Top 10 Karaokes in Sapa

Karaoke in Sapa

Sapa is the home to not only heart-touching natural landscape but also interesting entertaining places alluring a great number of visitors. If you fancy yourself with singing songs, besides amazing bars and pubs, Sapa also offers wonderful karaoke – an ideal place to connect everyone together through beautiful songs. The below list introduces top 10 karaoke places in Sapa.

Pho Xua Karaoke
Pho Xua Karaoke is amongst the top perfect places for those who love singing and enjoying relaxing moments.
Address: 04, Ngu Chi Son, Sapa Town
Tel: 0986090342

ADAM Karaoke
Karaoke rooms in ADAM Karaoke are decorated with impressive and attractive rotating disco balls, laser effect and colorful lightings. Therefore, it would be a perfect place for enjoying refreshingly cool drink and singing your favorite songs.
Address: 030, Ngu Chi Son, Sapa TownAdam karaoke

Nhan Karaoke
Nhan Karaoke is a not-to-be-missed promisingly entertaining place for customers to obtain ultimate experience. Spacious and nicely-decorated rooms, coupled with a long list of beautiful songs will definitely satisfy everyone.
Address: 06, Ngu Chi Son, Sapa Town
Tel: 01687661141

Thuy Nga Karaoke
Thuy Nga Karaoke is really good value for money. Plan your time to create a wonderful comfortable environment here with your family or friends.
Address: 058, Ngu Chi Son, Sapa Town
Tel: 0978613868

At DOMISON Karaoke, you will enjoy a wonderful atmosphere and singing your favorite songs. DMISON Karaoke also satisfies its customers for professional, friendly and efficient service.
Address: Thach Son Street, Sapa town
Tel: 0203 873873

EIFFEL Karaoke
EIFFEL Karaoke offers two main kinds of rooms, the VIP room and the normal one. With no doubt, you will enjoy most wonderful entertaining activities there.
Address: 041, Thach Son Street, Sapa town
Tel: 01633799999

AKING Karaoke
Another good karaoke place to enjoy singing is AKING Karaoke. Here, there are several kinds of rooms varying in prices.
Address: N1 Street, Moi Market, Sapa town
Tel: 0977961868
Aking Karaoke Sapa
Hai Yen Karaoke
This amazing karaoke place is another ideal one for those being keen on singing. With unique decoration of harmonized colors, Hai Yen Karaoke promises to offer best singing experience.
Address: 012, Thach Son Street, Sapa town
Tel: 0203 873 555

Vuon Hong Karaoke
Equipped with top-notch sound system, Vuon Hong Karaoke is highly appreciated to be a perfect karaoke place providing enjoyable moments.
Address: 054, Fancipan Street, Sapa town
Tel: 0982504789

This karaoke place, as its name indicates, is an amazingly wonderful entertaining place for your days in Sapa.
Address: Cau May, Sapa town
Tel: 0986814715