My Village Show is a lively mosaic where the ancient Vietnamese village life is painted in contemporary stage language with enchanting folk melodies. Fishing, farming, traditional games, or family gathering are rendered with graceful stroke by marvelous acrobatics. Peaceful rivers and spectacular mountains are portrayed by stunning bamboo transformations. Above all, the Vietnamese patriotism and bravery are expressed throughout the art performance.

 4 Days/ Week
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Hanoi Opera House/Hanoi Vietnam Tuong Theater
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Email: [email protected]
Hotline: +84909896286

My Village Show Highlights

Poetic Vietnamese Village Life

Fishing, farming, harvest gathering… poetically, ancient village life is rendered with graceful strokes

Daily life of Vietnamese villagers described in a scene of My Village Show

Breathtaking Contemporary Cirque Performace

Stunning acrobatics, graceful contortion, top-notched juggling, performed by amazing talent artists.

A Scene of My Village Show

Exotic Traditional Live Music

Over 20 different exotic folk instruments performed live by seasoned musical scholars cum artist.

Exotic folk musical instruments in My Village

Miraculous Bamboo Transformation

The soul of My Village Show – bamboo transform into the familiar scene of the daily life of Vietnamese villagers as the backstage for the talented artist performing an ancient Vietnam.

My Village Show performance with bamboo

Coming to My Village Show, you will be awakened in the familiar village of the North with a morning which has many daily activities of the local people. The chicken’s crow soon pulls the sun up after the bamboo stacks, the farmers prepare to work with a strong spirit and an enthusiastic heart.
My Village gives you a real picture, the scenery of the village in the North that you can’t find anywhere else: the crystal and clear flute’s voice of the child in the early afternoon during herding buffalos, the fair session crowed, full of special identity. This poetic rural scene is as if seen through the lens of a native son who looks deep into Vietnamese culture and contemplating its poetic beauty.

My Village Show

Throughout My Village is the image of the bamboo trees-the soul of the Vietnamese rural lands, attached to the village of Tonkin for many generations. Bamboos and Vietnamese built their country together from the reclamation, with the Vietnamese fight against the invaders to protect the country, protect independence. Bamboos have already become an image of immortality and irreplaceable in the culture of the village. Persistence, downrightness, power, and indomitability.

Breaking away from a circus My Village is a unique combination of music, poetry, and performance art, based on the materials which are the cultural quintessence of the village. My Village is a fairly new art form in Vietnam, but with the ingenious combination of performing arts and the involvement of more than 20 traditional Vietnam instruments, My Village probably brought to the audience the impression that can’t be forgotten easily.