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  • Vietnamese Zodiac Signs


The calendar in Vietnam’s ancient agricultural society was based on the regularly changing phases of the moon. Most Vietnamese, even city dwellers and overseas Vietnamese, have a lunar calendar in their homes to consult for the dates of festivals and auspicious days.

The date of the New Year varies from year to year, because it is based on the lunar calendar. The equinoxes and solstices that mark the beginning of the European seasons are taken as the midpoint by the Asian calendar, with the result that each Vietnamese season begins six weeks earlier than its European counterpart.

12 Vietnamese Zodiac Signs

Each year is “sponsored” sequentially by one of twelve animals of the Vietnamese zodiac: the Rat comes first, and then the Ox or Buffalo, followed in order by the Tiger, Cat or Rat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat or Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and last of all, the Pig.

Vietnamese Zodiac Signs
Of these animals, one is mythical (the dragon), and four (rat, tiger, snake, and monkey) are wild, shunning contact with humans. Seven are domesticated. Every twelve years, the sponsorship reverts to the same animal. For example, the years 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012 are Dragon Years.

In addition, the Vietnamese use another set of ten heavenly or celestial signs, usually called “stems.” Combining the ten heavenly stems with the twelve earthly animals results in a sixty-year cycle, similar to the Western century of one hundred years. The celestial “stem” attached to the zodiac animal provides a modifying influence on the characteristics of the animal. For example, the year of the dog sign can be “modified” by five of the ten different associated “stems.”

Each year has import for humans who have converging or diverging signs. The following examples are given in the order that they occur in the cycle. Each of the twelve animals also “sponsors” a two-hour period of time of the day.



  • 11:00 am 30 Mar 1983

    • Stephen

      You was born on 16th Feb 1983 following lunar calendar.
      The huge turning point of your life will open up in the year of 33.
      The good fortunes focus on career, money, children, parent and husband.
      Bad at life (overall), health, ambiance.
      – Calm, stable, but the interior is hot, irritated.
      – Quite obstinate, difficult to talk with other people
      – The personality is strong, overcome the challenge.

  • David Burge

    july 31, 1944 11:39am St. Louis, Missouri, USA

    • Stephen

      You was born on 12th June 1944 following the lunar calendar.
      The huge turning point of your life will open up in the year of 32 at Real Estate field.
      Your life & spirit fusion all in one that means you will not have many fluctuations in your life. The young time and the old time will not be too much different.
      Whenever you think about anything or any action no one can change the reality unless the one has a good knowledge or reasonings.
      The good fortunes focus on life, career, ambiance, parent, lifemate, siblings.
      Bad at children & luck.
      – Very subjective, hard to be influenced by outside factors
      – Style of martial arts, generous, artist (open, fun, romantic ..) busy with work & career, many practical thinkings and actions.
      – The personality is strong, overcome the challenge.
      – Attempts to plan everything that may shake the inside serenity.

  • Petra

    2am 17th of November 1975


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