Ninh Binh Listed Among the Top 10 Crowd-Free New Wonders of the World

Ninh Binh Listed Among the Top 10 Crowd-Free New Wonders of the World

In a recent accolade, Ninh Binh has secured its place as the 4th destination in the esteemed “Top 10 Crowd-Free New Wonders of the World,” according to experts cited by the British newspaper Daily Mail. This recognition is attributed to Ninh Binh’s remarkable beauty, grandeur, and its ability to captivate tourists while maintaining a serene atmosphere.

The beauty of Ninh Binh

Referred to as Vietnam’s hidden gem, Ninh Binh stands out among global wonders due to its enchanting landscapes and allure. With towering limestone peaks rivaling the splendor of Halong Bay, Ninh Binh offers visitors a breathtaking panorama of rivers, mountains, and temples just a two-hour drive south of Hanoi.

Best Time to Visit Ninh Binh

If you’re considering a journey to Ninh Binh, it’s advisable to think about the optimal time for your visit based on your preferences.

Between November and April, the climate tends to be cooler with generally clear skies, making it an ideal period for outdoor exploration. The dry conditions during these months create a perfect setting for cycling through rice fields and enjoying Ninh Binh’s boat tours without the concern of rainfall.

Conversely, if you favor a less bustling environment, it’s preferable to plan your visit from May to October. Despite being the warmer and rainier season, the precipitation transforms the rice paddies and landscapes into lush greenery, offering stunning vistas and a unique form of beauty. Furthermore, the summer months may present better deals on accommodations and services, as they fall outside the peak tourist season.

Your decision between these periods hinges on whether you prioritize comfortable weather and busier attractions or a more relaxed journey with opportunities for solitude amidst the stunning scenery. Tourists can immerse themselves in the beauty of Ninh Binh by booking a Vietnam vacation through Viet Vision Travel.

Best Time to Visit Ninh Binh

Tourist Attractions in Ninh Binh

Encompassing an area of 1,400 km2, Ninh Binh boasts renowned landmarks such as the cultural-historical area of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, the scenic wonders of Trang An – Tam Coc – Bich Dong, and the pristine forests of Cuc Phuong. Notably, Trang An has been designated as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Site, marking it as the first and only dual UNESCO heritage site in Southeast Asia.

Suggested “9 Must-See Attractions and Things to Do in Ninh Binh”

  • Take the Trang An Scenic Landscape boat ride.
  • Climb up Hang Mua viewpoint.
  • Cycle around the countryside.
  • Spend a few hours in Tam Coc.
  • Visit Hoa Lu Ancient capital.
  • Go bird watching at Van Long Nature Reserve.
  • Trek through Cuc Phuong National Park.
  • Explore the Ancient Bich Dong Pagoda.
  • Visit Am Tien Lake

Tourist Attractions in Ninh Binh - Hang Mua, Ninh Binh

International Recognition for Ninh Binh

With landscapes reminiscent of paintings and a plethora of spiritual sites, unique festivals, and delectable specialties, Ninh Binh has emerged as one of Vietnam’s premier tourist destinations.

This is not the first time Ninh Binh has garnered international acclaim. The province consistently ranks high on reputable travel websites, with distinctions such as being listed among the 14 most attractive destinations in Asia by Trips to Discover (USA) in 2020, and recognized as one of the 12 most interesting filming locations in Asia by Travel + Leisure (USA) in 2022. Additionally, Ninh Binh was the sole representative of Vietnam to be named one of the 10 most friendly destinations in the world by the Traveler Review Awards 2023.

Apart from Ninh Binh, the top 10 lesser-visited tourist spots include renowned destinations such as the coral triangle, the ancient Maya ruins at Caracol, the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil, Valley of Fire State Park in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Namib Desert in Namibia, Napier in New Zealand, ancient Tibet in China, the boiling lake in Morne Trois Pitons National Park in Dominica, and the Kimberley coast in Australia.

With its natural wonders, cultural heritage, and international acclaim, Ninh Binh stands as a testament to Vietnam’s rich tapestry of attractions and continues to enchant visitors from around the globe.

International Recognition for Ninh Binh - Trang An, Ninh Binh

Essential Guide For Your Ninh Binh Adventure

Now equipped with insights into the top attractions and activities in Ninh Binh, let’s delve into essential tips, advice, and practical information for navigating this stunning region of Vietnam.

How to get to Ninh Binh?

Traveling from Hanoi to the serene landscapes of Ninh Binh is uncomplicated, with various transportation options tailored to different preferences and budgets:

Train: Enjoy a convenient 1.5-hour train journey.
Bus: Opt for buses for a slightly longer yet comfortable ride, with fares similar to train tickets, making it a wallet-friendly choice.
Private Transfers: For added convenience and a touch of luxury, private car services are available.
These transportation modes cater to both adventurous backpackers and travelers seeking a more relaxed journey.

What’s the best way to explore Ninh Binh - Bicycle tour

What’s the best way to explore Ninh Binh?

The best way to explore Ninh Binh is definitely by bicycle! Cycling is the preferred mode of transport, allowing you to effortlessly navigate between Trang An and Tam Coc in just 30 minutes, while reveling in the picturesque rice fields and riverbanks. Cycling amidst this breathtaking landscape is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any Ninh Binh itinerary! Most homestays offer complimentary bicycle rentals for guests to use during their stay. For attractions further afield, such as Cúc Phương National Park and Van Long Nature Reserve, your homestay can easily arrange a local taxi service. If you’re keen on venturing even farther on your own, scooter rentals are also available upon request. However, be prepared for the rough terrain, as many roads in the area consist of gravel paths with numerous potholes, promising a thrilling yet bumpy ride!

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