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Top 5 Destinations For Laos Classic Tours

Luang Prabang

As one of the most charming cities in South-East Asia, Luang Prabang enchants tourists by its beauty of the scenery, unique architecture and peaceful life of locals here. Located on a peninsula between the Nam Khan and Mekong rivers, Luangbrang boasts a series of golden-roofed temples, wooden houses, and crumbling French provincial buildings. The image of the monks in orange robes go through the old streets in the early morning are probably the most characteristic of Luang Prabang. Every visitors go to Luang Prabang often get up early to see that peaceful and idyllic image as well as want to kneel on the side of the road with the people bringing food, candy to the monks.

Xieng Khouang

Located 435 kilometers northeast of the Vientiane capital, Xiengkhouang offers you the stunning beauty of spectacular mountains and rugged karst formations. Visit Plain of Jars - the most famous highlight of Xieng Khouang to witness a ton of ritual burial jars with all kinds, sizes, shapes, and materials from marble, limestone to the beech. The largest jar is 2.5 m height with an estimated age of 3000 years. After the devastation of war and natural disasters, there are still about 2,000 jars left over a large area in which many jars are broken or cracked. In the past, this area was bombed heavily, until now unexploded bombs still cause many injuries to people in the area. Visit Xieng Khoang to immerse yourself in lam vong - a traditional dance for many people, regardless of social class, all standing in a circle, and dancing to the beat of the music. Do not forget to sip a cup of coffee in a sideroad coffee shop in Vang Vien to get a new feeling in the space decorated by bombshells like a war museum.


Vientiane capital is the special destination you cannot miss in your Laos classic tours’ itinerary. Although it is the largest city and the hub of commerce and administration, Vientiane is still languid, to say the least. No hustle and noise, Vientiane is a laid-back city with the slow pace of life and a strange sense of peace. In this city everything is not crowded and cramped, only the calm and relaxed existence, not doped and crowded together, so everyone can feel the full happiness. Vientiane does not have the flashy beauty but has the charming and secret beauty of a village girl. With a series of comfortable accommodations, restaurants and French style pavement cafes, Vientiane guarantees you a relaxing riverside break. Remember that when in Laos, do as Laos do and the slow the pace right down. Spend your time in Vientiane wandering around street markets, lounging over a novel in an old-fashioned bakery, shopping in silk shops or swigging beer Laos while drinking up the fiery sunset over the Mekong. In the heart of a small capital but there are hundreds of large and small temples, there are very famous temples such as Vat Ho Pagoda, Luong Pagoda, and Ong Tu pagoda where locals often go to pray for peace and happiness.

Vang Vieng

Located about 150km from the Lao capital of Vientiane, Vang Vieng is known as the peaceful countryside with fresh, cool climate and also the famous tourist destination of beautiful Laos. No beautiful architecture, no modern resorts or large lined streets but every year, Vang Vieng attracts a huge number of tourists worldwide. Vang Vieng's unspoiled nature is a result of the greenery of the trees all year round, and the river flows smoothly around the limestone ranges. As soon as setting foot in Vang Vieng, you will be surprised by the beauty that Mother of Nature has given this small town. Stop in Vang Vieng, you can rest in the grass huts set up on the water, leisurely float on the float to enjoy the fresh air, or kayak along Nam Song river to admire the wonderful landscape. When the sunset falls, small and peaceful Vang Vieng becomes busy, crowded with the Western town. Wandering around local markets, visitors can find all kinds of goods and unique souvenirs at reasonable prices. You definitely will be excited when exploring the culture of indigenous people through the wildlife.

Luang Namtha

Nestled in a wide-open valley surrounded by a fortress of green hills and mountains, Luang Namtha enchants tourists by the gorgeous scenery, relaxed atmosphere and an astonishing number of ethnic minority villages. There are plenty of exciting things waiting for you in Luang Namtha such as exploring the exotic night market, grabbing a rental bike and tootling around the gently undulating rice-bowl valleys to waterfalls and temples. Mountain biking, rafting, and kayaking are absolutely the best ways to admire the scenery and the wilderness. You also can visit the villages of the ethnic minority here by crossing the hills. Renting a motorbike or mountain bike is also a good way to visit nearby villages and waterfalls. After a day of discovery, visitors can relax by soaking in the herbal-filled tub or hit the night market to enjoy many exciting specialties. Contact us to have memorable Laos tours!