Daily Life in Vietnam

Vietnam daily life

Due to being a developed country, daily life in Vietnam is quite rush and fast. Everything starts at 5 am, for some case starts at 3 am in the morning. At 5 am street vendors have got up and prepared their offerings like buying supplies, making broth, cutting vegetables,… At about 6 am, people all got up and the street is full of motorbikes and cars honking.

Two old ladies selling breads on the street of Hanoi, Vietnam daily life
Two old ladies selling breads on the street of Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam Daily Life

Vietnamese considers that if they go to the market in the early morning they will find fresh fruits and meats. After that, they will pick up their children and drop them off school and go to work. After the Vietnam War, the illiteracy rate in Vietnam was about 95% and the government promptly have to universalize education to the entire population. Therefore children from 6 years old have been to school, families pay for books, uniforms, and school equipment. In the school, children are taught to obedience and respect to the grandparents and parents as well as the relatives and to the teachers. Children have to go to school six days a week. Students have to take the exam at the end of primary school to decide they go to secondary school or vocational school. In the country areas, it is difficult for the children to go to school because the school is very far and the parent is busy with farm work.

Ethnic woman and her child after farm time daily life in vietnam
Ethnic woman and her child after farm time, Northern Vietnam

Daily Life in Vietnam Countryside

In Vietnam, about three-quarters of Vietnamese live in country areas, villages, and towns and people have to work very hard for their living. Most families grow rice or fruit trees, others raise livestock. Daily life in the country is often hard. Men and women have to get up very early in the morning to get to the field, while the child does the housework or bring water to workers and elders look after fish ponds or fruit trees and livestock. Daily life in the city is similar in the country areas, both men and women go to work. Grandparents often take care of the child at home or they have to go to daycare centers. Adults work from 7 am to 17:30. They work all day to support their families. Many families live in small apartments or government housing. The family is the basis of Vietnamese life, and it is very common for three generations or even four to live in the one home. Both lives in the city and country are quite fast. People don’t have enough time to care about each other.

Street vendor in Saigon, vietnam daily life
Street vendor in Saigon

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