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Best Things to Do & See in Myanmar Tour Packages

Top Attractions & Activities in Yangon

The ancient and noble capital of Burma, Yangon, deserves a visit within your Burma vacations. The city will completely immerse you in its famous destinations revealing the long-established tradition and indigenous cultures. yangon attractions in myanmar tour packages Wear the traditional Longyi skirt of Burmese people and begin the undimmed Yangon city tour. The first stop of your journey will be the iconic gilded Shwedagon Pagoda of splendid towers decorated by thousands of sparkling gems and rubies. Next, spending time exploring Bogyoke Aung San Market is one of the best ways to take a closer look at the life of local people. To end your hunger during Burma vacation packages, you should try some of the specialties in Yangon such as Mohinga made from chicken, rice, and various spices and herbs or E Kya Kway – the must-try breakfast in Yangon.

Top Attractions & Activities in Mandalay

Mandalay in Burma tours showcase the most enchanting beauties, which is absolutely worth the second largest city in Myanmar. From one-of-a-kind constructions to magnificent palaces, Mandalay brings different travel styles of cultural, adventure, or family tours. U Bein Wooden Bridge in the sunset burma vacations U Bein Wooden Bridge is one of the most amazing sunset spots in the world that should not be missed in Myanmar trips. Walking along the world’s longest wooden bridge and beholding the fantastic period when the sun goes down will leave you an unforgettable experience. Mandalay Palace also merits your exploration thanks to its marvelous architectures and interesting royal stories about the two last kings of Myanmar monarchy. Last but not least, a recommendation for first-time travelers in Myanmar tour packages is to visit King Galon gold leaf workshop to see the elaborate process of making super thin gold leaf.

Top Attractions & Activities in Bagan

A ton of unique customs and traditions are awaiting travelers in incredible Bagan of Burma trips. From the jungle-filled Bagan temples to the local mouth-watering cuisine, a wide range of activities and sightseeing spots will make most of your Bagan trips. Shwesandaw pagoda burma vacations The giant hot air balloon will give you a panoramic view of alluring Bagan with magnificent Shwesandaw pagoda or the great Dhammayangyi temple. Enjoy Bagan cuisine which is a perfect combination of Indian and Chinese culinary to get more energy for this wonderful journey.

Top Attractions & Activities in Inle Lake

Beyond the immense water surface of Inle Lake lies a rustic lifestyle, traditional villages, and hard-working people. The best transportation for Burma vacation packages in Inle Lake should be sampans which can explore every hidden corner of this untouched land and water. fisherman at inle lake tours to myanmar Floating gardens and fishing villages are the two most famous tourist destinations that should be included in all boat trips in Inle Lake. Furthermore, Inle Lake tours help you touch the traditions of local people through handicraft villages and long-standing cultures through Shwe Inn Thein Temple.