Vietnamese People

Vietnamese people are always proud of their 4000-year history of many ups and downs. Legend tells Vietnam people are the descendants of Dragon and Fairy. Therefore, tiny Vietnam was never overpowered by its huge neighbor – China despite having been their slaves for nearly a thousand years in the past. Vietnamese people strongly fought back the invaders to gain themselves freedom and independence. However, the hard-won peace did not last for a long time. Millions of Vietnamese people continued to sacrifice their blood, even lives in thousands of wars against powerful enemies such as the United States, China, France, and Japan. None but the desire for freedom, indomitable spirit and iron were the strongest weapons, which have made the Vietnamese protect their independence up to now. “Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom,” said President Ho Chi Minh.

In the mind of people worldwide, people undergoing too many wars must be very brutal and combative. People in Vietnam, nonetheless, are extremely friendly and hospitable because they definitely understand the value of peace and independence. All foreigners coming to Vietnam are the honored guests of Vietnam people even the ones from their old enemies.

Vietnam is a developing country in the period of industrialization and modernization. Hence, Vietnamese people are trying their best day by day to contribute their efforts to the total transformation of the country. Nevertheless, development is always attached to the preservation of tradition and culture. The people of Vietnam are taught to show their respect to their ancestors and long-established value. It can be seen from every activity in Vietnam the traditional images and spirits directing to the past, Tet holiday for example. Vietnamese people also have the awareness of maintaining the pristine beauty of nature like dreaming beaches, tropical forests or breathtaking islands along with building luxury resorts to become the attractive tourism destination for travelers all over the world.

Vietnam has over 50 peoples with unique customs, clothes, and lifestyles. But the differences are not separate at all; Vietnam people are colors in a united picture. Read on to have further interesting information about Vietnamese people for your upcoming Vietnam tour packages.