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Viet Vision Travel offers Laos tour packages, adventure travel and tailor-made itineraries made especially for you! Our service ranges from budget group Laos tours to luxury private packages and discount hotels.
Try it out! We endeavor to make your trip to Laos unique and memorable.

  • Laos Highlanders Tour – 11 Days

    Enjoy a combination of scenic landscapes, city sightseeing and adventurous trekking expeditions through villages and highland areas. We journey through many fascinating hill tribe villages, waving to the warm and friendly locals and admiring the dramatic…

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  • Spirit of Laos Tour – 8 Days

    Combination between UNESCO heritage culture of Luang Prabang and also UNESCO heritage archeology of WatPhouChampassak. These great sites can always tell you how the civilization of great ancestors of Laos who had built for generations…

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  • Spicy Laos Tour – 7 Days

    You will be able to take delicious Lao flavours home with you after attending a tasty, aromatic and healthy Luang Prabang cooking class. Attend a whole day class, or for those with less time, evening classes are available. Have fun learning more about Lao cuisine…

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  • Images of Laos Tour – 6 Days

    It’s no problem to reverse this tour or any other tour featured; just contact us for more details. However, this below perfect itineraries are mixed between experiencing modern town of Vientiane and journey to remote spectacular landscape of Vang Vieng mountain karst…

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  • Laos Rural Life Tour – 4 Days

    Over centuries the landlocked Lao people have been cultivating rice and growing organic vegetables. Laos is dominated by mountains, forests and subsistence agriculture. The rhythm of life is strongly tied to the changing seasons and the requirements of farming…

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  • Philip

    What is the weather in Laos like in wet season?

    • Tracey

      The wet season in Laos start from May to October with strong blow of monsoons. You will catch more rain in mountainous or high areas than towns along Mekong River. By the way, the transportation in the land is quite slow and soggy. August is the wettest month in Laos.

  • Andrea

    What is the weather like in Laos?

    • Tracey

      Laos has two distinct seasons: dry season and wet season. From May to October is the wet season in Laos with strong blow of monsoon. Dry season in can be divided into two distinct periods: cool dry season runs from November to January and hot dry season from March to April.

  • Joseph

    Is US dollar widely accepted in Laos?

  • Shirley

    Should we make reservation for our trip in Laos in advance?

    • Stephen

      Yes, you should make reservation before visiting Laos. For more information about Laos tours and Laos hotels, please fill free to contact us.

  • Darcy

    Is it safe to travel in Laos?

    • Stephen

      Laos is a poor country but it is very safe to travel in Laos. But you should not bring too much cash as well as go out too late at night.

  • Milly Iivia

    Do you have any package which depart from Vientiane and come back on the last day also in Vientiane??? The days of travel can be alter!

    • Stephen

      We do have that pleased send you the package as required in detailed with price as in the attached file. The tour is real private for your own group that can be flexible altered about the days of travel to be most suitable with you.

  • Thomas

    We plan to spend 5 or 6 days of our Indochina trips to visit Laos. Could you help us find some tours in Laos?

    • Tracey

      5 or 6 days is wonderful time to enjoy most of highlights in Laos. There are 2 tours in Laos for your choice: Classic Laos – 5 Days and Amazing Laos – 6 Days, we also have customized tours for your trip in Laos. We have sent you more detail information, please check and tell us what would you like in your 5 or 6 days trip in Laos and we will do the rest.

  • Michael

    Can I make my dress short when visit Wats in Laos?

    • Tracey

      No, you should not. Please wear clothes modestly and respectfully when visiting Wats (temples), pagodas or sacred places in Laos.

  • Skipidar

    Is it appreciated when I can speak some local language when visiting Laos? I have spend a lot of time to study them?

    • Nancy

      You should use it when traveling to Laos, Don’t be afraid to use it. Some simple words can break language barrier.

  • Carly

    Where can I find an ATM in Laos?

    • Stephen

      ATM machines can be found in most of cities in Laos, it is easy to draw money from ATM. But you should prepare money before visiting some remote or mountainous areas because the ATM may be not available.


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Landlocked Laos is a perfect combination of best elements of Southeast Asia. Laos promises to offer best adventures as it is a landlocked and mountainous area covered by jungles and scattered with remote tribal villages. Actually, this ‘land of million elephants’ deserves all that it receives. Adventure lovers can lose themselves in underground caves and evergreen lush jungles or even have a chance to trek through some of Southeast Asia’s most amazing primeval forests. Laos has so much to offers and similarly, there are so many reasons to be a fan of Laos. With its own natural charm favored by ideal weather conditions, this lovely land, from the past to present, keeps surprising visitors. The history of the Vieng Xai Caves, ancient temples, or Luang Prabang cuisine - all has proven itself as one of the most appealing destinations in Asia or in other words, it is an authentic Asia. Although the country appears rugged, Vientiane capital city sounds cosmopolitan with the world-known café culture, palm-shaded streets, shining stupas as well as colonial buildings. Come to Laos, you can have a chance to experience to the utmost with a laid-back atmosphere, diverse culture and most friendly and highly cultured people; therefore, tours to Laos has increased in number with travel agencies and travel information to facilitate visitors.
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