Vietnamese Zodiac – What is Your Character if You are a Buffalo?


The Buffalo symbolizes industriousness and patience. Its year is one of slow, steady progress, patient strength, traits suitable for a scientist. The buffalo is a traditional symbol of spring and agriculture because of its association with the plow and its pleasure wallowing in the mud. People of this year are thought to possess the characteristics of that animal: steadiness, placidity, but stubbornness when crossed. The Buffalo Hours are from 1 to 3 A.M., when buffaloes eat in preparation for the day’s farm work.

The Buffalo is the second animal in the 12 Vietnamese Zodiac Animals. People in the Buffalo year are born in 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033…Vietnamese Zodiac Sign - Buffalo

Personality & Character of the Buffalo Zodiac Sign

Buffaloes are diligent, trustworthy, strong, and decisive. Buffaloes have a strong sense of patriotism for their country, ambitions for life, and emphasize the significance of family and career. However, these characteristics lead to the conservative trait of people born this Buffalo year. Women in Buffalo sign are those who are inconspicuous, loyal, and concentrate on the education of their children.

Because the Buffaloes have great ambition and patience, they could reach the goals through steady efforts. Factors such as the environment or other people cannot influence them as they always stick to ideas and competence. Before deciding anything, they will have a detailed plan and place their best strength and faith. As a result, they could enjoy great success. However, Buffaloes may face some difficulties due to their poor communication skills. Sometimes, they are stubborn and do not follow the rules.

The Health Condition of the Buffalo Zodiac Sign

Buffaloes have great strength; thus, in general, they can enjoy a healthy life and little sickness. Buffalo people often work hard, give themselves a little time for relaxing and forget meals, which causes them problems related to their digestive system. They are advised to take enough rest and establish a balanced diet to work efficiently. Sometimes, they should take short trips, which will bring a lot of benefits.

Which Careers are Best-suited for Buffalo Zodiac Sign?

Buffaloes always try to work hard and finish everything. With a deliberate and responsible attitude to work, they can meet the expectation of their colleagues and bosses. They are the best fit for careers that need an eye on detail such as painting, politics, real estate, carpentry, interior design, craftsmanship, mechanics, pharmacy, manufacturing, and agriculture.

How to Build Relationships with Buffalo Zodiac Sign

Buffalo people do not own good communicating skills with others, so they have little social interaction. They often choose to live in loneliness instead of taking part in group activities. However, once one becomes a friend of the Buffaloes, they could be treated sincerely.

In a love relationship, Buffalo people have a desire to establish a long-term relationship with their partners and do not want a temporary love. Nevertheless, Buffalo ladies are lack of feminity. If they can change themselves to be more thoughtful and enthusiastic, they will find their love for the best.

Five Types of the Buffalo Zodiac Sign

Each person’s characteristics are decided by the year they born and the elements representing them. Thus, different characteristics are used to describe each type of Buffalo.

Type of the Buffalo

Year of Birth


Wood Buffalo1925, 1985Determined, genuine, restless, and always ready to help the weak.
Fire Buffalo1937, 1997Near-sighted, selfish, intolerant, impersonal, but rational
Earth Buffalo1949, 2009Truthful and careful, with a strong sense of accountability
Gold Buffalo1961, 2021Dedicated, active, and always busy, is loved by friends
Water Buffalo1913, 1973Energetic, hardworking, strong, able to face hardship, with a strong sense of honesty and keen observational capabilities

Famous People Born in the Years of Buffalo

Vincent Van Gogh, Adolf Hitler, Walt Disney, Margaret Thatcher, Barack Obama, Bruno Mars, George Frederic Handel, Saddam Hussein, Dustin Hoffman, Jane Fonda, Cristiano Ronaldo, Clark Gable, Eddie Murphy

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