as Saigoneers, Nha Trang people are just simple and rustic in daily activities. Besides, they have the awareness of preserving as well as popularizing the beauty of the country to the world. nha trang people

Nha Trang City

In the past, Nha Trang used to be a wilderness. In the 20th century, it was built by French authority to be a town of tourism and trade. With its advantages and potentials, Nha Trang rapidly becomes a famous tourist destination and is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The Creator has given Nha Trang all the best things of an amazing coastal city: from dreaming islands far off the coast to the white sandy beaches, from the vibrant fishing villages to the quiet museums in the heart of the city, from the virtual coral reefs under the ocean to the ancient Cham temples. All of them brings uniqueness and astonishment for this city. nha trang city Nowadays, luxury resorts, five-star hotels, amusement centers, and new beaches are invested and developed to meet the high requirement of tourists all over the world. In the future, Nha Trang will become the paradise of tourism with the system of services and entertainment and cultural activities.

Nha Trang Culture

Nha Trang is not only famous for lovely beaches but also diverse culture having been existing for over 350 years. It is also the land of festivals taken place around the year associated with different customs and beliefs. Each profession has its own festival to commemorate the founder and show people’s wish, respects as well as their aspirations to the Gods. From bronze casting, salt making, to fish sauce, and bird’s nest, generations in Nha Trang have been maintaining their ancestor’s profession for hundreds of years. In addition, on Nha Trang tour, visitors can explore the Champa culture through Ponagar festival – one of the biggest festivals in Vietnam. nha trang culture As a coastal city, fishing has long been a vital part in the life of people in Nha Trang. At the seafood market in the early mornings, when the boats just dock at the harbors, it can be seen satisfying smiles along with little tired after a whole night floating on the sea of fishermen. In the vibrant and bustling market of vendors and customers, tourists can freely find fresh and cheap seafood for a wonderful party on the beaches of Nha Trang.

Nha Trang Travel Guides

How to Get to Nha Trang


Passengers choosing to travel by plane will arrive at Cam Ranh airport. From there, you will go to the center of Nha Trang City (35km) by taxi or bus. The advantage of the bus is that it will run after the landing of the plane 30 minutes or full of guests. Some airlines open round-trip flights to Cam Ranh including Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar, and Vietjet Air. International airlines also provide flights to Cam Ranh such as China Southern, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Airlines, and Korean Air. You can check the route and cost of your flights through their website.


From Hanoi station (No. 120 Le Duan St, Dong Da District) to Nha Trang station: 1315km
From Saigon station (No. 136 Ham Nghi St, District 1) to Nha Trang station: 411km
train to nha trang nha trang excursions For further information about time, route, and ticket price, call:
Hotline: 19006469
Tel: +84 024 394 259 72


Hanoi to Nha Trang
From Nuoc Ngam station (No. 1 Ngoc Hoi St, Hoang Mai District) to Nha Trang station
Travel time: About 27h
Ticket price: About 700,000 VND ($30)

Recommended company
Hoang Long Company
Address: No. 43 Nguyen Huy Tuong St, Thanh Xuan District Tel: +84 978 600 558

Saigon to Nha Trang
From Mien Dong station (No. 292 Dinh Bo Linh St, Binh Thanh District) to Nha Trang station
Travel time: About 8-10 hours
Ticket price: Around 230,000 VND (about $10)

Some recommended companies
Lien Hung Company
Tel: +84 258 3824 468
Quang Hanh Company
Tel: +84 258 3824 468

Transportations in Nha Trang


Some famous taxi brands:
Mai Linh Taxi: (058) 38 38 38 38
Nha Trang Taxi: (058) 3 81 81 81
Vinasun Taxi: (058) 38 27 27 27


Motorbike rental service in Nha Trang is quite cheap. You can contact the hotel to rent a car or refer to some of the information below.

Hai Phong Tourism Company
Address: No. 13 Tran Phu St
Tel: +84 583 500 672

VietDream Company
Address: 3B Hung Vuong St
Tel: +84 935 605 963

Cable Car

Vinpearl Land Cable Car has the length of 3320 m crossing Nha Trang Bay, connecting Nha Trang with Hon Ngoc Viet resort on Hon Tre Island. This is the longest cable car in the world and also has the largest cabin which can carry 8 people. The system has 65 cabins, can serve 1500 visitors/per hour. With the international standard, you need not worry about the cable car safety. cable car nha trang tours Working time: 9 am – 10 pm
Round-trip ticket price (including entrance ticket to Vinpearland):
Adults: around 650,000 VND (about $15)
Children: around 550,000 VND (about $11)


Most of the boats, canoes, and cruises in Nha Trang depart at Cau Da harbor
For further information about the route and price, you can contact +84 977 199 917

Mobile & Internet Access in Nha Trang

Mobile connection in Nha Trang is fast and convenient. You need to buy SIM cards and register with Vietnamese mobile operators such as Viettel, Mobifone or Vinaphone for international roaming service and others.
Internet access Wi-Fi connection in Nha Trang are said to be good at all tourist destinations and public places.

Useful Information for a perfect Nha Trang Tour

Clothes: Besides colorful swimwear, your suitcase should have clothes which are easy to fold and dry. Footwear needs convenience for movement, making of less waterproof materials like sandals or sneakers. Bring a hat, raincoat, umbrella, and sunglasses to protect yourself from weather
Swimming: Do not swim too far from the shore. Get away from places where there is no wave because it will be easy to fall into the dangerous whirlpool. Do not take your eyes off the children when they are swimming. Be careful with jellyfish, you will get itching if being caught by them.
If you hire a motorbike in your Nha Trang tour, you need to refuel it yourself.
Grab is available in Nha Trang. Booking a Grab is more convenient than hiring a motorbike on the streets.
If you want to buy fresh seafood in Nha Trang, get up early and go to the seafood market. Tons of seafood is sold here.
Street foods in Nha Trang are amazing. Spend time of your Nha Trang tour enjoying all of them.
Café in Nha Trang is the recommended place with unique décor and wonderful types of coffee and drinks.
Nha Trang Oceanography Institute is the best indoor destination if your outdoor activities in Nha Trang tour are canceled.
In peak season of Nha Trang, you need to book accommodations before at least one month unless you have to paid higher price than usual for an empty room.

With this information, hope you have an unforgettable Nha Trang tour, please contact us if you are looking for any types of Vietnam vacations and tours.