Most tourists to Vietnam often choose taxi as a favorite convenient method of transportation. However, for those seeking for a unique experience, do not hesitate to try ‘Xe om’ – a popular transportation service of the locals with cheap prices.
First-timers in Vietnam must be unfamiliar with this type of transportation which actually refers to ‘motor-taxi’. It is cheaper than other means of transportation and also a great way to get around the city. In many streets in Vietnam, especially in bus stops, school or hospital gates, you can easily encounter a lot of drivers with a motorbike who are willing to serve you. Of course, we cannot deny the convenience of taxi service in the way that it offers safe and high-quality service. Nevertheless, ‘xe-om’ will have a certain advantage over the taxi. When it comes to traffic jams, skillful ‘xe-om’ drivers will help you get out of the intimidating crowded traffic quicker than taxi’s ones.Vietnam xe om motorbike taxi
Actually, ‘xe-om’ drivers are very knowledgeable about the streets and roads.

Guide to using ‘xe-om’ service in Vietnam

If you’re a local, getting the best deal with a ‘xe-om’ ride would not be much difficult. However, for a foreigner, you should learn the art of catching a ‘xe-om’ service with the best price. Initially, you are advised to ask drivers to let you know the price first. A win-win negotiation is preferable to reach an agreement that satisfies both customers and drivers. Unlike driving a motorbike on your own that you need to bring your own helmet when using ‘xe-om’ service, you’ll be provided helmet by drivers.Old Vietnamese Motorbike Driver

Actually, ‘xe-om’ drivers are very knowledgeable about every road, so you do not have to worry much about getting lost. Especially, it would be a thrilling experience to view the city from the back of the motorbike. You will stand a chance to enjoy the surroundings while listening to interesting stories told by ‘xe-om’ drivers.Xe Om Vietnam