Bridge Pagoda (Chua Cau) – Hoi An Attraction


Hoi An is an ancient town in Quang Nam province. At the end of Tran Phu street, there is a bridge built by the Japanese residents, long ago which connected the Japanese residential quarter with the areas inhabited by Vietnamese and Chinese. Its literary name is Lai Vien Kieu, but in common parlance, it is called the Japanese Bridge. As the bridge floor is curved in the middle, its roof is also curved.

bridge pagoda hoi an

The pagoda stands on a square platform which is fixed, thanks to a big mortise system, to one side of the bridge. The pagoda has an airy space and a light structure and is quite convenient for passers-by, for pilgrims and tourists to admire the scenery. On either side of the bridge are the statues of a monkey and of a dog, which indicate that the bridge was built during three year, from the years of the Monkey to the year of the Dog.