Cambodia Lifestyle | The Daily Lifestyle of Cambodian People

Being a part of Indochina in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a land of features that are typical in the region. These features are clearly revealed in many aspects such as culture, custom, ways of working, and especially lifestyle that you can get a glimpse in all of Cambodia tours provided by Viet Vision Travel.

Cambodia Lifestyle

Hard-working Daily Life in Cambodia

The abundant source of the Mekong River plays the important role in the development of the country. Thanks to it, fishing and farming are the two most popular works. As an apparent result, Cambodian people have the characteristic of hard-working, or it can be considered as their habit. Like the population living in almost all the countries in Indochina, Cambodians usually leave their house really early in the morning to start a working day, they will not come back home until sunset when the light is too weak to see anything in the field.

Cambodian lifestyle on the river regions

Generally, Cambodia is a developing country with very little impact on modern life. People still work with the traditional ways of farming that use the old techniques. That can bring pure experiences to anyone hopping on a tour package to Cambodia when admiring the lush green paddy field and water buffaloes working on it.

Cambodian Lifestyle of Friendliness

Due to a lack of modern facilities, the rhythm of Cambodian life is slow and peaceful without extreme jealousy and competition in working like other Western countries. Live in this environment, people here are really friendly. Don’t be too surprised at their enthusiasm every time you meet them. You can easily find a way to get to the place you want by asking for local’s help or stay in their home for a few days without any fee. They are willing to help tourists who travel to Cambodia as much as they can.

Working Habit of Cambodian People

The rhythm of Cambodian life changes every season. In the rainy season, people plant wet rice – the main food of the region of Indochina – and fishing on the river or lake. Right to the name, there is too much rain in this season which is one of the most typical features in any tropical country. So that the season is really tough for people living here, but also bring the big opportunity to improve their family’s life.

Cambodia rural Lifestyle

After the rainy season, Cambodians will change the main product from wet rice to palm trees. When the collecting season comes, they will sell the palm for many companies in the area, and then the raw materials will be transformed into a tasty product – palm sugar. People here love their work and also respect their labor outcomes although it is not too high.

Family Structure of the Cambodian

With the different culture, the lifestyle of Cambodians is probably different from other countries which is shown in family structure. Almost all Cambodian families are the extended one with three or four generations living in a house (these houses are not too big).

Cambodia lifestyle in the city

Children in Cambodia are raised carefully by their parents until they can make enough money by themselves to live. A couple can have many children with the number are usually 3-5. They consider that more children, more hands-on on the farm. Boys often have more respectful than girls due to their strong health and power when they working.

Cambodians who live in an area such as a village together share a close connection. Their life from birth to death is fastened into the village where they live. They stick together, tell every problem with others, and then look for the advice of elders. The action of not listening to elders, conflicting with siblings, or even leaving your family is unacceptable in this country.

Meals in Cambodian Daily Lifestyle

If you ever took a tour to Cambodia and tailor-made an opportunity having a meal with the local, you can get how an Indochina meal looked like. Cambodians usually have three meals every day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although it is unscientific but with the features of an agricultural country, they don’t have too much time for breakfast and lunch, so that dinner is the most important meal.

cambodia daily meal

Breakfast usually has some classic food such as noodles and cakes. Rice is considered the essential part of every lunch and dinner. Due to many rivers flowing along with the country, fish is the main protein in every meal. However, not all families have three meals. Poor people have to eat the cold rice that they left over from the last meal with fish sauce, not the real fish.