Hoa People – Everything about Hoa Ethnic Group in Vietnam

Hoa people in the parade

Origins & Language of Hoa Ethnic Group

The Hoa or the Han is the ethnic group of Vietnam people set up by the Hoa emigrators to Viet Nam in numerous periods from the XVI century to the XX century. The Hoa ethnic groups use the language, which is in the Sino-Tibetan language family.

China Town in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam
China Town in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam

Economic Features of Hoa Ethnic Group

The Hoa living in rural primarily plant water rice and the others living in urban work services, trade. Handicraft quite develops as pottery (Quang Ninh, Song Be, Dong Nai), making unbleached paper, making incense (Ho Chi Minh city).

Customs & Habits of Hoa Ethnic Group

They inhabit in the whole country, from rural to urban areas. The original food is rice, but there are pasta, noodles … the Hoa have good cooking techniques, they like fat fried dishes with spices. The drinking of the Hoa is not only a refresher but also improves health. The types of ginseng teas, daisy teas are popular drinks.

People who work in agriculture often live in villages. They tend to choose places along the foothills, in the fields, stretches on the beach, near the water, convenient transportation. In villages, houses are arranged according to family close together. In urban areas, they often gather in separate streets.

The traditional home of the Hoa has marked clearly characteristics of the North. Home-style “form the seal” is very typical of the home of the Hoa in China. Houses often have five compartments (no lean-tos). Space between is where to worship ancestors, and also is a place to meet the guest. Nowadays the Hoa’s house has been many changes: there’s some kind of variations of traditional houses. But also the type of home, the Chinese receive from the Tay or the Kinh. In Quang Ninh province, some residents of the Hoa group specializing in catching fish see boat is also the home. Particularly in the Mekong Delta, the Hoa has the home in stilts. Altar ancestors, a family are in the most prominent place in the home.

Costumes of Hoa People in Vietnam

The traditional costume of the Hoa people now only are seen in some elder or in marriage ceremonies, funerals. Women often wear high neckline, on side button, high lap cut of the dress. Women prefer to use jewelry, especially bracelets (copper, gold, stone, and pearl), earrings, necklaces. The men’s dress is similar to the clothing of the men’s ethnic groups, Nung, Mong, Giay, Dao. The men like to get golden teeth as jewelry.

The wedding of Hoa people in 1990
The wedding of Hoa people in 1990

Cultures of Hoa People in Vietnam

There are many festivals in a year such as Tet holiday, Festival of January lunar calendar 15th, Grave-visiting, Double five festival, Mid-Autumn.  Festival of January lunar calendar 15th ceremony is characteristic of the Chinese holidays. The most specific activities of cultural beliefs and traditions are represented on this occasion.

China Town before Tet
China Town before Tet

The traditional cultural activities of the Hoa with genres such as theater, dance, comedy … with a variety of musical instruments as flute and stringed instruments. Singing “Son ca” is the form loved by many people, especially the youth. Lion dances are the extensive populace form performed annually, on major holidays, festivals.