Woman Master Ho Hoa Hue


At first glance, few people would think that a woman with such an aristocratic manner and kind expression could be a master of martial arts. Ho Hoa Hue won the championship at a national festival of Vietnamese traditional martial arts and was the first woman to teach Vietnamese martial arts in Europe. The French League of Karate has awarded her the Certificate of Master Fifth Grade.

In November 1998, the French Association of Vietnamese People in Paris organized a celebration honoring the 300th anniversary of Sai Gon – Ho Chi Minh City. Participants were very moved when Prof. Tran Van Khe, a famous researcher on Vietnamese traditional music, hugged Master Ho Hoa Hue after she finished her performance. “Ly Thuong Kiet Scimitar” In a soft bass voice. Prof. Khe read this poem written by Ly Thuong Kiet, a talented general from the eleventh century: “The Emperor of the South reigns over mountains and rivers of the South. As it stands written forever in the Book of Heaven. How is it then that you strangers dare to invade our land? Your army shall be heavily beaten.

Master Ho Hoa Hue and her student
Master Ho Hoa Hue and her student

During her month and a half stay in Paris, Ms. Hue gave many performances and also instructed students at martial art schools under the International Association of Vietnamese Martial Arts and the Kempo Society. She also visited other martial art centers in France and coached practitioners, and then traveled to Belgium, Italy, Holland, and Germany.

Born in 1944 in Tien Giang Province, Master Ho Hoa Hue started practicing Tay Son martial arts with her grandfather when she was five years old. At eleven, she studied with Master Pham Dong, and when she was fourteen, she began studying with Master Tu Thien, head of the Lady Tra -Tan Khanh School. She won many competitions before 1975. Since then, she has become a member of Ho Chi Minh City’s Society of Traditional Martial Arts, a member of the Committee of the Vietnam Federation of Traditional Martial Arts, and head of the School of Tinh Vo Dao Martial Arts.