Khmer Phrases | 40+ Essential & Useful Phrases for Cambodia Travel

Coming to other countries with other languages that are completely different from yours can be a bad dream for many travelers. If you have a plan Cambodia tour packages, you should pick up some Khmer phrases not only to communicate easier but also to warm the heart of locals. Viet Vision Travel would like to provide some Khmer phrases that you will need.

Cambodia phrases for travel

Khmer Phrases in Greetings

Hello (formal) – Chom Reap Sour (chom-reap-sore): This phrase is used to show respect to the elders and those in the higher class.
Hello (informal) – Susadei (Soos-a-day): People use that phrase when greeting friends and colleagues.
Goodbye (formal) – Chom Reap Lear (chom-reep-lear)
Goodbye (informal and commonly used) – Lee hi (lee-hi)
Yes – Bah (bah): when you are male
Yes – Jah (chaa): when you are female
No – Ot Teh (ot-tei)
Thank you – Arkun (Ar-koon)
Don’t forget to come with a smile
Sorry/Excuse me – Som Dtoh (som-toe)

cambodian phrases

Khmer Phrases in Communicating

Do you speak English? – Teu nak niyeay phea sar anglei tay?
Speak slowly – Nee yeay yeut yeut
I understand – Khnum yol
I don’t understand – Khnum ot yol
Please say that again – Som ni yeay mtang tiet
Please write it down – Som sar ser peak nouh aoy khnyum
What time is it? – Tahl maong puon man?

Khmer Phrases in Emergency

Help! – Chuoy khnyum phang
Stop! – Ch’hob
Fire! – Phleung ch’heh
Call the police – Chuoy hau bolisa mok
Slow down – Banthoy L’boeun

Khmer Phrases at the market

How much? – Bo man (bow-man): May the seller will give you the better price
Too expensive – T’lay (t-lay)
From 1 to 10 – Moi, bee, bai, boum, bram, bram moi, bram bee, bram boum, dop: May the seller will give you the better price
Khmer phrases about directions
Turn left – Baht schweng
Turn right – Baht saddam
Go straight – Da trong
Stop here, please – Som chop tini
Please take me to … – Sohn york knhum toev…
Hotel – Santhakea
Embassy – S’thantoot
Bank – Thorneakea
Pharmacy – Or soth s’than
Market – Phsar
Restaurant – Puo ja nee tahn

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Khmer Phrases at the restaurant or bar

Delicious – Chnang
A praise can bring a good day to waiters that lead to their good attitude when serving you and your family.
Spicy – Haal
I am a vegetable – Koon yohm ot cheh nyam sach teh
Water/Beer, please – Som tuk/beer
The bill, please – Som ket loy
Where’s the toilet? – Bang kon nouv aina?