The issue of food safety in Vietnam is becoming more urgent than ever. Food in Vietnam is not always clean especially street food or in sidewalk eateries. Because clean and safe ingredients are always expensive and difficult to find, vendors want to reduce their costs by choosing least expensive food. For example, when you have a bowl of Pho, many people may not notice the beef may not be quality and raw vegetables served with the Pho.Preparing food in the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Vegetables in Vietnam have high levels of pesticides and are required to be washed before eating, because of the large amount of vegetables and lack of time, they rarely wash vegetables. Another problem is that the meat of unknown origin sold in the market may contain carcinogenic coloring, it is a substance that can cause cancer. The fried and roasted food in the market, frying grease that use repeatedly will not good for health. Moreover, the smoke from coal soaked in meat can cause cancer. Sweet soup that sells in most markets and is a favorite snack of people also has many hidden risks.Safe vegetable shop in Saigon Vietnam

The components of the sweet soup are not covered properly, has many flies. Some of the ingredients are in sweet soup contain chemical that cause disease like diarrhea and intestinal diseases. Sugar cane juice, one of the favorite drinks in Vietnam contains many risks. First the sugar cane before put in the machine to make juice is not clean. The machine is not clean too, because sometimes has dirt and be rusty. Vietnamese is also like to eating pig’s and duck’s blood another problems for the stomach. So if you travel to Vietnam, be careful with the food on the street but you can find prestigious restaurant and the restaurant that people recommend in the Internet