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Hanoi is one of the most charming cities in Southeast Asia. Years of war and political isolation have combined to keep the Vietnamese capital off the tourist map – at least until fairly recently. Travelers will be surprised and delighted to find that Hanoi is probably the most beautiful capital city in Southeast Asia, combining indigenous architectural treasures with fine examples of French colonial architecture. The people are friendly, the food is excellent.

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  • Richard

    Is the Water Puppet nice? Where can I see that in Hanoi?

    • Angela

      The Water Puppet show is really unique show and should not be missed when you are in Hanoi. The show could be seen at the Thang Long water puppet show nearby Hoan Kiem Lake (near Ngoc Son temple). First class ticket is 100.000 VND and second class is 60.000 VND. You can also see it at Bong Sen Water Puppet Theater also on the side of Hoan Kiem lake with ticket: 60.000, 80.000 and 100.000 VND

  • Tonny

    How is the night market in Hanoi? It is good to see?

    • Angela

      The night market in Hanoi is only on Saturday and Sunday evening in the area of Hang Dao and Hang Ngang Street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. In the evening, those streets are closed down for all vehicles and there are many shops to sell: clothes, souvenirs, shoes…This is a walking street and very busy on Saturday and Sunday nights. It is nice place for you to see and you can also visit the Hoan Kiem Lake (just nearby) at night.

  • How about Bat Trang Ceramic village? It is worth to visit?

    • Tracey

      Bat Trang is a traditional ceramic village. It is worth for you to visit in about haft day (from Hanoi). You can also try on making some of the jars; bolds…There are many workshops where you can try that. In Bat Trang you can buy many sort of Ceramic for your home or for souvenir. Bat Trang would be an interesting place for you to see the handicraft village in Vietnam.

  • Michael

    I heard that The Women Museum is interesting place to visit? Should i visit that museum instead of Ethnology museum?

    • Tracey

      It is very much depend on what you want to see when you are in Hanoi. The Women museum is a interesting museum to visit. It shows a lot about the role of the women throughout Vietnamese History. It also has a lot of activities and show about many different topics about Vietnamese women nowadays.
      The Ethnology museum shows us about the 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam: their cultures, origin, development, houses…It has both indoor and outdoor museum. It is one of the best museums in Hanoi.

  • What should I visit in two days in Hanoi?

    • Tracey

      You can do many things in Hanoi in two days. You can visit Ho Chi Minh complex, Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son temple. You also should not miss the vibrant Hanoi’s Old Quarter and Dong Xuan Market and many Museums including: Ethnology Museum, Fine Art Museum, History Museum…You can visit Hanoi in one or two day. There are some interesting tours like: cyclo tours in Hanoi visit the Hanoi Old quarter, Hanoi food tours to taste Hanoi street foods, Dong Ngac tour to visit the old village in the suburb of Hanoi.
      You can also visit Hanoi in one day and visit some other place nearby Hanoi in one day like: Halong Bay, Hoa Lu – Tam Coc, Trang An, Perfume Pagoda…

  • Carlos

    I have to postpone my 5 Day Hanoi – Halong Bay Classic Wonder Tour due to my family’s reason. Is there any postpone charge?

    • Tracey

      No, I will arrange with all suppliers and you don’t have to pay any charge for this postpone.

  • Cathy

    I also wish confirm with you that, as a Malaysian, I do not require a visa to enter Vietnam, am I correct?

    • Nancy

      Sure, you are correct. Malaysian passport holders don’t need visa to enter Vietnam and other ASEAN countries.

  • Benjy

    Is it possible to require vegetarian meal throughout the stay?

    • Angela

      Sure, it is. We can arrange vegetarian meals for you. Please advise me what kind of food you can’t and can it so I will inform to all the restaurants and hotels.

  • Whom should i be meeting at the airport up on arrival?

    • Tracey

      You will be welcomed by local tour guide and driver at the airport. The tour guide will bring the welcome board with your name and your flight information. It’s easy to find out him because he is standing on the way out of security check-out gate.

  • Jamari

    Can i have your office telephone number contact/person just in case of emergency?

    • Angela

      Yes, you can. Please call to my office telephone number at (+84) 909 896286 which is working during 24/7. My Director of Sales will answer you if you call.


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Top 5 Best Hanoi Dishes - Top Must-Try Foods in Hanoi Tours

Bun Cha - Grilled Pork & Vermicelli

Bun Cha is the top choice for lunch in Hanoi. This dish has two different kinds of pork: strips of meat and minced pork patties. The porks are soaked into a bowl of a fish sauce and served with a basket of fresh herbs, a helping of rice noodles and some red chillis and minced garlic. We highly recommend Bun Cha Huong Lien at No.24 Le Van Huu street where Obama ate bun cha during his night out with Bourdain for this special dish.

Nem Cua Be - Crab Spring Rolls

Another specialty of Hanoi you should try is nem cua be or crabmeat spring rolls which are the perfect complement to bun cha. Ingredients of this dish conclude minced crab, pork, vermicelli, mushrooms mixed with various spices. All of these are rolled in rice sheets, deeply dried, cut into bite-sized pieces. This crispy snack is often served with fresh herbs and lettuce. You can dip it into sour and spicy sauce or into the savory bun cha soup. Stop at 67 Duong Thanh Street to enjoy mouthwatering crab spring rolls.

Cha Ca - Turmeric Fish with Dill

Cha ca is a perfect combination of white fish seasoned with garlic, ginger, turmeric, and dill served on a sizzling pan. This special dish is so popular among locals there is a street in Hanoi Old Quarter named after it. According to locals’ suggestions, the best place to enjoy cha ca is at Cha Ca Thang Long at Duong Thanh street.

Bun Thang - Rice Vermicelli with Chicken, Egg, Pork

Bun Thang is one of the most attractive dishes in Hanoi capital. This dish impresses tourists by the flavourful broth which is the harmonious combination of 20 different ingredients, including dried shrimp, squid, shrimp paste, spring onion, coriander, ginger, mushroom, beet, fish sauce, sugar candy, and vinegar. As others Vietnamese noodles it is served with a mountain of fresh herbs and chili. Bun Thang Ba Duc is a local hangout spot for this tasty delicacy.

Banh Cuon - Steamed Pork Wraps

Banh cuon is a combination of pork and minced wood ear mushroom filling wrapped in freshly steamed rice paper. It is served with onions, Vietnam ham (cha lua), steamed bean sprouts, and cucumbers. Dip the banh cuon into the source for additional flavor and enjoy its mild taste.You can find it easily in any roadside vendors, but Banh Cuon Gia Truyen is the best place to taste this dish. Viet Vision Travel offers a lot of choice for Hanoi tours as well as Vietnam vacations and tours. Please feel free to contact us, our experts will tailor a unique and memorable Hanoi trip for you!

Top 6 Hanoi Museums - Fascinating Places To Visit In Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Museum

Located in the Ho Chi Minh complex, Ho Chi Minh museum is one of the most resourceful museums in Hanoi that you cannot miss. The whole museum is an elaborate description of Ho Chi Minh‘s life from his childhood to his pass away. Its highlights include mementos of Ho’s life, and some fascinating photos and dusty official documents relating to the overthrow of the French and the onward march of revolutionary socialism. Visitors definitely will be mesmerized by a series of artifacts, miniatures and various gifts gathered nationally and internationally there.

Vietnam National Museum of History

Built between 1925 and 1932 by Ernest Hebrard architect, the museum retains unique Indochina architectural. National Museum of Vietnam was formerly home to the École française d’Extrême-Orient. Exhibit highlights of this impressive museum include bronze drum from the Dong Son culture, Bat Trang pottery, Hindu statuary from the Khmer and Champa kingdoms, jewelry from imperial Vietnam, wooden stakes in Bach Dang Battle and displays relating to the French occupation and the Communist Party. National Museum of Vietnam guarantees tourists the full and comprehensive knowledge about the historical periods of Vietnam country from prehistoric times until the period of struggling for national construction and defense. Make sure you do not miss it in your Hanoi itinerary.

Hoa Lo Prison Museum

Different other museums in Hanoi which are the places of sweetness, gorgeousness, and light, Hoa Lo Prison Museum or “ The Hanoi Hilton” is a place filled with many grim stories. It is the place of brutality, torture and the Hilton no-one wants to stay in. The remaining chilly, damp cells, rusted iron stock used in the torture of prisoners and a macabre French guillotine are the evidence of the French colonialists' crime. Visit this historic destination to witness the life and sufferings of prisoners in the most notorious prison in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Women’s Museum

Vietnamese Women’s museum in the eyes of foreign tourists is an excellent and impressive museum showcasing the roles of women in Vietnamese society as well as culture. The museum features a stunning collection of propaganda posters, a hard-hitting exhibition on women ‘s role in wartime and a fascinating costume-heavy display of Vietnam’ethnic minority groups. Wander around the museum to explore the much-neglected subject of family life and maternity and the moving display on the ‘Heroic Mothers of Vietnam’ that memorializes women who lost children during Vietnam’s many years of warfare.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

As the largest and the most interesting museum in Hanoi, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is worth a thorough visit, for those who are keen on learning about the multiculturality of Vietnam and for those who would appreciate some large green spaces. It is a captivating and exciting exploration of the 54 ethnic minorities of Vietnam. Visitors will be impressed by the elaboration of the traditional architectures of ethnic minorities’ houses there, at the same time being thoroughly engaged in a ton of fun traditional games and activities such as water puppet show, calligraphy, stone game.Visit this museum to get as close as any tourist can to the religious and cultural ceremonies and everyday rituals of the many different people of Vietnam.

Vietnam Fine Arts Museum

Built in the 1930s as a Girl School for Indochina high-ranked officers the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum is a real treasure trove of traditional, religious, modern and contemporary Vietnamese art. This special museum not only exhibits impressive paintings, sophisticated ceramics and lacquers created by modern Post-war artists but many of its contents date back as far as pre-historic and feudalism time. It is probably true that the most compelling highlights of the museum are ancient Champa stone carvings and some astonishing effigies of Quan Am, the thousand-eyed, thousand-armed goddess of compassion. Head to this place to soak up Vietnam’s artistic treasures.
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