Ta Phin Village in Sapa

Ta Phin Village Sapa

Being the home to H’mong and Red Dao ethnic minority, Ta Phin Village is amongst the most imposing spot in Sapa day trips. Popularly known as the village of brocade, Ta Phin Village allures numerous visitors with a broad selection of wonderful things waiting out there to be explored.

local ethnic people in ta phin village, lao cai

Overview of Ta Phin Village

As a remote area which is around 17 kilometers to the west of Sapa and can be easily reached by motorbike, Ta Phin Village is almost like tranquil heaven on earth surrounded by soaring mountains and magnificent rice terraces where H’mong and Red Dao ethnic people live and preserve their long-established tribal cultures.

Best Things to Do & See in Ta Phin Village

Besides admiring the multicolor picture of rice fields, streams, mountains, and hill tribe houses that Ta Phin offers, it is interesting to gain a first-hand look at Red Dao’s women sitting together, gossiping, and weaving brocade. Here, you can find a wide range of hand-made brocades with eye-catching patterns varying in shapes and sizes. Some wonderful souvenirs from Vietnam you can buy are a bag, coat, backpack, skirt, scarf, and purse. The village not only supplies brocade products for local people but also for shops in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, even export to foreign countries.

local weaving at ta phin village in sapa

What’s more, it also famous for precious medicinal herbs which can be used to provide tourists with medicinal herbal bath service which is really good for a healthy body. Especially, those medicinal herbs are also functionally used to treat a lot of illnesses.

harvest herbs in sapa

Ta Phin Village is also a popular destination for trekking tours. Here, you can make your trip become much more enjoyable with homestay experience to be closer to local people and understand more about their culture and tradition.

ta phin trekking tour with locals

Include Ta Phin village into your Vietnam tour packages to get a closer look at the local lifestyle of ethnic groups as well as know more about their long-standing cultures and tradition.