Dragon Boat Trip on Perfume River

Dragon Boat Trip in Hue

From whatever angle you catch a glance, Hue represents a perfect beauty that is hard to resist. Hue today is gaining its ever-increasing visitors to be the top attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. Amongst best places in this Vietnam’s former imperial capital, Perfume River is considered to feature the truly taste of Hue. One of the best ways to sense the full taste of the river as well as the city is to take a dragon boat trip on Perfume River.
You can spend a haft day tour to make your way with a dragon boat trip and cruise along the beautiful river to have ultimate experience. By cruising Perfume River, you can also admire the splendid beauty of surrounding scenery along with immerse in the refreshing cool weather. With a length of around 80 kilometers, Perfume River makes its way through myriad lust forests and vegetable before meeting poetic Hue. With no doubt, the beauty of Perfume Rive has become a rich source of inspiration for poets, musicians and artists to create such great melody.
Dragon Boat Trip on Perfume River
This 4-hour trip will take you along the Perfume Rive to have a chance to visit stunning sights along the river such as the historic Thien Mu Pagoda, the royal Minh Mang Tomb and ancient Hon Chen Temple and gain a first-hand experience of unique artifacts provided by those places. Then, you can have an insight into Hue’s historical relics with unique and beautiful architectural style, spectacular surrounding natural landscape as well as Vietnam’s history, culture and tradition. There is nothing quite like taking a river ride to be mesmerized with peaceful ancient relics, most outstanding royal tombs and getting to know more about craft villages along the river.Dragon Boat Trip in Hue

While enjoying best of Perfume River, you will be served mouth-watering dishes for your lunch. With a dragon boat ride, a can gain as much exciting things as you can. Enjoying beautiful scenery and grabbing delicious meal with authentic taste of the ancient Hue will help you sense the best of this Vietnam’s former imperial capital. Moreover, do not miss this opportunity to talk and chat with local fishermen living in local village to have a deeper understanding of local people’s lives, learn some easy and interesting Vietnamese word and know more about Vietnamese lifestyle.
Dragon boat harbor
If you take an afternoon river cruise, besides famous old sites offered by Hue, you can also have an opportunity to admire the wonderful sunset on the river as well as indulge the glistering beauty of Hue by night.
As one of the best tourist attractions, a boat ride along the river is definitely one of the most amazing things to do in this poetic city. Therefore, do not hesitate to book a dragon boat ride on Perfume River to explore a brilliant patchwork of stunning sights offered by Hue in order to sense the unique taste of the city.

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