Basic & Useful Phrases for Laos Travel

Useful Phrases for Laos Travel

The language barrier is one of the difficulties you have to face when traveling. Thanks to the modern technology, we all have dictionaries and translators at the tip of our fingers but learning the basics of any country you travel to is always worth it. Tai-Kadai is the main language of Laos spoken by around 15 million people in Laos and Thailand. Here are a few basic Lao phrases that will help you make the most of your Laos Tours and get by easily. Enjoy reading!Basic and Useful Phrases for Laos Travel

Lao Phrases for Greeting

Hello – Sabaidee/Chang dai
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening – Ton sao
How do you do? – Chao sa bai dee baw?
How are you? – Chao sa bai dee baw?
I’m fine, thanks – Khoy sa bai dee, khob chai
And you – Lae chao de
I’m fine, too – Khoy sa bai dee, keu kan
I’m pleased to meet you – Khoy dee chai lai thee dai phob chao
What’s your name? – Chao seu gnang?
My name is…. – Khoy seu….
What’s his/her name? – Lao/nang seu gnang?
How old are you? – Chao a: gnu chak pee?
Are you married? – Cha sang khob khua laew baw
Goodbye! – La khãwn
Goodnight – La tee sa wat

Phrases for Eating and Ordering Food

A table for one person/two people, please – Dtho hai kon neung/song kon, nah
I would like….. – Khoi yak….
Not Spicy/ I don’t like spice – Bo saï man phèt
Delicious – Saep lai lai
The check, please – Chèk bin, kalounaa

Phrases for Shopping

I’m just looking around – Khaphachao phiangaet sokha
I would like to buy … this one! – Khaphachao yakcha su … thini
How much does this cost? – Laka tao dai?
That’s expensive! – Phaeng lai lai
I can’t afford it – Khoi seu baw dai
Can you lower the price? – Lout lake daï bo?
It is very cheap – Bo peng
I like it / I don’t like it – Khaphachao hak / Khaphachao sang

Phrases in Emergency

Sorry/excuse me – Khãw thôht
Where is the restroom? – Hàwng nâm yuu sǎi?
I need a doctor – Khoy tong kan Maw
I’m lost – Khoy lohng taang
Can you help me? – Suay khoy dai boh
I need to see a doctor. – Khaphachao choapentong paihamo dai
Call an ambulance / Call 911 – Othha thanmo / lot ohngmo
Where is the hospital? – Hong mo you saï?
I do not feel very good – Khoï bo sabai
It hurts here – Khoï penn tchèp you nii
Phrases to Impress and Gain Street Cred
How do you say … in Lao? – Phasaa lao … pe wa nyang?
Reply to thank you – Baw pe̖n nyãng
Have a nice day! – Mu thidi!
Neung, Song, Saam, Sii, Haa, Hok, Jet, Paet, Kao, Sip (one to ten)

Other Essential Phrases

Yes – Jao
No – Baw
Maybe – Bangthi
Please – Khâluna
Thank you – Khãwp Ja̖i
Never mind – Baw pen nyãng
No problem – Bor Pen Yang

Tips for Learning Lao Language

Invest in Lao lessons: If you will be in Laos for 6 weeks and more and want to learn the Laos language, you should invest in lessons. Those lessons ensure you learn properly and will help build your confidence.
Chat with locals: The simplest way to learn Laos language is making local friends and practice with them.
Practice: Practice makes perfect! Therefore if you want to pick up a language you should immerse yourself in local tv, music, and books, download apps, and go out to practice with your new friends!
With useful phrases above, hope you have a wonderful Lao tour. Anyway, check out our website for more valuable information about Indochina Tours and Myanmar Tours.