Ki-em Art House Resort Nha Trang

Ki-em Art House Resort is located in Khanh Hoa province, in Central Vietnam, 50km North of NhaTrang, in Van Phong Bay, precisely between Ninh Van bay and Whales Island. Ki-em Art House Resort is a place of confluence and exchange with nature and culture of Vietnam. A place for sharing life, between peace and spirituality by the way of Art.The ethics of environment is our quality of action and thinking. We love Art, the difference of cultures creation, joie de vivre, co-existence of contemporary art with older things. We also meditate on infinitesimal. We emphasize on the beauty of contrasts: white rice-black rice, stone-leaf, poverty-wealth, sun-rain, shadow-light, yin and yang. Our artist family is from the villages around and shares with you its moments of poetry. Luxury, at Ki-em Art House resort, is to take care of oneself.

The resort overlooks one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Vietnam: Doc Let. Unlike other beaches, this one, with its gentle slope allows safe bathing. The annual average temperature fluctuates around 30°C.

Address: Dong Hai – Ninh Hai – Ninh Hoa – Hon Khoi , Khanh Hoa province , Vietnam

Star: 4