Perfume Pagoda Festival – Hanoi

Perfume pagoda is located in Huong Son (My Duc, Ha Tay province). It celebrates its annual festival from the 15th day of the 1st lunar month to the end of the 3rd lunar month. Pilgrims come to the pagoda in droves on this occasion. They are also attracted by the beautiful landscape. They take a boat from Ben Duc wharf, and proceed down the Suoi Yen river, stopping at various spots of interest. On the two banks stand rocks of various forms, likened to cocks, elephants, sticky rice trays and lions. The three main temples are: Trinh temple (den Trinh), Thien Tru pagoda (Heaven’s Kitchen or Outer pagoda) and Huong Tich (Perfume Vestige or Inner Pagoda). To get from Thien Tru pagoda to Huong Tich pagoda, one has to go up a two-kilometer mountain trail of stairs.

Perfume Pagoda Festival
Coming to Huong Pagoda, what should not be left home is a good camera, since you will regret unless you catch all the snapshots of this fascinating nature

Each pilgrim carries a stick, and incessantly prays “Nam mo A di da Phat” (Glory to Amida Buddha) in order to forget the long road and also to greet each other. In Huong Tich grotto, stalactites and stalagmites appear in the form of rice storehouses, golden trees, pigsties, large baskets for raising silkworms, and infants. The pilgrim who wishes to succeed in husbandry prays in front of the “pigsty”. One who wishes to have money bows before a “golden tree”. One who wants to have a son or a daughter gently rubs the respective “infant’s head”. The largest pagoda is, and the highest is Hinh Bong (Fragrant herb). On the way, Thien Tru people can purchase souvenirs; particularly popular are rau sang (vegetables) and apricots, which are among the most favored local products. At Perfume Pagoda, worship is also dedicated to other deities of a popular cult (i.e. the Mother-Saint).