Fable: The Two Men and The Dog

the dog and two men

There was once a village and in this village a house guarded by a dog. A stranger passed through.
The dog leapt up, barked. The man turned and, with his stick, threatened the animal, which beat a retreat.

And he went on his way. But the dog returned to the attack. Our man immediately called out…
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This continued as far as his departure from the village. A second stranger came by. As before the dog jumped at him, barking. But the stranger continued on his way, without looking at the animal, who, weary of fighting, returned to lie down.

The innkeeper watched the two scenes from his doorstep, ‘Why did the animal calm down without any gesture from you?’ he asked the second stranger.

“It’s very simple,” he replied. “My predecessor was frightened of the dog and his threats proved it. For me, I’m not afraid of these animals and they realize it.”
He added:
“Violence rarely shows true strength.”