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Broad, lush and absolutely flat, the great Mekong River Delta forms the southernmost part of the country, extending to Mui Ca Mau – Vietnam’s Cap Finistere, where the waters of the South China Sea meet those of the Gulf of Thai land. The vast delta region is made up of rich alluvial silt carried down by the floodwaters of the Mekong from Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.

So regular is this process that the delta is growing at a rate of about 75m (245ft) per year, extending both the shoreline and the rich farmland known as ‘Vietnam’s Rice Bowl’. A visit to this region enables the traveler to explore shaded waterways and floating markets by boat, see relics of the ancient Funanese city of Oc Eo, and visit the delta’s Khmer Buddhist temples and Cham Muslim mosques.

At Viet Vision Travel, we offer a variety of choices for Mekong Delta tours from Ho Chi Minh City. Day trip to Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City could be to My Tho or Vinh Long and back to Ho Chi Minh within the day. We also provide 2 days or 3-day excursions to Mekong Delta with many interesting activities to visit the highlights of the area such as Cai Be floating village, Cai Rang floating village, snake farm, cottage industries villages, workshops, honeybee farms, brick kilns… Furthermore, we also have some interesting experiences like stay with a local family, paddling the local boat, biking on the islands on Mekong River.

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  • Karin

    We are interested in tour route: Ho Chi Minh City – Vinh Long – Can Tho – Ho Chi Minh City. We have seen this tour as well and would like to know the hotel name and if this could be by home stay as well?

    • Angela

      For this tour, it is possible to do it with 2 options: Overnight at the hotel or home stay. Home stay is a good suggestion for Mekong Delta tour. You will be enjoyable to explore Vinh Long and Can Tho.

  • Jenny

    Can I enjoy sea food in tour visit Mekong Delta?

    • Angela

      Yes, of course. You will enjoy a delicious seafood lunch or glorious dinner in your trip in Mekong Delta.

  • Aslhey Vasquez

    Is there any attraction in tour cycling Mekong Delta? Should we take classic tour or cycling tour, please advice.

    • Tracey

      With tour classic, you will transfer from Ho Chi Minh to Mekong Delta via car/ bus, and then take cruise to visit local house and floating markets. While tour cycling is prefer for persons like adventure with cycling around 25 – 30 km each day.

  • Lena Martin

    For tour cycling Mekong Delta, will we overnight home stay or overnight at hotel?

    • Tracey

      With tour discovery 2 days Mekong, you should overnight home stay while tour discovery 3 days, you can home stay 1 night and overnight at hotel in Can Tho 1 day.

  • Chyenne

    How far will I drive my bike in tour cycling Mekong Delta 2 days?

    • Angela

      On day 1, you will drive from Cai Be to An Binh Island in distance of 25km. And day 2, you will take cycling round 40km.

  • How far is it from Long Xuyen to Can Tho?

    • Angela

      It is around 60 km for traveling from Long Xuyen to Can Tho and it takes around 90 minutes to get there in case of heavy traffic.

  • Gilbert

    We are 2 adults, want tour cycling around Mekong Delta, can you arrange?

    • Tracey

      Yes, of course. We are available tour 2 days or 3 days, or 5 days discovery Mekong Delta by bike.

  • Kirsten

    Can we book 1 Day Mekong Delta – Ben Tre Discovery?

    • Angela

      Yes, you can. We have dropped you reservation form for your tour in Mekong Delta, please fill in the blank and send us back via email.

  • Tessa

    I really like biking around the local village in Mekong delta. It is free, isn’t it?

  • Jay C

    My huggy and I really prefer to visit Mekong delta but not stay at basic local house. Please advise me.

    • Tracey

      Sure. You will visit Mekong delta and stay overnight at hotel in central. Don’t worry about it and enjoy Mekong delta trip with us.


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Top 7 Things To Do And See in Mekong Delta

If you want to escape from the bustling city to relax in the peaceful countryside, Mekong Delta tours are the best choice for you. As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam, Mekong Delta brings a lot of amazing experiences for tourists such as boating along winding rivers, going fishing, tasting juicy tropical fruits, and soaking into local floating markets. Here are top 7 things to do and see in Mekong Delta we recommended for you, check it right now!

Make A Boat Cruise Through Small Canals

It is absolutely true that the best way to admire the beauty and uniqueness of Mekong Delta is by a boat cruise on waterways. From the boat, you will be impressed by stunning sights of rice paddies, lush orchards, lines of coconut trees and quiet stilt houses. The scenic Mekong Delta boat trip offers you the opportunity to discover the bustling colors of floating markets, to experience the traditional lifestyle of local people as well as to take a close glimpse at Vietnam countryside.

Stop By Floating Markets

Mekong Delta seduces the heart of tourists by the lively and colorful floating markets. Visit the floating markets to be mesmerized by the bustling atmosphere, to spread your eyes on the panorama of people exchanging goods, fruits and other chat and learn more about the lives of the friendly locals. Floating market will satisfy your shopping favorite with a plenty of things from fresh fruits, dried foods, animals to fruit juice and coffee. Sip a cup of coffee and taste some local food like Hu Tieu, Banh Canh, Xoi or Bun Ca…Great! There is a plenty of floating market in Mekong Delta but Cai Be and Cai Rang floating markets are the easiest to reach and most popular with tourists.

Listen To Southern Folk Songs (Don Ca Tai Tu)

Don Ca Tai Tu is a special kind of musical art which is flourished in Southern Vietnam in the late 19th century and featuring both scholarly and folk roots. It reflects the lifestyle of Southerners who live along the Mekong Delta and help them express all of their inner feelings, emotions, generosity and encourage them in the hard life. There are some traditional instrumental played in the folk song’s performance like play moon-shaped lute(don kim), a 16-string zither(don tranh), a 2-string fiddle (dan co) and a Western guitar adapted to Vietnamese music. Singers performing Don Ca Tai Tu often wear traditional Ao Dai. Wallow in the soothing sound of the music and drink fruit refreshments or tea to immerse yourself in Vietnamese Southern traditional culture.

Visit And Taste Fresh Fruits In Local Garden

It will be a pity if when visiting Mekong Delta, you skip visiting a tropical fruit garden. Thanks to the favorable natural conditions, fruits season in Mekong Delta seem to be all year round. Visiting Mekong Delta, you will soak up a wide range of tropical fruits such as plump, orange, mandarin, dragon fruit, mango, durian, jackfruit, coconut, and rambutan, etc. Play around an orchard to listen to the story to the host of the garden, pick and enjoy fresh fruits by your hands. That’s totally different from any experience you had had before.

Feed And Catch Fish At A Fish Farm

Spend a day in Mekong Delta to visit a fish farm to feed fishes, catch fishes and enjoy your achievement by cooking delicious dishes using fresh ingredients and Vietnamese recipe. Visitors will have an opportunity to catch fishes on the ponds with a bucket or even bare hands. For big fishes like catfish, elephant-ear fish or snakehead fish you need using a fishing rod with bamboo material. Do not forget to try “ Ca Kho To” - a famous and flavorful dishes in Mekong Delta which is made of catfish braised with caramel sauce in a clay pot as well as sweet and sour soup.

Explore The Beauty Of Phu Quoc Island

Your Mekong Delta itinerary would not be complete without setting your food on Phu Quoc Island to visit a lot of stunning natural sights such as Da Ban Stream, the Cape of Ganh Dau, etc. This beautiful island captures the soul and the heart of tourists by soft sand, lines of coconut palms, yellow sunlight and crystal water. It also offers you a chance to taste a variety of fresh seafood like ocean crab, herring salad, sea urchins, and more. That is such a wonderful feeling when you dip your toes into the powdery sand, sip a cold cocktail under the shade of coconut palms.

Cycle around the quiet villages

Needless to say, one of the most exciting ways to explore the Delta region is by hiring a bike for one or two days. Tourists can zig zag on small villages roads to admire the peaceful life of locals in this charming land and meet the super friendly farmers. You also can take a cycling tour in Mekong Delta which includes passing through charming towns and villages, crossing rivers on ferries and traveling along paths lined with orchards to see the wonderful sights, witness the slow life and taste the unique cuisine. Take your Mekong Delta tours right now to explore this land in your own way! Anyway, we offer a variety of Vietnam vacation packages, feel free to contact us if you need more information about Mekong Delta tour packages or any destinations throughout Vietnam. We guarantee you a unique and memorable Vietnam vacation!
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