Vietnam Among World’s Safest Places for Solo Female Travel by Time Out

Vietnam Among World's Safest Places for Solo Female Travel by Time Out

Vietnam has been highlighted by British magazine Time Out as one of the safest destinations globally for solo female travelers, making it the sole Southeast Asian representative on this prestigious list. Time Out noted that Vietnam, alongside Thailand, competes for the top spot in safety for women backpackers in Southeast Asia, emphasizing Vietnam as an excellent starting point. This recognition is attributed to Vietnam’s political stability and notably low rates of violent crime. Both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are highlighted as ideal destinations for foreigners seeking a safe and enriching Vietnam vacation experience.

Hue, Vietnam - Vietnam safest places

The editors of Time Out encouraged visitors to explore the ancient villages of Hoi An, renowned for their unhurried pace of life and peaceful ambiance, and to savor the cuisine in Hue, once the residence of the Nguyen Dynasty, Vietnam’s final ruling royal family. Hue boasts a rich culinary heritage, offering over 1,200 dishes, including specialties like bun bo Hue (rice vermicelli with beef soup), Hue-style sweet soup, spring rolls, and com hen, a rice dish featuring local ingredients such as baby mussels (hen) and fresh herbs.

Hoi An, Vietnam - Vietnam safest places

Alongside Vietnam, Time Out’s list of safe destinations for solo female travelers also features Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, Greece, and New Zealand.