In twelve Vietnamese Zodiac Signs, the Horse is the seventh zodiac animal in the cycle including Rat, Buffalo, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. A Horse year happens every 12 years. People born in 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026 are Horse.Vietnamese Zodiac Signs - The Horse

Horse Zodiac Sign Meaning

Horse people are smooth talkers and given to compliments and generosity; therefore, they are popular, but they rarely listen to advice. The horse’s propensity to kick evokes images of a quick-tempered personality. The horse’s speed leads it to be compared with the sun, which traverses the earth daily; in legends, the sun is associated with fiery steeds. The Horse is invested in purity, nobility, and wisdom. It is esteemed for alertness, intelligence, strength, and its friendship with humans. Noontime, when the sun is highest, are the Horse Hours.

horse zodiac sign personalities and traits

Horse Zodiac Personalities & Traits

Warm-hearted, liberal, and fiery should be words to describe people born in Horse year. They have a lot of friends around, they also keep a good relationship with their buddies. However, they cannot keep secrets. They like public activities, which costs them a lot of money. Another strong point of these people is that they are optimistic and receptive. The drawback is that they are not consistent in doing things from the opening to the end and quickly give up when encountering difficulties in life. Thus, they are thought to be irresponsible. Most of them work far from home to pursue career paths, but they may face the challenge from middle age.

In a love relationship, the Horse acts as a straightforward person and pays much attention to their appearance, which makes them really attractive. Nevertheless, this characteristic prevents them from keeping a long-term relationship with their mates.

horse zodiac sign meaning

According to astrology, different periods of a day by the time the Horse people born could significantly affect their personalities: Those born in the morning do not receive good fortune during their life. They may enjoy luck in the early years but should get careful preparation for old age. Earning enough money and save for their later years would be great advice for them.

The Horses born at noon are quite aggressive. They may get angry and give offense to others, which leads to a lot of frustration in their life.
Those born in the morning are the luckiest ones who may enjoy great success and achievements before thirty-five. However, it is likely that they will get dizzy with the success. They should broaden their knowledge to be a worthy person. For the women, good preparation for their career is significant.

The Health Condition of the Horse Zodiac Sign

Because Horses always keep an optimistic attitude toward life, they can be both physically and mentally healthy. Nevertheless, responsibility and pressure from their work will get them down. They should not work overtime, come home late or participate in late-night parties. Proper relaxation is extremely useful after hard-working time.

Which Careers are Best-suited for Horse Zodiac Sign?

Horses have the ability to communicate tactfully. They also demonstrate well in leadership, management, and decision-making. Horses are extroverts, so they want to be surrounded by everyone who approves of their ability. Top career choices for Horses include tour operator, pilot, journalist, language teacher, translator, performer, sales representative, or publicist.

pilot is best suited for horse zodiac sign

How to Build Relationships with Horse Zodiac Sign

Horse people are often considered to be helpful, friendly, and out-going. They also have a good sense of humor and are easy to get along with as they always try to behave beautifully. Being quick-witted and thoughtful, the Horses can understand one’s thoughts before they express them, which is the reason why they have a large following of friends.

Five Types of Horse Zodiac Sign

There are five sacred elements in the universe are Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Each zodiac sign has a close relationship with those elements, and a combination of one element and one animal occurs every 60 years. As a result, there are five types of Rat with particular features as below:

Type of HorseYear of BirthPersonality & Traits of Horse Zodiac Sign
Wood Horse1954, 2014Touchy and soft-hearted, with a rich imagination and deliberate analyses of issues
Fire Horse1906, 1966, 2026Bright, charming, outgoing, enthusiastic, but stubborn
Earth Horse1918, 1978, 2038Confident, warm-hearted, virtuous, responsible, and always ready to help others but irritable
Gold Horse1930, 1990, 2050Kind-hearted, uncomplicated, serene, logical, and beloved by friends
Water Horse1942, 2002, 2062Sentimental, touchy, trustworthy, friendly, and very courteous to friends of the opposite sex.

Famous People Born in the Years of Horse

Nelson Mandela, Paul McCartney, Neil Armstrong, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton, Vladimir Lenin, Jackie Chan, James Cameron, Kevin Costner.

nelson madela was born in the year of horse