Taste of Laos Tour – 5 Days

The Laos cuisine has a very special mild taste but can also be hot and spicy. The Lao people love to eat and will use any excuse for a party. They are a very social people and love nothing better than to sit with friends and family and share food and often alcohol. Lao cuisine has many similarities to Thai with lots of aromatic herbs and spices such as lemon grass, chilies, ginger and tamarind. Sticky rice (KhaoNiao) is the staple of the Lao diet, usually served with fermented fish and a fish sauce similar to that used in Vietnamese cuisine called Nam Pa. Chicken and pork dishes are also popular but beef is expensive in comparison. Soups served with noodles, bamboo shoots and fresh vegetables can be found everywhere. Sample as many different dishes as you can during your time in Laos and don’t forget to tell your chef to make it “not too spicy”!