Motorbike in Vietnam

Motorbike is considered to be the most common means of transportation in Vietnam. It is easy to ride a motorbike for Vietnamese people. However, as for foreigners, they can find it hard to control this kind of vehicle on the road because local people do not always follow the rules and the traffic jam is still an unsolved problem in big cities such Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Based on the law, foreigners must have a driver license to ride a motorbike but Vietnamese traffic police rarely check it.

As for foreign tourists who want to use this vehicle in Vietnam, motorbike rental service is a good choice. There is a wide range of motorbike for you to choose that can response to your own purpose and budget. At first, you have to determine the length of time of your trip and search information about the quality of the road and the terrain of the chosen destinations before you go. Reading travel guides on the Internet is also an essential thing you need to do to get helpful tips and experiences for yourself and to avoid unexpected situations. There are many motorbike brands that backpackers use commonly such as Dream, Wave, Minsk or Simson.

It is easy to find renting shops in big cities and tourism destinations as well such as the Old Quarter in Hanoi, District 1 area in Ho Chi Minh City or Hung Vuong Boulevard in Hue, etc. In addition, you can ask your travel agents and hotels for reliable shops.
However, if you find it hard to ride motorbike in Vietnam, “xe om” – a typical means of transportation in Vietnam which you will sit on the back of a person considered as a “live map”, is a good solution for you. This way is very easy and cheap to transfer from one place to other places in the city. The average price per kilometer ranges from 10,000 – 15,000 VND. You do not need to be too worry about the safety because the drivers always bring an extra helmet for their customers.

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