A Local’s Guide to Taxis, Motorbike Taxis & Cyclos in Vietnam

Cylos in Vietnam Vietnam vacation

How to travel during Vietnam vacations is never a question for tourists as various types of transportation are available to serve your demands. But are they safe and convenient? The answer is absolutely safe and convenient if you follow some guides to taxis, motorbike taxis, and Cyclos in Vietnam below.

Taxis in Vietnam

Vietnamese taxis are cheap and plentiful. Do check that the driver starts the meter unless you agree to a price before a move off and then stick to it. If you use taxis, motorbike taxis or cyclos, it’s best to always make sure you have some small notes on you. The “sorry, no change” line is often used to try and round up the fare to fit your bank notes. If you only carry 50,000 VND bills … it might get expensive. Do make sure the driver has really understood where you want to go rather than just answering ‘yes’ to everything you say and then driving around aimlessly – with the meter running – In the hope that inspiration will strike from some unlikely, quarter… If you can’t make yourself understood, show your destination to him (or occasionally her) in writing. Nearly all taxi drivers can read, even if they can’t drive. Mai Linh Taxi, Vinasun Taxi, and Taxi Group are names of recommendation.

taxi in Vietnam

Motorbike Taxis in Vietnam

You’ll find motorbike taxis on every street corner in Vietnam – or rather they’ll find you and eagerly offer their services. This is the fastest way to get across town without having your own bike and is often the best and cheapest way to get to a distant beach, village, site, airport, etc. Unless you’re already an old hand at this game, Do fix a price before you hop on; politely ignore any attempts to renegotiate the amount along the way and check that you are indeed where you want to be before you pay off your motorbike taxis. No helmet of course, unless you’re carrying one, but you do get to watch the world go by rather than threading through the Vietnam traffic yourself.

motorbike taxi in vietnam

Technological Means of Transportation in Vietnam

Using smartphones to call for taxis and motorbikes is Common in Vietnam. Grab and GoViet are two famous brands running this business. The advantage of this service is drivers will come to your place to pick you up in a minute. Besides, the transparency of the price will make you feel more comfortable. You can easily download their apps from Appstore or Google Play. However, if you see a motorbike taxi on the street with the driver wearing the uniform of Grab or GoViet, they are not the driving staff of these company. They are fake and actually the motorbike taxis.

grab taxi in vietnam

Cyclos in Vietnam

Cyclos, or bicycle trishaws, offer a quiet, leisurely and eco-friendly way to cover short distances. A wonderful invention introduced by a Frenchman to alleviate the grind and degradation of rickshaw pullers, you will notice cyclo designs vary from one region to another. However, many city streets are now closed to cyclos, forcing them to make long detours. Unfortunately, they tend to lose much of their initial charm over time, because cyclo drivers tend to pester tourists and foreigners relentlessly and sometimes even aggressively. do not take cyclos late at night, unless you know your way around. Numerous stories indicate that this is not a very safe option.

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